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  1. About an hour and a half, but broken up into at least 3-4 sessions with cornertime. She uses the paddles and hairbrush for the most part. The paddles- one wooden and the other Teflon- are definitely the most painful and have me screaming more than the brush or any other implement.
  2. Plastic skipping ropes?? That sounds like it would be awfully painful! How do you use that to give a spanking?
  3. I like going across my wife’s lap with my pants and underwear down, nervously waiting for the spoon to come cracking down. I like looking at our various implements and wondering which ones will she use. I like hearing her calm voice tell me “honey this is meant to hurt”. I like the fact she does this to meet the need that I have and have wanted for so long.
  4. My wife begins my spankings with a wooden spoon... though it almost always is a warmup before the much more painful hairbrush and strap... and more recently now cane and paddle and probably soon to be loopy-Johnny come out. They aren’t all used though in one session though
  5. More swats, definitely. A prolonged spanking is harder to take and leads to a greater chance of tears.
  6. Thanks @FLRspanker! My wife definitely does use the spray water bottle- with ice cubes inside- though the purpose is to make it hurt more by making the butt more sensitive. I wouldn’t ever wear panties but perhaps being spanked for part of it at least with the paddle with holes- in my underwear or pajamas- could work. Though eventually they would come down too. And yeah I totally don’t want her to hurt her wrist. Spanking is my fantasy even perhaps orientation as Jillian Keenan explains. My wife knows how important it is to me and she indulges it which is awesome of her. I definitely
  7. I have to say I agree with you on this. I would never do that to anyone else or allow anyone even my wife to do that to me... however, most- no, all- people I know in real life wouldn’t allow someone to spank them bare butt with a spoon and then other implements until they were yelling from pain into a pillow... yet that is my fantasy and what my loving wife provides to me. Different people have different turn ons.
  8. Thanks @rubyredd I never considered that! I run some warm water with soap over my sore butt twice a day since getting that literally bloody spanking lol.
  9. Thanks @Jaded. My wife doesn’t want to use her hand because it would hurt it. Do you think a good warmup spanking is possible with the wooden spoon? What is the difference between a warmup spanking and a hard otk spanking?
  10. That’s an interesting question! It was my time getting it but no I didn’t witness any rash.
  11. Thanks @sassylittle the paddle holes and paddle itself is smooth like yiu said but I definitely did get a blood blistering lol even more than we expected. We had a few paper towel sheets of red. Something that in the future if possible we are hoping to avoid unless it’s the only way of getting a super hard spanking.
  12. Hi @Chawsee I really appreciate the question. The paddle holes are definitely very smooth.
  13. Yes it does @Chawsee. Thank you and all who replied for all your advice!
  14. Thanks @sassylittle. It’s still a bit tender and some pus came for the past few days but for the most part dry now. I appreciate the input about blood being unavoidable during a hard spanking. Wondering if others who have received or given hard spankings also have the same experience. @Megthe @Chawsee @REALTEARS Thank you so much everyone!
  15. Thanks @Jaded. Can you explain or give some hints as to what a warmup session would be like? The point is to still make it really hard and as close to as possible if not reaching crying. My wife finds the hairbrush and strap hard on her wrist later on, whereas with the wooden spoon which is kind of light though still hurts a lot at the beginning (kind of wears off soon though) and the lexan cane and Teflon paddle she finds it easy to keep going. Most of the bleeding seems to have came from the paddle being applied on bare skin. Do you think the paddle over some thin layer of clo
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