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  1. “Girl stick that bottom out! And don’t let me catch you rubbing it!” Vivian barks as she quickly approaches me. Without a sound Shauna nods her head, and straightens up in the corner of Vivian’s office. Her beautiful frame and fantastically reddened bottom on full display. Theres only been a handful of times where I’ve made her bare her bottom in corner time where someone could potentially see her. And each of those times I was in complete control of who could come and go. Obviously wanting to teach a lesson, but the added level of embarrassment for someone to come by and see a grown woma
  2. From top to bottom pt.4 Fast forward to Saturday, the day is a little unlike most Ive had in a while, especially since becoming a new parent! I stayed up late the night before, so I could sleep most the day Saturday in prep for my long night shift ahead of me. My alarm goes off 430pm, the sun is still shining bright when I peel back the black out curtains we have in our bedroom. I hear my wife, baby, and dogs downstairs all making A ruckus. The familiar sound of chaos I’ve learned to love, I smile and walk down stairs. My wife is marching around the house frantically trying to
  3. Well my experience in being a Spankee has been slim at best. But since it’s new territory for me. But definitely after lying to my wife, then promptly getting caught in the lie. I spanked myself very hard, since at the time she didn’t want to (up until then she had been exclusively a bottom) then After showing her I wasn’t above being spanked submitted to a long spanking at the hands of my wife too. Let’s say I was wearing loose pants for a couple days after... I’ve been trying to write our DD journey over in the writing desk, under the heading “from top to bottom” And that particula
  4. Thanks for sharing everyone!! Keep it coming!
  5. Rubbing my sore bottom, has me thinking. What was your most deserved punishment. And did you learn your lesson? And go!
  6. Thanks so much! Would love to hear about the negotiation sometime!
  7. From top to bottom pt3 This is a continuation of my real life DD journey with my wife. The goal of my stories is to be based on the true events. But in order to make the story more enjoyable, some of the dialogue has been changed or embellished for the sake of the reader, and more selfishly for the continual improvement of my own writing skill. But the premise of my stories still remain 100% true. Thanks for reading! *Characters names have been changed to protect their identity due to the nature of our work.* It was a Friday afternoon and I was stuck like many of us at work. St
  8. Hey all, pt.2 has been dropped, but I will be posting in the writing desk going forward! So if you care to follow this story, or my wife and I DD journey meet us over there! Thanks!
  9. From top to bottom For those who were interested here’s pt.2 I am not a writer, so be gentle! But I do enjoy trying to formulate a story out of true events! As a small recap, from pt.1 I am the top in my DD marriage, and never before have I been spanked as an adult. However, I broke our own rules by lying to my wife. When I asked to be spanked she refused, thinking the HoH shouldn’t be spanked and that I was above such things. Disagreeing, and guilt ridden, I hastily made a paddle from scrap material at work, and gave myself a very sound self spanking in my bosses old o
  10. Hey all I’ll be posting my stories going forward in here, since many kind members let me know this is a better Place to do so! Here pt.1 again so you don’t have to go searching for it! For any that don’t know I am no way shape or form a writer Nor do I claim to be. But I feel I have a lot to say, so here goes! I am a long time top, always have been, however I’m not Opposed to being a switch, it’s just never been the case for me. My wife, is relatively new to DD as we’ve been married 4 years come month end, but is very much a bottom. I view our relationship very much as equa
  11. For those who were interested here is a picture of the paddle on the door of my work truck! As well Pt.2 will be coming soon since I’ve had such wonderful feedback!! Thank you all!
  12. Hey all, I’m new here. I have a story to share, well more like a novel... if you don’t like books keep scrolling! I’m not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but I feel it is worth a share, if nothing else for everyone here to enjoy as well for myself to come back to and read and reflect. This is a 100% true story, that happened Yesterday, I wrote it out and tried to post unsuccessfully while it was fresh and didn’t have a chance to try again until today. Anyways here goes! I am a long time top, always have been, however I’m not Opposed to being a
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