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  1. ...I have to wait now, right?
  2. I feel a bit guilty saying so, but pretty much daily. Or whenever I want. All I have to do is ask. I'm a switch, but my wife isn't a spanko so I'm only an EE at the moment. Spanking are always just for fun, stress relief, or just because.
  3. Thank you! Yes I feel very lucky to have an understanding and willing wife, especially considering all the stories I read on here. When I told her, she essentially said "Ok cool. Go get the wooden spoon". We're not in a DD relationship or anything. For me spanking is for fun, stress relief, or just to fulfill the need. I wish I could help everyone come to terms with their fetish so they're able to get what they need.
  4. I only told my wife last year, even though we've been married for 7. Luckily she was totally cool with it, and now I get spanked pretty much whenever I ask. I agree, the sooner you disclose the better. I wish I had told her years ago.
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