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  1. StevenSampson


    For those who have asked (and successfully gotten) their vanilla partners to spank them, what were some objections they raised? What did you say? I think my partner would be surprised why I would want her to hurt me physically ie I would want a hard spanking that if it wouldn’t bring tears would put me in a lot of pain. How would I be able to explain to her it is something that I actually want and it would be greatly appreciated? Has anyone faced such a situation?
  2. What was the most unpleasant spanking you experienced? Feel free to share as much detail as possible.
  3. What is your least favourite implement to be spanked with and why? What is your least favourite position to be spanked in and why?
  4. The one I gave myself today was kind of intense, I found myself gritting my teeth and yelling into the bed as I was over a pillow and blanket. I found that in addition to the belt, sometimes folded and sometimes like a strap, the flat side of a wooden hanger (I guess it like a thin paddle) brought down full force really stung. I haven’t tried using my left hand when the right gets tired, that is an interesting idea.
  5. What’s a good way to give yourself a painful one that won’t leave marks that would last more than a day? I will often wet my butt and lay on my belt, folded up while lying over a blanket and pillow. Really stings a lot but after a few minutes stops hurting. Butt is red with some welts that are gone by the next morning. I also used a cutting board and a plastic spoon but that left marks that lasted for like a week. Any other ideas? I want to make it longer than it is now and I have a problem with arm getting tired and sometimes maybe even stopping too soon. How do you push past the pain to make it more difficult to go through? Has anyone ever spanked themselves to the point of crying or is that impossible? thanks!
  6. Thank you, wanttospank and VFR2018. VFR2018 I can definitely appreciate you not seeing someone else, I also wouldn’t do that. Would destroy my marriage and it’s not worth it. Yes it’s something I really want and I hope I can talk her into it at some point but if it doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen. How much time can I ask did it take between your first conversation and your first spanking? Did she agree right away or did she have reservations? How did she know how to spank you? Thanks!
  7. I’m asking people here who managed to get them to give you a real hard spanking. How did you get the discussion going about this? Did any of them initially object? If so, what did they say? What did you say in response to the objections? How did the spanking go? Do you remember what they used, what it felt like, and how they felt about it?
  8. Thank you everyone! Who here had been brought to tears with a wooden spoon spanking? Or have spanked someone to tears with it,? Any stories you want to share?
  9. Thank you everyone who responded. Still trying to work up the courage and formulate what to say
  10. You or the spanker? What goes through your mind as they come down?
  11. Who here has ever received a spanking with a switch? I heard it is one of the most painful ones possible, is that true? what position are you in, and how many strokes do you usually get and where do most of them land? Has anyone ever been spanked to tears with one of them? Any stories anyone would want to share? Do you pick your own switch or does someone do it for you? If you pick it how do you decide what to use?
  12. Thank you. How should it be used if it is for a punishment?
  13. Welcome to the forum! I think it’s great you are able to get your wife to spank you. It’s something I would personally really like but don’t know how to ask. Can I ask how you got her to do it, and if you get it for fun or hard? Any tips you could share on how to get a spanking from your spouse who may not be into it?
  14. Who here gets spanked like that? Which implements do you usually get spanked with when in that position? Does the butt being in that position make it any harder to clench the cheeks? Do you find this position to be more or harder to maintain when you’re being spanked? How does it feel having your butt propped up, as you’re waiting for the first one to land? Does anyone have any stories of being spanked while lying over pillows?
  15. Mostly? Where else did you get it?
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