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  1. Has anyone ever had a really had “funishment” or a fantasy spanking? Ie spanked for a reason that was made up, or that didn’t warrant a spanking, and both you and the ER knew it? Has anyone been spanked to tears by one of these?
  2. My advice would be to really let him know how much you appreciated him doing this, since it probably wasn’t easy for him. Let him know, in a kind way, more of what you are expecting and discuss it with him. Be patient and let him know how special this is to you and how much you appreciate him doing this.
  3. Hi @MNee I agree with your approach wholeheartedly. I’ve been married for several years and wanted my wife to spank me badly. Initially she refused and I didn’t broach the topic for many years later. I’m glad to say that she agreed and now it’s something we do. Looking for someone else to do it was at times tempting, but it wasn’t something I ever would have done behind her back. It would have been betrayal and yes it would have been cheating in my view. I hope you can convince him to one day spank uou. @Chawsee made some great suggestions. What worked for me is I sat down with my wife one day and just told her how important it would be for me. I am blessed that she said yes and it does seem to be something she enjoys. There have been things that she had wanted to try out in the bedroom and I’ve also said yes to them and we both enjoy them. It’s give and take in a marriage, or at least it should be in my opinion.
  4. I would really want to, but have never been at that point
  5. As a spankee, definitely the loopy Johnny. The pain is absolutely unbelievable and I am unable to keep still even for a few seconds. Am writhing and yelling in my pillow from the first stroke.
  6. My first one was the wooden spoon and a small short leather strap, cut off from my belt. My wife took me over her knees on the sofa and pulled my pajamas and underwear down and used the spoon. It initially didn’t hurt too much and I asked her if she can do it harder and she gave them a much more stinging spanking. She then tried the strap but over the knee wasn’t that effective so she had me go on all fours on the sofa with my head down and butt pushed up and then strapped me. That definitely hurt quite a bit snd I was hissing and “oww”ing and saying it hurt throughout. Our first spanking. Definitely memorable and I’m glad she did this it was something I’ve wanted for a long time
  7. It is absolute hell. I’ve never had the bath brush before but it hurts way more than the cane or paddles or hairbrush or spoon or belt or strap. I’ve never used by safe word before my wife used it on me. It’s pure agony
  8. Loopy Johnny. That one is absolutely unbearable, at least for me. It is one I absolutely dread. https://www.cane-iac.com/items/delrin-canes~blk~wht/sadisticredloop-detail.htm
  9. Not in our case. My wife spanks me- and very hard- when I ask her to spank me. We come up with a reason and then she gives me multiple long sessions with a variety of implements which have my butt marked sometimes for weeks and where I’m screaming into the pillow and in agony. That’s something we do though and it doesn’t extend itself into our life outside of spanking. We are both equal in our household and make decisions together.
  10. I don’t know man. The short thin cane stings a lot and I am definitely wriggling and “owwing” but the loopy Johnny is far far far worse, at least according to me
  11. I received a spanking from my wife a few days ago that got me to where I didn’t think I would ever get- the “red” word. We bought a loopy Johnny a few months back from Cane-I-ac and she used it for the very first time, both over my boxers and on my naked butt. I’ve had the paddles and strap and hairbrush and canes and wooden spoon and belt before, but this absolutely broke me. Recounting from the best of my memory. There were 4 sessions, first one with a spoon and acrylic cane. Before my spanking she lectured me about a problem I’ve had for a while that we agreed I’ll be spanked for, then had me pull down my pants and boxers down then go over her knee. Definitely there was lots of sting and I was gasping as she took her time hitting with the spoon in random places but very hard, and then would slam the cane down like 5 of 7 times in the same spot rapidly. This lasted for quite a bit and I was moaning “ouch ouch it hurts” and she replied “it’s meant to hurt honey that’s the whole point”. She told me to put my boxers back on and then wait in the bedroom. My butt was definitely warm and a bit sore but I could sit on the bed. She told me to come out with the paddle and loopy Johnny. I nervously felt it in my hands as I came out and handed them to her. She had me bend over the table in my boxers with the loopy Johnny for the first time. I literally screamed and tried to move my butt each time that thing was about to hit next. She calmly kept saying “honey we aren’t finished yet” and “honey why are you getting this spanking?” and “bend your knees, stick that butt out. Come on”. Unlike any other implement it felt like my butt was being ripped into shreds. Waiting for the next spanking was really hard. Could feel the welts on my butt literally forming. I was called out again and told to bend over the sofa armrest and was spanked with the wooden paddle and loopy Johnny. I was literally screaming into my pillow and rolling around and a few times fell off. I yelled “Honey please stop! It hurts so much!!” She replied “honey this is meant to teach you a lesson. We aren’t finished yet.” I gasped and groaned as she took down my boxers. “Now we are going to see what the loopy Johnny feels like on your bare”. It was pure torment. Over the boxers was terrible. Over the bare was even worse. The area between butt and cheeks were the absolute worst. She sprayed it a few times with cold water and other times applied heat pads. As much as that hurt I was both feeling the pain and dreading the loopy Johnny again. After a few good minutes I was sent again into the bedroom. I was breathing heavily and sweating and could feel welts and bruises on my butt and thighs. She then came in and brought me the wooden hairbrush and put it on the bed beside me, as well as her phone where she set the timer to 1 minute 30 seconds. “When this time goes off honey, it means it’s time for your next spanking. Come and see me in the living room and bring the hairbrush with you”. I looked at the phone in terror and at the hairbrush and felt by absolutely bruised and welted and sensitive to touch butt, whimpering. Each time I looked at the phone I felt more sorrowful. 