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  1. Thank you, that was very helpful. You gave me a lot to think about. Not that I haven't but seeing it all in writing like this put everything more in perspective. At this point I don't believe it would necessarily help me. So now I just need to consider if it is a deep desire or not. I appreciate your input. 🤔
  2. That is sad to hear. I am sure she will need some time to be with herself and family. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. Thank you, I joined her email list. I would imagine she is quite pricey though, given her background of experience.
  4. Thank you for your thoughts. No, I have not even thought about Spanking until maybe 6 months ago. My husband and I tried it in our 20s but neither of us got into it then. I was recently put on estrogen which tripled my libido for a few months and now that my hormones have balanced out, I recognized that my occasional interest in spanking (in books and another forum that has all sorts of topics) has intensified. So that is how my curiosity sent me here. I am interested in the Spanking Therapy concept to explore more.
  5. Many years ago I frequently had them, I would wake up screaming. It was usually from something falling on me such as the headboard, a roof caving in with snow, etc. Eventually I became concerned that I would wake up in a public place (traveling) and do thus so I sought a therapist. She had me write down what happened when I woke up, as I woke up. After a period of time, it was determined that I hold too much in. Which I did, so I became more open in expressing myself and my feelings. Anyway, it 95% helped and I have not woke up screaming in many, many years. I can't say that I share ever
  6. I am still not sure why the body reacts in certain ways, which is why I asked about the orgasm. That is not what I would think would be a common reaction but then again, I don't understand the harsh ways of wanting a spanking with deep bruises or cane marks either. That is why I am trying to educate myself prior to ultimately receiving a spanking. I appreciate your information and insight though.
  7. So with self spanking. . . What is the reward? Do you get an orgasm or is the pain fulfilling enough? Sorry, I'm new to this.
  8. Are you a Disciplinarian for Spanking Therapy and Life Coach or this was just a fun activity?
  9. I am not into erotic or BDSM spanking. But I have recently read that spanking therapy may help resolve various personal issues. I have never been spanked but I am curious and maybe as therapy is a good way to approach it. I am in my 60s and married but my husband isn't interested in spanking. I wish I knew why I desire one.
  10. What would you suggest is the best position to receive a self spanking and for a private consideration that I need to have a red bottom sensation? This has to be for impulse punishment!
  11. Thank you for the insight. No, I have not discussed going to a Spanking Therapist/Life Coach with my husband. Obviously these curiosities are embarrassing for me to share so I thought a private experience would perhaps relieve my personal stress and anxiety that I have...then just move on? I guess it is ridiculous then.
  12. My one bare bottomed spanking as a teen was exactly like this picture but over my father's knee. So humiliating and painful. I will never forget it. I wonder if that is why I am interested in my first adult spanking now,
  13. I am looking into my first bare bottom spanking. I want no bruises, which means no cane or whip. Should I just have a hand Spanking? How long would a good hand spanking be to get a cherry red bottom?
  14. Hi, seems I have been more interested lately in experiencing a spanking. My husband is not and for some reason, at age 64 I have read that it is possible that a good spanking can really help stress and relieve past emotional hang ups. Has anyone experienced this later in life? I am looking into Spanking Therapy but a bit nervous.
  15. Please tell me what a bottom warming is versus a real spanking. What does it look and feel like and should this always be the process first?
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