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  1. Hello SN, I'm a 28 year old female. I have many goals and ambitions in my life and pretty severe problems with motivation and staying on track. I'd prefer someone in my area, but I've looked and can't find anyone. I'm just looking for a mentor who is willing to help me complete my ambitions. Spankings can be part of it, or not. I can go either way. I'm willing to do whatever helps me to succeed. These life goals are weight loss and fitness, education, employment, spending, and debt management. Feel free to ask anything, I'm an open book. I would prefer an older female fi
  2. Hello!  I'm Jessie and I just joined this site.  Would like to meet some other people into spanking.  Honestly I clicked on your profile because I liked your name. Now I'd like to meet you and chat

  3. Going to the gym! I kid you not! Been working on my weight for over a year and 70lbs down... THEN ALL THE GYMS SHUT DOWN! Been doing at home workouts, but just not the same without the type of equipment and classes at the gym.
  4. Hello Folks, I lived in Seattle for a few years while I was getting my Bachelor's at UW. Great area for the lifestyle, I definitely miss it. Now I'm in Spokane, WA. Does anyone know of any female spankers in Spokane that I can reach out to? Looks like I've settled down here more permanently than I expected. I'm a female ee, 28 yrs old, looking for discipline/mentorship.
  5. Hello Everyone! I don't know how frequently these threads are read, but I'm somewhat new to the site. I'm in Spokane WA. I'm seeking a female mentor who can be motherly and patient. My profile goes into more description on what I'm seeking, but I mainly need accountability. I'm autistic, but very high functioning, so I'm seeking to provide some structure in my life by a caring but strict influencer. I expect this would have to be a longer term relationship, but I'm new to all this. I'm not opposed to men, but I rarely react well with men. I'm asexual, this relationship isn
  6. Hello everyone! New to the site. I was on SN briefly about 5 years ago or more. Can't quite remember. I understand myself better these days and am back to find a female disciplinarian/mother figure. Wish me luck!! Lol
  7. First day on SN in a few years.  Here's to hoping!

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