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  1. Hi all i really believe we are born to be a spanko....some think its a gift..some think its a curse...for those of you who have a person or persons th share this with...you have no idea how lucky you are...embrace it...im sure its wonderful
  2. I feel that having eye contact with ee is very important...im tall so i will be looking down at her with displeasure....esp if its a punishment spanking....my eyes focused on hers...she can see,she will be in for a very real bottom burning spanking
  3. Leigh otk and ruby very good views on this....yes and a severe spanking should be associated with a real punishment spanking example....yes drinking and driving etc....
  4. I think that beatings are wrong totally uncalled for...in my opion Hard spankings should hurt and be a deterent leaving the bottom red A severe spanking is for when a hard spanking is not making the proper impact as a deterent to the ee It should leave the bottom crimson red a couple marks can occur..with feeling the burn a bit the next day
  5. There should be no pillows after a puishment spanking its punishment its meant to be uncomy and to be remebered for a good while
  6. Very nice thoughts...love the embaressment factor as well
  7. Lineok


    Welcome plenty of people here to discuss this with
  8. Was very nice you were gifted those things want i hope you put them to good use. Be well
  9. Thank everyone for there service its so important and appreciated Thank you
  10. Lineok

    rude rumps

    Your art is awsome thanks for sharing
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