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  1. Thank you Cheeky! I'll send a pm.
  2. Hi! I think i might be the wrong person to help you by mentoring, but i know the 'not achieved'-goals situation so very well. Including most of the specific goals you mentioned. If you would like to talk to someone in a similar situation, I'd be very happy to.
  3. If i had to choose i would like the spanking to be over the knee and with his hand only.
  4. Molly32


    Welcome to spankingneeds! Just take a look around and i'm sure you will find many nice and friendly 'Er's and "Ee"'s to chat with
  5. Hi LilBrat! Welcome to this site! Have lots of fun here and if you ever wanna chat just send a line
  6. Welcome to spankingneeds! Have fun and look around. I'm sure you'll find friends here
  7. Molly32


    Welcome to the site Rosy!
  8. Hi Too Cheeky! Well, I would be happy to chat with you some time and answer your questions (no guarantee, that Ii will answer ALL your questions though). Fair enough? Hope to see you soon.
  9. I agre with Dutchbrat. I would not like to have any punishment delayed for days, but on the same day, for example knowing it will take place in the evening gives you time to think about what's coming and most imortant about 'why' it is coming. It is part of the punishment and makes you think about the reason for the punishment. So from my side i find it pretty effective.
  10. Hello I just joined the Club and wanted to say "Hi!"... ...but all the topics are gone. So I think this is the right place for a short "Hello!" at the moment.
  11. Thank you very much John, for this very friendly welcome
  12. I completely agree with Megthe and also with kaycee77025 : When nothing else works, spank her on the back of her legs.
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