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  1. Hi everyone, This question is for people who have ever been spanked with or spank with a Tawse. How is it different from a belt spanking or strapping? What positions or techniques or tips would you recommend to give a hard punishment spanking with it that is as painful yet also safe as possible? Bruises, welts of course are to be expected. thanks!
  2. Why were you spanked? What implement(s) was used and what position(s) were you in? How long did the spanking last? What was it that caused you to cry?
  3. Does clenching affect the spanking intensity in any way? For those of you who are spankees, do you do it if it really hurts? Why or why not? For those of you who are spankers, do you allow it? Why or why not? If not, how do you prevent it from happening? Are there some positions that make it harder for a spankee to clench? Also, for spankers, what do you do if your spankee tries to shield their butt with their hand or to twist their body so it is out of range of your hand or implement? Spankees have you ever done that and what happened? Thanks!
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