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  1. My spanker is ALL about embarrassment, and is curious what others have done or ideas on how to increase embarrassment during punishments. He already implements corner time, diaper position spanking, spankings just before we leave the house so my bottom hurts when we are shopping, hes marched me from a restaurant to the back seat of the car and spanked me and marched me back inside, and he enjoys using my panties ridden up my backside as a handle. Has he already found all the ways to embarrass me or does someone have something to add?
  2. I don't 😂 It's impossible. I squirm, wiggle, kick, hop from foot to foot if I'm standing, do the spanky dance. It doesn't matter if I have something to hold on to. All I know is my bottom is on FIRE and it BURNS. Even penalty swats won't keep me from bouncing when soundly spanked.
  3. My reactions are genuine and remain the same with everyone, should they spank me soundly. I usually start calmly but as soon as it starts to hurt my feet start stomping and I start trying to reason with them...followed very shortly by squirming, wiggling, pouting, more foot stomping, kicking, and begging. I absolutely hate spankers that react with going harder and faster when you're so desperately trying to get away. I'm not playing it just happens and they make it so much harder on my bottom.
  4. Morning, definitely morning. Not because it is morning time, but because it means one of two things: I was also spanked before bed, and that means a spanking on an already sore bottom Or The purpose of the spanking is to achieve a reminder all day, so it's a longer, harder, spanking, right before you leave for work, and I'm sent directly from over the knee out the door with no time to spare, and so when I sit on the bus, a chair at work, I'm reminded.
  5. Absolutely. I rarely actually say it. Even similar phrases or phrases insinuating I'm in trouble make me tremble and blush. "Do you need a red bottom?" The word spank is not used but I find that sentence worse most of the time. The absolutely most humiliating thing you can do to me during a spanking is make me ask for my punishment. "please warm my bottom" "I deserve a spanking" "I need a spanked red bottom". Makes me tremble now.
  6. It's a love hate relationship with embarrassment during the spanking. It is what makes the experience for me, but in the moment I absolutely freaking hate doing the things that embarrass me...which is the whole point. I hate being over a knee and the spanker uses my panties as a handle and pulls them up to spank me on the bare without taking them off. I hate being made to stand up and having my panties pulled down for me and made to go back over. I hate being made to switch positions in the middle of the spanking, bottom already red, waddling to a new spot. I feel like I am on
  7. Contributing as a spankee. To me, the outfit makes the mood. I prefer to wear pants and panties when I am spanked. The ritual of having them pulled down and the removal of something that protects me and my modesty is one of the most embarrassing aspects of the spanking, which I hate in the moment but a spanking doesn't feel complete without. Absolutely have a love/hate relationship with my pants and panties being left around my knees and being marched to the corner in shame afterwards. Pajama spankings give a different vibe. To me they often mean a double punishment for me - I was s
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