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  1. Bare hand on bare bottom, with the spankee in the OTK position is the most intimate form of spanking. But I also have happy memories of receiving. and later giving. spankings with a balsa wood paddle.
  2. I need to be spanked for stress relief. Also. I enjoy empowering a woman. I have a friend who is only 5 feet tall and 100 pounds. She could never overpower me. but I enjoy voluntarily submitting to her. I spank her occasionally, but we both prefer it when she spanks me
  3. Whenever my aunt was my bsbysitter, I would always confess some act of naughtiness. She could make a spanking feel like an expression of love
  4. I will not deny that I get sexual satisfaction from spanking a woman; and the more beautiful the woman, the better I like it I also get sexual satisfaction from RECEIVING a spanking from a woman. and she need not be the least bit attractive. I have no desire to spank a man, but m curious about getting spanked by a man. I suspect some men try to give "false reassurance" to a woman by claiming their interest is not sexual. They are saying "Don't be afraid to get naked with me,: you will not be raped".
  5. I consider the cane an implement of cruelty, and would never use it one someone else. I do have a morbid curiosity about whether I could take it. but would only agree to ONE stroke. Of course, if it is not as bad as I fear, I might accept additional strokes ONE AT A TIME.
  6. I once spanked a woman in Missouri. but currently live in Pennsylvania.
  7. I have a friend who takes me to a particular location for my spankings. Regrettably, she is too small and delicate to bear my weight across her lap, so I have to bend over a table. Because she has a small hand, she uses a balsa wood paddle.
  8. I would suggest that you keep the spankings separate, but reasonably close together. The second spanking should occur on the day or night after the first. Given my own choice,I would prefer to be spanked first, and have a day to "plot revenge". The second person to be spanked will then have a day to experience the anticipation of a spanking. During my childhood, a delayed spanking was a dreaded, yet delightful experience.
  9. It's difficult to understand, but you should think about several questions: 1) Would you prefer to be spanked by men or women? 2) Were you spanked as a child, either as punishment, or as a form of playful affection. e.g. birthday spankings? 3) Have you tried self spanking? I don't recommend it as a regular practice, but it will enable you to learn about your level of pain tolerance. 4) Why do you want to be spanked? Is your goal sexual arousal? Stress relief? Punishment to atone for guilt? Some other reason? 5) Would you be willing to give a reciprocal spanking to the person who spanks you? 6) Do you know anyone whom you can trust sufficiently to share this desire? I hope these questions have been helpful. Personally, I enjoy both giving and receiving spankings, and spank women primarily. but not exclusively. I am toward the lighter end of the spectrum. preferring to use my hand rather than an implement.
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