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  1. Rattan all the way, better sounds. In terms of diameters, note that larger diameter canes will not sting as much, and will feel more like a welt. Thinner canes sting a lot more, and can break skin a bit more easily. Ultimately, I'd try to have a smaller diameter one and a larger diameter one. In terms of styles, go for one with a straight handle. Loops get in the way.
  2. My most memorable spanking was the first one my roommate ever gave me. I was a really bad roommate as a freshman and she wasn't having any of it. One day, cleaning ladies had to come in and I couldn't foot the bill. She told me that she'd pay for it but that I'd have to do something in return for her. At times I'm kind of dense and I had no idea what she meant, even when she told me to wait in the living room corner with leggings and a T-Shirt on when I came home. Because I had no idea what was going on, this experience became really memorable. I stand there for an hour waiting for her...
  3. Some wiggling is okay, or even tensing up, but if you touch your bottom, disobey your ER, or don't get back into position within a few seconds when receiving strokes, you can bet on penalty swats.
  4. Crossing my legs tightly, as well as rocking from one cheek to the other when sitting.
  5. Scolding is arguably the most important aspect of a spanking to me, it'll determine whether I end up in tears or whether I'll see the spanking as a minor painful experience. The best phrases for me are those that are unique. I don't like hearing the same repeated through multiple spankings for different infractions. It's hard to explain, but say I get two spankings for poor math grades. If I hear the phrase: "How do you expect to graduate with grades this poor" or "Do you think putting your calculus knowledge on the back burner will ensure good grades in your electromagnetism course" durin
  6. Depends on the type of spanking being received. Sometimes you just get a few strokes over a covered or bare bottom, other times there's an unknown, especially when you're receiving a spanking where you have layers of clothing removed at different times. Sometimes, you do something so bad that receiving a bare bottom spanking from the get go is warranted.
  7. I try and stay silent and obedient, but sometimes I can't help but cry out.
  8. Usually I do, especially my leggings, but the spanker will occasionally take down my panties.
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