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  1. Thank you for your warm welcome, Chawsee! I'm really glad I found this site. I finally 'came out' to my wife a couple months ago, and pretty much the very next day I stumbled across here! I've never really engaged in the spanking community before, but decided it was finally time. ☺️
  2. My first implement was a wooden paddle with holes. I figured I'd start with a classic! It's actually this one: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B075WFC9MR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And it's great! πŸ˜„
  3. 5 min ago I received a great stress relief spanking from my wife, and now I feel 100% better!

    Just wanted to share!

    1. Chawsee


      Good to hear, Oracle. You're very blessed, indeed. :)


  4. Quick question, what's a spanking buddy?
  5. I bought the first two off Amazon, but they broke so quickly. Maybe I'm not getting the right kind or they're made of the wrong type of wood or something? I'm also in Canada so the online selection is unfortunately not quite the same. I'll give eBay and Etsy a look. Thanks for the tip!
  6. I have 7 implements at the moment: A leather strap, a leather paddle (both from Cane-iac), a leather belt, a wooden spoon, and a bamboo paddle with holes. I also have a plastic ruler, and a... sigh...'love paddle'. You know, the kind you get from a sex store with the word "LOVE" actually cut out? πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ I don't really use these two, especially the paddle which does nothing for me anymore. I mean, you could spank me for hours with it, and I'd probably still be bored. I also had a riding crop and a wooden hairbrush, but unfortunately broke both. I then replaced the hairbrush and broke that one too! Which reminds me, I'm in the market for a new wooden hairbrush... Any suggestions?
  7. Oh my yes! I've gotten slightly better at it lately, but it still usually comes out in a mumble. I'll just stay stuff like, I'm needing 'firm attention' instead.
  8. @OnlySolutions Thank you! Great to meet a fellow Canadian too! πŸ˜„
  9. SPANKING SURVEY (I like this! Let's share some details!) 1. Have you ever gotten spanked?: Yes, many times! 2. Are you spanked bare bottomed, over panties, or over clothes? Almost always on the bare bottom. 3. What is the best thing about being spanked? The stress relief, the pain, the afterglow, the marks, really everything! 4. What position do you get spanked in? OTK, lying on the bed, bent over a armchair. 5. Have you ever gotten spanked in public?: Nope. Though one of my goals is to attend a spanking party, so... 6. What do you get spanked with the most? Probably a wooden paddle. 7. On a scale of 1-10 how much does the average spanking hurt? 6-7. Sometimes 8 or 9. 8. Have you ever been spanked for something you don't feel you deserve? Nope. It's almost always for fun/stress relief. 9. Have you ever gotten spanked with a hairbrush?: Yes! I love the hairbush! I've actually broken 2 already... πŸ˜’ 10. Have you ever been spanked so hard that you started to cry?: No. It's more a emotional thing than a pain thing, right? 11. Were you spanked as a child?: Nope. Uh, maybe once? 12. Do you think spanking is fun?: Yes, absolutely! 13. What does your ER say to you before your spanking? Not much. Usually something along the lines of "come here". 14. Have you ever gotten spanked for bad driving (speeding ticket, etc.)?: No. 15. Have you ever gotten a spanking for no reason at all?: Yes. Most of my spankings are for no reason at all, other than I'm in the mood. 16. Have you ever gotten spanked by a teacher?: No. 17. Is your butt spankable?: I'd like to think so! 18. Is spanking your hobby?: Hobby, obsession, passion, etc. Spanking is everything! 19. Are you currently in trouble? No, I'm a good boy. 20. Do you get lectured during the spanking? No not really. Unless role-playing (which happens infrequently) 21. Have you ever seen someone else get spanked?: Not yet... 22. Have you ever gotten spanked for cursing?: No. My wife curses as much as I do! 23. Have you ever gotten spanked for lying?: No. I also don't make a habit of lying. 24. Have you ever been spanked with more than one spanking instrument in one spanking session?: Every time. Usually two or three. 25. Do you hate spankings?: No, of course not! I love them! 26. How many people spank you?: Just one. My wonderful wife. 27. Have you ever gotten spanked so hard you butt was purple?: No, but I've had some nice purple bruises before! 28. Do you think that spanking is a good punishment?: It depends. If that's your lifestyle and you've found it a useful tool or good deterrent, then more power to you! I like spanking too much for it to ever be considered an actual punishment. 29. Do you believe spanking has made your relationship better, or worse? Definitely better since I told my wife! 30. Is your butt red and sore afterwards?: I would sure hope so! Isn't that the point?? 31. Have you ever gotten spanked with a sneaker? Nope. 32. Have you ever been spanked twice in one day? Yes for sure. Sometimes even more than twice! 33. Have you ever asked to be spanked for something you did wrong?: No. I'm a good boy, and my spankings are only for fun or stress relief. Or just because. 34. Would you talk about spankings to your friends/family members?: Family, uhh.. no. Friends, sure why not? 35. Have you ever been caned?: Yes, once. Didn't hurt nearly as much as I was expecting. 36. Do you cry?: Generally no. And not from a spanking. 37. Have you ever gotten spanked with a wooden spoon?: Yes, many time. Love the wooden spoon! 38. What do you get spanked for?: Stress relief, fun, and just because I want one! 39. On average, how many times a month are you spanked? Several times a week. It could always be more! 40. How many swats do you get for the average offense? It varies. At least 50-60 minimum per implement. Enough to get the job done for sure! 41. Do your friends know that you get spanked?: No. 42. On a 1-10 scale, how hard would you get spanked for something serious, such as speeding?: I don't get spanked for actual misdeeds or as punishment. Except in the occasional role-play scenario. 43. Have you ever been belted?: Not yet, but I would really like to be! 44. Have you ever been paddled?: Yes. It's probably the most used implement. 45. After your spanking is over, how long before you repeat the same offense? Again, I'm a good boy! However, after a spanking I pretty much want another one right away! 46. Does your spouse enjoy spanking you?: She does because I like it so much. 47. When is the last time you got spanked?: 2-ish hours ago. 48. Have you ever spanked yourself? Yes, a few times. It was alright. You can see them on my spankingtube page. 49. What is the worst thing about being spanked?: Uh... I'll have to get back to you on that one. 😜 50. Does anyone aside from your spouse/significant other spank you? No. 51. How long does the spanking last? It ranges. Average is 10-15 minutes. Sometimes longer. 52. Do you get spanked hard?: Yes! 53. Do you like to be spanked?: Yes, yes, yes!! 54.. Would you describe yourself as a rule follower, or a rule breaker? Depends. Probably a bit of both!
  10. I can't speak highly enough of this series or her book. They're a big part of why I finally came out to my wife about my own fetish. Definitely recommended!
  11. Not to me! I love bottoms of all shapes and sizes, women or men! If they like to be spanked, then I'm in!
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