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  1. I mean the the little imblem icon whatever call next to the notification bell is not there .. I can't receive or send personal messages.
  2. Hi i got 30 swats on the bare for cussing. After reading some of the comments... I feel it was extreme.
  3. My daddy that died was all daddy he found me his little girl.. It was perfect ..he was was 12 years older than me ..Was 6'5 and 320 lbs to my 5'1 130 lbs...he was a true daddy... He even looked like it ...
  4. I have been looking for 12 years
  5. This man thst left was in a daddy not the best but was all i could find.. He was not just a disciplinarian... I had a daddy ,,A true daddy a long time ago..i was a little with him...but he died.... I had to grow up in a way..but thst little needs Daddy
  6. That last comment from is because of the comment I know better than to bother debating you..
  7. You know i was being sincere thanking yall for helping me...
  8. I would to thank everyone ..for all the words of wisdom.. Really got me thinking about what i really works and does not.. And i was confused about the how much we ee have power over... Thanks for the support...
  9. Well if he would have talked to me.. Maybe i would have understood more..but he clamed up and. Ran i did not know why
  10. Now i am blocked so i can not talk to him
  11. He just stopped talking to me i had no idea why....
  12. He was not 24/7 ... But he was the one that wanted to be my daddy.. I wanted it also but he brought it up...that's why i was so upset.. He made a promise to always be my daddy..and thst he would always talk to me on pm..but on easter he would not answer me..i still don't know what i did till my friend was in chat and asked him ... I don't remember a fight.. Maybe he wants me gone
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