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  1. Yes I am thank you. Might have been my impatience as nothing happened for about 2 minutes. But I had your post about your earlier problems. Sent the message then found where you can see your own profile. A couple of attempts to look at my profile. Then suddenly I was in. Seems to be fine this morning. Thanks again.
  2. Can not log in to the spanking needs forum Godfearing
  3. Godfearing


    That is a fabulous bottom. Feel it needs the strap as well as the hand.
  4. gplove There is a lot of sound, good advice here. My advice is small steps if you are looking for a relationship you need more than spanking, discipline and rules with consequences. You need similar vanilla interests. Find someone you can trust and love. Trust in giving you the discipline you want or the discipline you decide on together. Love as in your life together. If you decide to meet someone to satisfy your spanking needs. Discuss openly with them and explain your needs fully. Any self respecting spanker will want to deliver spanking sessions to suit you. They will have a reputation to keep. If you have any doubts listen to them and stop any contact. Always proceed with caution. Take your time. Chat on site. Chat on messenger. Chat on video. Ask to see the area they use when spanking. If you want to explore more than the otk hand spanking, ask to see their implements. If you feel comfortable talk on the phone. Never feel rushed or feel pressured, your safety and security is paramount. If you decide to meet, think about texting a close friend before, during and after. The final text should include a word known only to you and your friend. Something random. Maybe think of meeting in public more than once before you have a session. A bit over the top maybe but you do mention ‘creeps’. Take care and stay safe.
  5. I am Godfearing. Just staring to explore Christianity. Doing my research have come across CDD. Am interested in Domestic Discipline. Experienced HoH, strict controlling disciplinarian. Am looking for inexperienced young teen girls (18+), women, mothers and families to discuss religion and discipline in general terms and within a domestic situation. Last went to church as a boy aged 10. Am looking for a traditional church within the UK. One that supports CDD. Am actively seeking a partner, with a view to marriage.
  6. Thank you all for the replies to my question on self spanking. There is a lot of thought gone into the replies and good guidence for research in the future. Thank you all again for the time and thought you have given to the subject.
  7. As a spanker, I do not understand this concept. Understand the need to be spanked might be so strong spankees feel the need. The art of positioning must awkward, impacting in the right place and with the right force must be difficult. Would imagine it would leave the spankee dissatisfied. Am I wrong?
  8. Try Innerkids Forever on google sites. I typed in School spanking role playing groups. Am sure there are others.
  9. If they were Masters they would know how to control you. If they are inexperienced then they are not Masters. My opinion.
  10. Poker Night part 1 It was exactly 6pm on Friday evening as I put my key into the lock and open the front door. As I stepped over the threshold. I heard Fiona say, ‘Hello Sir’. She was stood just inside the hall, by the kitchen door, wearing the blue drees I had told her to wear today. She took my bag and went into the kitchen to pour me a glass of white wine. Had sent a text earlier to say I wanted a glass of Chablis as soon as I got home. As I sat on the sofa, she placed the wine on the table in front of me. She then knelt and took off my shoes and put my slippers on my feet. At last I could relax, I was home. ‘Have you laid my clothes out for this evening?’ I asked. ‘Yes sir, I have pressed a shirt and your grey trousers and put your socks and boxers on the bed.’ ‘Want you to wear the black dress, as usual for Friday Poker Night. Barelegged and no underwear and heels.’ She nodded and smiled as I was looking straight into her eyes. ‘Let’s go and have a shower.’ In the shower Fiona washed me all over then I watched as she washed her own body. After our shower I dried myself and Fiona dried herself and turned on the hairdryer. I put on my boxers and said ‘Join me in the punishment room in 15 minutes. Want you naked for your maintenance spanking this week’. ’Yes Sir’ she replied. I went to the punishment room and took the Headmaster’s cane from its hook. Fiona duly arrived 15 minutes later. Hair dry and naked. I watched her come in and thought how lucky can a 60 year old man be? Am the disciplinarian to a pretty young 25 year old woman. As she approached, I saw her eyes glance to the cane, she bit her bottom lip nervously and blushed slightly. I indicated she should lay across my lap. She positioned herself exactly as she had been trained. I began rubbing her bottom, getting the blood circulating nearer to the outer layers of skin. Then I gave her 4 hard slaps, 2 to each cheek. She flinched and tightened her buttocks. I knew she was keeping herself under control as I had taught her. She knew the cane was out and would be used if she kicked her legs, struggled, moved her bottom, moaned or cried. I then smacked each buttock in turn she counted each smack. I reached 20 and stopped. Rubbed each cheek and felt the warmth in my hand and watched the redness grow. Then I gave her another 30 getting harder and quicker, she counted in time to each smack. After I had finished, I rubbed her cheeks and felt the burning heat in the palm of my hand. ‘Good girl. You have pleased me tonight. Now go and get ready as I have instructed you too.’ I got dressed as Fiona put her face on. While she did her hair and dressed, I went to check she had prepared the dinning room to my satisfaction for Poker Night with my son Ben and friends Tim and Dave. The girl had done well, everything was in place and laid out she knew I like it. I went into the kitchen to check the wine and beer fridge as Fiona joined me. ‘Everything ok Sir?’ ‘Fiona you have not disappointed me, everything is perfect.’ Just then the doorbell sounded and Fiona went to the door. First to arrive was Dave, my best friend 55 known in his day as the hard man of Romford. Good looking always dressed in a suit and tie. Fiona poured him a cold beer and me another Chablis as we chatted about his children and work. Next to arrive was Ben, my son who was over from Switzerland on a business trip which he had extended into the weekend. Fiona got him a red wine as we chatted about his day and he showed me photos of my grandson from his phone. Finally, Tim was there and I had not heard the bell at all. Tim already had a beer, so we sat down at the card table and had some banter between us on who was most likely to let their poker face lapse most during the evening.
  11. You disobeyed, bend over, take your puishment, do not cry.
  12. Smiles. More industrial hose, more for bastinardo but is affective on the bottom johnny
  13. For Lauren Mitchell read Rebecca Shaw. Loved it! Only read 2 so far. As I said, before, point me to more of your stories.
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