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  1. Ok I’m keen for role play either a school one or a dad/mum one? Message me if keen thanks hazel
  2. No I’m just bad nor age play I don’t like spankings but need them
  3. It’s not Role play I do role play on this site with people that are willing but this is in real life they don’t know what to do with me I can take anything and I have Thrown food been not listening so what would you do?
  4. Hey all I am getting spanked by masters who live with me one male and one female they know I am on this site and have asked for advice people to guide them as they are inexperienced and want to know how they should spank me and how long for? today so far this morning I have thrown food and haven’t listened to them. thanks for reading please give advice what they should do
  5. Me I’m a uk person that needs to be spanked often!
  6. Well I do get it in real life now too
  7. Yes I need hairbrush many tears
  8. I’m From England don’t want it in real life just here as role play
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