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  1. Thanks, Anya! I actually am hugely involved in my family history, and have been going through my Dutch ancestors now, to the point, I'm working on learning Dutch! So your name was a great shock, LOL. Warm bottom- Gezellig? Of niet? LOL I know my answer! ;-)
  2. Thank you for the info! I've honestly been a little worried about going to a party, about the safety. Have you been to one before?
  3. Hey, ya'll! I'm new here, but have been lurking the spanking scene my whole life. I was only spanked as a very young child, but as a tween/teen, the need to be punished for transgressions with a spanking felt right, even though my folks disagreed. So at around 11, 12, I turned to self spanking. I've self spanked ever since, never finding someone interested in it (I'm into f/f spankings and relationships, and have found that it's hard to find someone). To this day, I self spank for many issues, and self punish. It's not the same, but I feel like it helps. Has anyone else had a similar st
  4. I haven't, but it definitely appeals to me. I can see a good dose of the hairbrush in this position really bringing me to tears.
  5. Hi, DisciplinedHeroine, I'm new here, but have been lurking the spanking world since forever. I have found the same problem. I'm a spankee, too, and seek a female spanker. It's been hard to find one. I wish it were easier. I wish you the best on your search!
  6. Hi, I'm new here, from the Houston area. I'm a spankee interested in F/f spankings, and look forward to getting to know ya'll!
  7. Hi! I'm from Texas, and am looking for a female spanker. I'm 36, and crave discipline in the form of spankings. I really want to form a relationship with someone and get to know them. Write me and let's chat!
  8. Hi all! I'm 36, female, and from Texas. I am a spankee. I've known it for years, but was only spanked as a very young child. I'm really interested in finding new friends, and hopefully a relationship of some kind (friendship, maybe leading to something more) with a female who spanks. I hope to make some new friends!
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