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  1. Thank you! Did you find that it requires a lot of effort to swing in order to apply lots of pain? How would it in that way be comparable to let’s say a belt or a strap or hairbrush or wooden spoon? What position do you get the spankee into before you use it?
  2. Thank you @Keith Lemontree. Since I’ve made that post back in November, she has certainly figured out how to use the hairbrush very effectively. The intensity and pain she is able to bring on with that implement is almost impossible to describe
  3. I saw this recommended as an easy to use implement for the spanker, which is really painful for the spankee. I wonder if anyone here has ever spanked or been spanked with a loopy Johnny, and what your impressions were. How was the pain level like? What position were you spanked in? For the spankers, is there any techniques you use or safety tips you would have? Thanks so much?
  4. Hi Keith, can you please explain what a wedge is? Sorry I haven’t heard of this before.
  5. Loopy Johnny sounds painful like he’ll but so would probably be easy to swing, thank you for that idea!
  6. Thank you, @redzonedefense_F. We looked at some paddles and canes on Caneiac, though they’re wooden. She wants to start off with a paddle to build up practice before moving on to the cane. Are there any ones that would be recommended? I recommended diaper position to her, but she is worried she may hit the genitals. It would also be hard to do with me holding the pillow to have my face buried in. Would there be other positions you could recommend that would have me at a more bent angle and being able to have my face in the pillow? Thanks so much!
  7. Hi everyone, My wife is a great spanker, but sometimes gets very sore and will stay that way for a few days after spanking me. I was wondering if there are any techniques or implements that you could recommend to a spanker that would leave a lot of marks and pain for a spankee, but be relatively easy for the spanker to use. Or any spanking techniques or positions to put me to get that still very hard and extremely painful outcome but less strain on her? So far our collection of implements includes a wooden spoon, a heavyish wooden hairbrush, a short leather strap and a belt. She
  8. Thank you @Chawsee. Yes I agree that if the spanker is emotionally manipulative or abusive, then that is horrible and even criminal. I can’t say I got the same impression from what he wrote, I understood it as meeting her need which she requested. However there may ge other stuff he wrote that I didn’t see and you did, and with your experience in this field you can probably sense thingy that I can’t. Hopefully this guy, like my wife, does this out of concern snd love or at the very least is just providing a service without taking advantage of the spankees he interacts with.
  9. I would recommend that you define “convert”. My wife doesn’t get a sexual thrill out of spanking and it isn’t something that is as important for her or any level as it is for me. However she knows it is crucial for me, and she spanks me. She definitely gives out super hard and intense ones, in multiple sessions that involves scolding, anticipation between sessions, various implements applied in various positions and on various parts of the butt to make it as painful as possible. She is an excellent spanker and is one of the very many reasons I love her so much and her agreeing to
  10. @Chawsee that does definitely sound very harsh, but then again a matter of consent and what the spankee wanted and her goals. My wife’s spankings of me don’t involve hitting anything other than my butt but believe me they are extremely hard and painful and the marks left last for a while. Is it abuse though? As the person being spanked I say definitely not, it’s something I want and ask for. Getting spanked to the point of tears and a bit beyond is my goal. My wife is a loving and good person and definitely with a conscience, and these 100% consensual spankings aren’t insane or abusive. I
  11. That is a fantastic question! I have never been spanked to tears by my wife, though I want to be really badly. I told her, when she first began spanking me, to not stop when I start crying but to go on for a little bit longer. When I am getting spankings- and they are extremely hard ones- in the moment I of course want the pain to go away because she does a really excellent job in laying on the hairbrush or strap or belt or even the spoon with excruciating hardness and technique. However I always also encourage her to go as long as she can in each session. There was only one time so far t
  12. Of all these, I’ve so far only been spanked with the hairbrush and the belt. The hairbrush definitely hurts more in my experience. The strap however could be on the hairbrush’s level or maybe even a notch higher. The other implements I can’t comment on as of yet.
  13. Many thanks! Although she will probably give me a very hard spanking then for something else. It’s something I ask for. We come up with a reason together, or she thinks back to something worth giving a hard spanking for.
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