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  1. I never tested that but good to know. Thank you for sharing.
  2. If you want to be spanked then by others that are not your parents. Find healthy spanko friendships and get spanked by those kind of friends.
  3. My advice is do not do this. Ask yourself one question: Do i really know the reason/s why i have attitude/respect problem/s towards my parents? If you do not know the answer then look in to yourself for the answer to figure that out without creating any problems for others and yourself. But if you do know the answer to this question then understand that true change comes from replacing damaged thoughts and feelings that comes with them with new truly healthy thoughts and feelings that comes with them and giving power to only the healthy ones. You do not require a spanking to change your thoughts you can work this out without it. Build strength by building healthy mindset. It is a strength to be able to change yourself without painful provocation to do so.
  4. I would say no. Not for me. If i wish to get spanked then as a 41 years old male that i am.
  5. Dismiss the above i forgot that i have post here before.
  6. Are you serious? Are some people really that level delusional to think this way?
  7. @Megthe thank you for advice. When i have read your post for the first time i was not on fetlife. now i am on fetlife and i found 2 groups in london were there is a chance for does kind of activities.
  8. I'm finding you approach as very good. In my case if i would be spanker and a female would like to try to be spankee by default i would tell her that i am not in to punishment and discipline spanking for real problems. I really am not in to does kind of spankings because i find this way to be problematic on many levels and connected to possibility of invocation of package of pathology's that i wish to avoid in my life. I would do that to try to cut out the possibility of her testing me as you have experience. The way i am my choice is to have connection with female spanko without any pointless problems. A very good solution for me would be to get in position where she spanks me and i spank her but only when it is requested without brat mode from me and her. If i wish to be spanked then i would ask her to be spanked and if she is willing she will spank me. If she wish as a female to be spanked then i wish from her to receive a request for it and i will give her the spanking that she wish for in agreed by both me and her limitations. I do not like brat mode but i do try to learn about it to bigger or lesser degree.
  9. One question to all of you that got experience. This maybe is a strange question but i will ask it. If a stress relief spanking take place and the person that is EE starts to cry is it better to stop spanking and allow the EE to let go by just crying or is it better to continue spanking despite crying of EE? Thank you for all your answers.
  10. There is something special about home placed spankings where female is the ER and male is the EE. That setup to be over her knees with my bare butt sticking out ready to be spanked by her hand followed by wooden hair brush or wooden bath brush and then followed by me getting over the pillows on the bed and getting from her hard with belt or tawse with finishing move done by her by using cane on my naughty behind. All behind closed doors so people in the house if there are any just got the sound and there imagination to play with.
  11. I wish that this would take place in my area of our planet earth. So far i have not stumble in to any information of that kind of event in London.
  12. For me the social media was never a problem. no twitter, instagram accounts but i have facebook account that i don't care about most of the time. It is used just for contacts to some people but in very small amount. I find social media of that type boring to bigger or lesser degree. For chat communication i use a program called session that work in lokinet.
  13. Tawse but only in session were i get punishment for fake reason as a role play (funishment).
  14. My advice: Burn that bridge without any regret and remorse. Create something new with someone new that is trully healthy with usage of those lessons that you learn and are trully worth using. Remember to never give power to pathology (Yes i think that this thing between you and him is pathological the way that it goes acording to your description).
  15. Maybe you will find it strange but for me it was always "I want a spanking" and never "I need a spanking". Did i try to let go: Yes - it ended in years of not spanking and then it resurface again.
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