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  1. 1) Male 2) I was 5, tried to spank myself with a wooden block laying over a chair. Mom walked in and that was that. 3) Early on I thought about spanking other girls and did manage to spank a couple of the neighbors. Then at 12 I developed a crush on the mother who lived next door. I knew she spanked her kids and wondered what it would be like to go over her knee. At 14 I almost tried to push the desire on her but backed off. 4) I saw my older sister spanked three times. I was 8 the first time it happened and the image was forever etched in my mind. 5) Yes, I fantisized ab
  2. Hi, I'm in the Walnut Creek area. Been spanking females bottoms for a long time. Want to chat further let me know.
  3. Happy to be here. Spanking is something I have been doing all my life and I look forward to meeting new people.
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