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  1. "Some of us will play nice the BDSM crowd after all blood is blood. But that's offered so willingly... Submission with permission no fight or friction. A vampire doesn't want to feed, we want to hunt. Another vampire. That's what we want, do we go out and find one or do we sire one. Vanilla is like a blank canvas we can mold, contort, control. Until they're actually able to mimic vampirism... But they're not vampires they still have souls. We are merely ventriloquist's playing with puppets. For some of us have this desire for a victim not a volunteer. We want them to cry, we want them to genuinely not enjoy it. Or rather vice versa. Some of us crave what would be otherwise deemed abusive. yet they will never enjoy drinking." "A vampire doesn't want to feed, we want to hunt." "For some of us this desire for a victim not a volunteer" "Some of us crave what would be otherwise deemed abusive." It's amazing. You have been telling us all along. You are a predator. You want to hunt. You desire a Victim, not a volunteer (not a partner). You crave what is deemed abusive. You are a predator. You have left nothing but victims in your wake. You are ABUSIVE.
  2. I see this man has now changed his location from Kennewick, WA to Portland, OR. I will second this warning. This man is unsafe, definitely not sane and has no regard for consent. I am speaking from my own experience with him. I don't want to be divisive or cause "drama". BUT MORE THAN THAT, I want our community to be safe. As long as this man is able to hide in the shadows while using sites like this to prey on women (hoping none of his previous victims will speak up), it's not a safe place.
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