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  1. As a spankee, definitely the loopy Johnny. The pain is absolutely unbelievable and I am unable to keep still even for a few seconds. Am writhing and yelling in my pillow from the first stroke.
  2. My first one was the wooden spoon and a small short leather strap, cut off from my belt. My wife took me over her knees on the sofa and pulled my pajamas and underwear down and used the spoon. It initially didn’t hurt too much and I asked her if she can do it harder and she gave them a much more stinging spanking. She then tried the strap but over the knee wasn’t that effective so she had me go on all fours on the sofa with my head down and butt pushed up and then strapped me. That definitely hurt quite a bit snd I was hissing and “oww”ing and saying it hurt throughout. Our first spanking
  3. It is absolute hell. I’ve never had the bath brush before but it hurts way more than the cane or paddles or hairbrush or spoon or belt or strap. I’ve never used by safe word before my wife used it on me. It’s pure agony
  4. Loopy Johnny. That one is absolutely unbearable, at least for me. It is one I absolutely dread. https://www.cane-iac.com/items/delrin-canes~blk~wht/sadisticredloop-detail.htm
  5. Not in our case. My wife spanks me- and very hard- when I ask her to spank me. We come up with a reason and then she gives me multiple long sessions with a variety of implements which have my butt marked sometimes for weeks and where I’m screaming into the pillow and in agony. That’s something we do though and it doesn’t extend itself into our life outside of spanking. We are both equal in our household and make decisions together.
  6. I don’t know man. The short thin cane stings a lot and I am definitely wriggling and “owwing” but the loopy Johnny is far far far worse, at least according to me
  7. I received a spanking from my wife a few days ago that got me to where I didn’t think I would ever get- the “red” word. We bought a loopy Johnny a few months back from Cane-I-ac and she used it for the very first time, both over my boxers and on my naked butt. I’ve had the paddles and strap and hairbrush and canes and wooden spoon and belt before, but this absolutely broke me. Recounting from the best of my memory. There were 4 sessions, first one with a spoon and acrylic cane. Before my spanking she lectured me about a problem I’ve had for a while that we agreed
  8. I sat down with her one night and Yoel her how important being spanked is to me, and asked her if she would be ok doing it. Working up the courage to have this conversation literally took months. To my surprise, she was very understanding and said yes. Even when I told her I would like to be spanked hard and long and if at all possible to tears. We chose some implements we had around the house, a wooden spoon and a strap that I had previously made for self spanking. A few weeks later, I got my first spanking. An awesome experience that hurt a lot, though not as much as spankings that c
  9. My wife usually sits on the sofa and has me sprawl out so I’m lying down flat across both her knees with my face in the pillow and legs flat on the other side. She recently began to also use other otk positions with me going across one knee so my face is in the pillow on the sofa but legs and knees on the floor. She also sometimes sits on a chair and has me go over so when she spanks my legs are in the air.
  10. Definitely the wooden and acrylic paddle is what gets to me the most. Whether applied over my pajamas or boxers or on the bare, it has me in agony and literally screaming into my pillow. My wife usually applies it first over some layer of clothes and on the bare only for a bit at the end, which prevents bleeding which happened before. Usually with me bent over our table. The worst is when she has me benf my knees and stretch the butt out so it’s more tense.
  11. My wife says “take your pants and underwear down, honey. It’s time to make that butt good and red”
  12. About an hour and a half, but broken up into at least 3-4 sessions with cornertime. She uses the paddles and hairbrush for the most part. The paddles- one wooden and the other Teflon- are definitely the most painful and have me screaming more than the brush or any other implement.
  13. Plastic skipping ropes?? That sounds like it would be awfully painful! How do you use that to give a spanking?
  14. I like going across my wife’s lap with my pants and underwear down, nervously waiting for the spoon to come cracking down. I like looking at our various implements and wondering which ones will she use. I like hearing her calm voice tell me “honey this is meant to hurt”. I like the fact she does this to meet the need that I have and have wanted for so long.
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