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  1. All rules between the ee and the er should be discussed ahead of time, esp if they are new together....be fair be honest....and above all respect eachother...and do what you say your going to do discipline wise
  2. GRAVANO Sorry you went through thats very horrible. Hope you meet someone with more reguard for you phsyically and emotionally. Good luck
  3. Spontaeous bad speller hereclol A goodnight spanking soooo hottttt Enjoy all
  4. Well a bedtimecspanking to me...is the mostbintimate...2 people knowing...theres a issue...they agree to meetblater on....she the ee....is wearing very olg fashikn pjs cotton prints...no,panties...hes wating in the bedroom ...with the wooden hairbrush. In hisxhand...shecwalks to him ..head down...lowers thecbotttoms of her pjs...lays across his lap....goiving herself to him obidiiently....as a ee Takes a very sound hairbrush spanking.......gets off his lap wallks tomthe corner exposing a verry red bottom A lovely bed time spanking
  5. Child of light...outstanding costume Ive always thought of a lady dressed like a witch all in black..short skirt no,panties over my knee would be a great cosrume to spank a lady in...
  6. Discretion is a very important part of this for many of us...some for different reasons being outed at work etc...but some of us are married and our partners do not get it and wont....so we do what needs to be done...even if its just coming on a discrete site like this to talk to a few friends who understand
  7. In my experience....you cannot convert a complete vanilla...believe me ive tried
  8. Then i guess...youve gotten what you wanted in the end...and all is good...enjoy
  9. Very nice RI well writen...and a very nice story....a true story?
  10. Hi there...i m a switch but lean very much toward being a top....
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