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  1. This is exactly the issue. Combined with the desire that some people have to "make connections" where is there are none. Blame Dr. Phil and his ilk for blaming folks for not "seeing the signs"
  2. Thank you both for the extremely supportive posts.
  3. I've been into spanking for as long as I remember. I remember seeing a bottle of German wine that depicted a spanking when I was 4 or 5 years old and I remember searching it out every time I went to the liquor store with my parents. I will admit that even at that age it got me aroused. Then there were the girls that I played doctor with. I will always remember us getting caught and both girls getting a serious bare bottom spanking from their mother. It wasn't too much longer until I was able to convince one of "my patients" to take a quick set of swats on the behind from me. W
  4. IMHO one of the problems with many of the spanking clips out there is that they are too formulaic and repetitive. Infraction OTK spanking Pants down Paddle spanking Panties down Belt or tawse spanking end There is no dialogue. No real story line. No resistance or trepidation from the person being punished. I miss the early California Star and British Spanking videos. I think because of the production values they are more real. There are fewer "contract stars" and more one-off participants. If you have ever seen Caned Naked Coeds amateur
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