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  1. If not removing it then at least turn it of the way they do it to profiles of others.
  2. To the people who can do this. Please terminate my profile and all my posts. Do it as you do it usually.
  3. What i would like to know is this. One benefit that is result of spanking is endorphins flush in the body but if you would put aside for a moment endorphins and all the benefits that you get from them what else is there on molecular level that you can call without error a benefit/s that you get from spanking? Is there anything else? Is/are there any study/study's about that topic?
  4. Are there many possibilities in spanking : YES The why don't more guys do spankings with other guys? : 1) for some it is so because they don't want to be connected to homosexuality or bisexuality. 2) They get to know stories about damaged guys that done disgusting actions when it comes to spanking and it bring no go zone pattern in them. 3) They loose all interest in spanking because they have disgust in face of a thought about being spanked by a guy but not if they would be spanked by a female. That is not the complete list but it is true for many guys.
  5. Does words just give me another very valid reason to never go to punishment/discipline spankings for real. You described it in such a way that psychologically it have the effect on me like i would getting stabbed in gut with knife and have blade broken and still inside of me.
  6. For me using belt as a strap was not that painful as i wanted to be. It was stingy but it did not make impression on me. Using leather belt for self spanking is demanding because you need a good motor skills to make as precise as possible "licks" with it. For me so far that precision is still not good enough. I do swing the belt folded from the left side and i try to give some time between "licks". Keep in mind that during every "lick" i do i try to make it strong and fast and painful and i do not keep my butt cheeks tight but loose. I am using a belt that missing the buckle folded one time and i don't hold it to short but some 3 to 5 inches counting from place where the ends connect. About that "traditional" belt spanking i think that this is a belting that should be given by a spanker (male or female) to you, me or anyone else that wish to receive it. Attempt to do this traditional belting as self spanking just does not work for me personally. To be honest i would prefer to get a good ass whooping with belt from a female spanker that can use belt really precise on me instead of doing self spanking. I only do self spanking because i don't have a spanking partner.
  7. From my perspective not necessarily because if you get for example spanked by a female as a male you can go deep in to relax state because the awareness of the truth that it is a female that spank you will be a factor used by yourself to allow yourself to go there. If a male is a spanker then it might not work this way. Me personally i would prefer to get spanked by a female because that deep state would be most likely reached by me. With male what would block this is this psychological grinding point of awareness that it is a male that is looking at my bare butt and in case if i would be spanker the awareness that i am looking at a male bare butt.
  8. If you want to be spanked just one time a disciplinarian is a option if you don't mind giving money for spanking. But if you wish to go deeper in to spanking and get many spankings from time to time i think that you would doing yourself a favor to find a good spanking friend. Do not ask your mom to spank you, let that be a part of your adult life that you do with someone else.
  9. I wish that i would get bedtime spanking and go to bed with seriously red and warm butt. That would be a happy ending of a day.
  10. I wish i could be next.
  11. I wish i could be next.
  12. Using belt is my default approach (I'm self spanking for now). I always use belt folded (As a trial i have tried using it like strap but i do not like it). I never get to tears when belted and it is more painful when it is folded.
  13. I think that some people might have a transfer of epigenetic setup of spanking fetish from previous generation/s. And in others it is something build only in there life's because not even one member of family on mather so as father side never been in to the fetish.
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