1:25. 1:01. 0:56. 0;37. 0:12 0:05. I shuddered and moaned when the pleasant sounding alarm went off, and came out with the brush. “Honey I think I learned my lesson” ”no honey I don’t think you did. We are going to really make you do. Over my knees. Come on”. She said it gently and I began screaming as the brush slammed down. She then had me again bend over the armrest and began with the loopy Johnny. My brain went into panic mode. I was unable to hold position anymore and kept falling off and it became absolutely unbearable but I wasn’t crying. I yelled “stop!l” a few times and as per our agreement she didn’t. It was her first time using the implement and it hit the thighs a few times which was absolutely excruciating. Eventually the hurt became like I felt something terrible was going to happen to me and I yelled “red!l” She stopped right away and then held me. I was I think closeto the point of tears but didn’t get there. I don’t know if I should have yelled it but I did. We cuddled later and kind of chuckled, she broke into a sweat and there was a small blister on her finger where she accidentally mis swung. interestingly, there was no blood unlike from previous sessions. Definitely lots snd lots and lots of bruising even some black and it will probably take a while for my butt to look normal again. Walking much less sitting hurt that day and still a bit when I sit. A very very very intense spanking.
  12. I sat down with her one night and Yoel her how important being spanked is to me, and asked her if she would be ok doing it. Working up the courage to have this conversation literally took months. To my surprise, she was very understanding and said yes. Even when I told her I would like to be spanked hard and long and if at all possible to tears. We chose some implements we had around the house, a wooden spoon and a strap that I had previously made for self spanking. A few weeks later, I got my first spanking. An awesome experience that hurt a lot, though not as much as spankings that came after it especially with new implements we bought like paddles and a hairbrush and canes. Am so grateful to her.
  13. My wife usually sits on the sofa and has me sprawl out so I’m lying down flat across both her knees with my face in the pillow and legs flat on the other side. She recently began to also use other otk positions with me going across one knee so my face is in the pillow on the sofa but legs and knees on the floor. She also sometimes sits on a chair and has me go over so when she spanks my legs are in the air.
  14. Definitely the wooden and acrylic paddle is what gets to me the most. Whether applied over my pajamas or boxers or on the bare, it has me in agony and literally screaming into my pillow. My wife usually applies it first over some layer of clothes and on the bare only for a bit at the end, which prevents bleeding which happened before. Usually with me bent over our table. The worst is when she has me benf my knees and stretch the butt out so it’s more tense.
  15. My wife says “take your pants and underwear down, honey. It’s time to make that butt good and red”
  16. About an hour and a half, but broken up into at least 3-4 sessions with cornertime. She uses the paddles and hairbrush for the most part. The paddles- one wooden and the other Teflon- are definitely the most painful and have me screaming more than the brush or any other implement.
  17. Plastic skipping ropes?? That sounds like it would be awfully painful! How do you use that to give a spanking?
  18. I like going across my wife’s lap with my pants and underwear down, nervously waiting for the spoon to come cracking down. I like looking at our various implements and wondering which ones will she use. I like hearing her calm voice tell me “honey this is meant to hurt”. I like the fact she does this to meet the need that I have and have wanted for so long.
  19. My wife begins my spankings with a wooden spoon... though it almost always is a warmup before the much more painful hairbrush and strap... and more recently now cane and paddle and probably soon to be loopy-Johnny come out. They aren’t all used though in one session though
  20. More swats, definitely. A prolonged spanking is harder to take and leads to a greater chance of tears.
  21. Thanks @FLRspanker! My wife definitely does use the spray water bottle- with ice cubes inside- though the purpose is to make it hurt more by making the butt more sensitive. I wouldn’t ever wear panties but perhaps being spanked for part of it at least with the paddle with holes- in my underwear or pajamas- could work. Though eventually they would come down too. And yeah I totally don’t want her to hurt her wrist. Spanking is my fantasy even perhaps orientation as Jillian Keenan explains. My wife knows how important it is to me and she indulges it which is awesome of her. I definitely want her to be comfortable spanking me. It’s supposed to be painful for me lol not her.
  22. I have to say I agree with you on this. I would never do that to anyone else or allow anyone even my wife to do that to me... however, most- no, all- people I know in real life wouldn’t allow someone to spank them bare butt with a spoon and then other implements until they were yelling from pain into a pillow... yet that is my fantasy and what my loving wife provides to me. Different people have different turn ons.
  23. Thanks @rubyredd I never considered that! I run some warm water with soap over my sore butt twice a day since getting that literally bloody spanking lol.
  24. Thanks @Jaded. My wife doesn’t want to use her hand because it would hurt it. Do you think a good warmup spanking is possible with the wooden spoon? What is the difference between a warmup spanking and a hard otk spanking?
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