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  1. Rattan all the way, better sounds. In terms of diameters, note that larger diameter canes will not sting as much, and will feel more like a welt. Thinner canes sting a lot more, and can break skin a bit more easily. Ultimately, I'd try to have a smaller diameter one and a larger diameter one. In terms of styles, go for one with a straight handle. Loops get in the way.
  2. My most memorable spanking was the first one my roommate ever gave me. I was a really bad roommate as a freshman and she wasn't having any of it. One day, cleaning ladies had to come in and I couldn't foot the bill. She told me that she'd pay for it but that I'd have to do something in return for her. At times I'm kind of dense and I had no idea what she meant, even when she told me to wait in the living room corner with leggings and a T-Shirt on when I came home. Because I had no idea what was going on, this experience became really memorable. I stand there for an hour waiting for her... She shows up and just starts scolding me... I face her all teary eyed... She tells me to come over her knee... (at this point I still don't even know what exactly is happening) I get a spanking... She makes me bring implements to her... She bares my bottom without telling me first... So many aspects of it that really burned it into my mind and I've never really been the same since.
  3. Some wiggling is okay, or even tensing up, but if you touch your bottom, disobey your ER, or don't get back into position within a few seconds when receiving strokes, you can bet on penalty swats.
  4. Crossing my legs tightly, as well as rocking from one cheek to the other when sitting.
  5. Scolding is arguably the most important aspect of a spanking to me, it'll determine whether I end up in tears or whether I'll see the spanking as a minor painful experience. The best phrases for me are those that are unique. I don't like hearing the same repeated through multiple spankings for different infractions. It's hard to explain, but say I get two spankings for poor math grades. If I hear the phrase: "How do you expect to graduate with grades this poor" or "Do you think putting your calculus knowledge on the back burner will ensure good grades in your electromagnetism course" during both spankings, that's okay. However, if I hear something like: "You've been a very lazy girl" every single spanking, it gets old and has no meaning to me at that point.
  6. Depends on the type of spanking being received. Sometimes you just get a few strokes over a covered or bare bottom, other times there's an unknown, especially when you're receiving a spanking where you have layers of clothing removed at different times. Sometimes, you do something so bad that receiving a bare bottom spanking from the get go is warranted.
  7. NaughtyCollegeGirl


  8. I try and stay silent and obedient, but sometimes I can't help but cry out.
  9. Usually I do, especially my leggings, but the spanker will occasionally take down my panties.
  10. Canes and rulers are very effective. They really beat in the sense of learning.
  11. I accidentally clicked submit, but there's more. There was structure to how the spanking was carried out. We'd agree to punishment times about a day in advance. During the punishment time, I was to have the requested implements on his bed, with me sitting in a nearby chair awaiting punishment. The attire was leggings and the school t-shirt. He'd come in, ask me why I was being punished. If my answer did not satisfy him, he'd hand spank me until I gave a proper answer. The punishment would then commence, and conclude as fast as it started. I always felt sad after punishments but redeemed. It definitely made me a better student.
  12. Back during my first and second year of college, my ex boyfriend was a year older and knew how to properly punish a lazy girl like myself. He himself, like me, was raised strict and understood the need for discipline in life. I, of course, asked for mentorship and the lifestyle it entailed. We had a system, and a protocol — Had a schedule of all my due dates, test dates, and knew when my lectures were. I was to report every grade to him as soon as I got it. Any hiding would be considered a violation itself. Certain faults always led to specific punishments: Missed a lecture? 6 with the cane on leggings, then 6 on the bare bottom, write out the lecture notes. Missed a lab/Tutorial? 12 with the cane on leggings. Late Assignment? 6 with the cane * every day it was late over leggings. Poor grades? - 90 < grade < 95% 3 cane strokes over leggings - 85 < grade < 90 — 100-grade cane strokes over leggings - 80 < grade < 85 — 100-grade cane strokes over my bare bottom - 70 < grade < 80 — 100-grade cane strokes over my bare bottom, plus extra homework and corner time - 60 < grade < 80 — 100-grade cane strokes over my bare bottom, plus extra homework and corner time, as well as reviewing the lost marks. I'd receive a stroke with a spoon for every wrong answer I gave. - < 60 — A full on spanking, complete with pre-spanking corner time, scolding, a hand spanking, removal of leggings, and various implements over a set period of time. These would always conclude with the 100-grade cane strokes on my leggings, corner time, and another review punishment. - Not doing my chores? He'd chase me around with a crop and made sure I did them. - Brattiness? Hand spanking. I got spanked about twice a week. Unfortunately he got into med school and we had to end things a few months ago.
  13. Canes can be used for punishment, but your physique can affect a self-caning's effectiveness. Optimally, you'll want long arms, a flexible torso, and a strong striking arm, but you can make do without these. Positioning is probably the most important. Caning on your stomach or lying flat bent over never works well because you don't have enough room to swing. I highly recommend the following in order of most optimal to least: 1. diaper positions (Especially if you can hold your legs up with another hand in order to keep your bottom relaxed) 2. Side positions — but make sure your bottom has clearance below you. I recommend the side of a bed. 3. Bent over — one hand on your knees, a bench, a wall, or a bed Cane type is also important: I can get away with using a 32" cane because I have long arms, but usually you'll want something less than 2 feet. Optimally between 1.5 feet. Too short and you won't get any whippiness, too long and you won't be able to hit your bottom. I also recommend thinner, whippier canes. While they're more likely to break, you'll actually feel your punishment. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me!
  14. Hopefully your profs don't swamp you with assignments. It's impossible to keep up these days.
  15. Start on the leggings, gradually move to the bare bottom.
  16. Honestly, I hate it so much. It's really difficult to focus, and the workload has increased 3-fold.
  17. Lying on a bed with pillows under, or bent over a desk. Canes and crops all the way!
  18. Our school has already stated that fall courses will be online, with the exception of some labs and small classes.
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