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  1. This is likely the same person who opened this service Same age, same state, same kind of website with a similar application. I submitted an application, talked with him for a bit. He agreed to assist me with online discipline, but he completely ghosted me after he was the one to set a time for us to meet online. I waited hours that day to see if he would respond, but no. He never responded to any of my messages after that. And now I see he's doing it again. Now, addressing the topic creator, I would've understood if you didn't want to proceed with the whole thing. You seemed like you've never mentored or even done much interaction with other spankos before, and maybe you didn't really mesh well with me during our initial conversations. It would've been fine if you just told me you didn't want to continue, but it was pretty scummy to have completely ignored me, then proceed to make this new service months later. You can do whatever you want, I don't care, but I wanted you know that what you did was extremely rude and frustrating. If you aren't the same person, then I apologize, but I'm 99% positive that you are.
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