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  1. Follow-up from a day after for more complete psuedo science: Definitely a great experience on the whole! The highest intensity parts definitely had me squirming for short spats, but a good satisfying burn persisted until I fell asleep. Day after - slight burning but mostly just tingling resurfaced intermittently today while sitting at my desk. Silent spanking earns a recommend from me to be added to any spanker's or self spanker's toolkit (with all due focus on the safety mentioned by Otkpantsdown 49 and many other threads/resources).
  2. I love this thread! I'm on the very first steps of my journey and some of my most constant thoughts are that I crave the presence of discipline and spankings in my life, but I also really savor the idea of performing that service for someone else (even though I'm literally thinking of it almost totally removed from a D/s context). Which is easy to slip into feeling odd about. Shifting focus away from 'where do I fit' and into 'what do I savor' feels a positive lesson. Well put everyone!
  3. Tonight, I am testing out my first nontrivial amount of capsaicin cream on myself. Previous experiments were to check for allergies or undesirable skin interaction so this is a sizable step up. Only being a couple hours in I can definitely understand why everyone recommends caution. The burning bottom is real! And i... Absolutely love it But that's not the reason for this post,caution is Paramount of course. But this experience has already been incredible, I know I'm still in the early stages of self discovery and thirsting to engage my inner ee and learn more about being an er. But as mu
  4. I agree so hard with all this! Especially that there are precious few avenues for male intimacy to thrive even with females but especially among male friends/connections. I wonder what you would think of calling this kind of spanking 'non-sex-oriented' rather than 'non-sexual' in nature. Sex isn't on the table, maybe not even at the same restaurant for many cases. I wonder if maybe even that subtle changing of verbiage will help others understand this kind of intimate connection a little better.
  5. Idaho Falls, here! (just joined) Would love to chat with ers, ees, men, women - Just overall looking to explore this whole new world post self actualization and acceptance of this thing we do!
  6. Thanks for being so warm and welcoming! It's making this first foray into bringing myself out very much more comfortable. I'm super interested in doing more reading, have become a huge fan of Jillian Keenan over the last few months. I'm sure I'll create more formal threads in future to check for interest, but as part of my introduction I'd love to find (or start) a book club style thread where we read books and discuss together. If anyone is already aware of such groups/threads I'd love to join!
  7. Hi all! I'm super new to this part of myself and keen to chat with more like-minded folks. I feel like this has always been a part of my psyche but I'm only just now accepting it to myself. Letting go of the idea that I was broken or intensely perverse has not been an easy road, but since doing so, I feel infinitely more capable of posting/chatting (and hopefully someday meeting) with more people. Looking forward to chatting with anyone and everyone!
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