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  1. Hi Red, welcome! I've also had an "interest" (hardly does it justice) in spanking for about as long as I can remember, and am still figuring out what role I want it to play in my life. Happy to chat if you'd like.
  2. Yes to embarrassment, no to humiliation, for me, in either role. I really enjoy an emphasis on the bare bottom, from the act of pulling down the spankee's underwear to bare corner time. Having to prepare by putting on a specific type of underwear, or perhaps pyjamas without underwear, is a fun way to increase the anticipation of being bared. Leaving the spankee's underwear around their ankles or below their bottom can feel extra exposing and embarrassing. Depending on the relationship and type of spanking, genital exposure can add another level of (perhaps erotic) embarrassment, especially with the spanker remaining fully clothed. I'm especially fond of the diaper position for this reason.
  3. Ageplay is very much intertwined with spanking for me, especially my submissive side. It's less about pretending to be a precise age and more about accessing a more vulnerable, cute, "innocent" headspace. This also informs how I like to be treated by a spanker -- like a sweet boy who needs to have his bare bottom spanked for some naughty behavior, or to ensure continued good behavior.
  4. There are some great ideas in this thread! I think it really comes down to what you find embarrassing. A veneer of ageplay (even if it's not so explicit) really adds to embarrassment for me in a good way. Phrases like "you're going to get a spanking on your bare bottom" along with a calm but firm lecture, and the spankee dressing in cute pyjamas and/or underwear are a couple of things that push my buttons as both an er and ee. Is there anything like that for you?
  5. Thanks for the welcomes! @Chawsee that does sound like a similar experience, except that my partner is more comfortable being spanked as she leans submissive in bed. I'm grateful for her willingness for sure! I get hung up on how to ask to try spanking in a more ritualized way with at least overtones of discipline or punishment. Spanking *is* erotic for me, but it also has a more nebulous emotional appeal that's harder to express.
  6. LovingButtFirm


    Hello! I've been into spanking for as long as I can remember, on both an emotional and an erotic level. I'm drawn to both -er and -ee roles, but have limited experience, having only been in exclusive, vanilla-ish relationships. I'm happily in a relationship now with a partner who doesn't really share my fascination with spanking but does enjoy it as part of foreplay. I'm here to hopefully chat with like-minded folks, and am especially interested in connecting with people who have incorporated spanking into their not-explicitly-spanko relationships.
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