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  1. Posted here without much luck but am willing to give this another try. I'm a 41 year old Man but look much younger. Seeking a Woman for OTK disciplinary spankings. Open to one time thing, semi-regular, regular or possibly more if we click. I live a mostly vanilla lifestyle but have always been drawn to spanking, or more to the point, being spanked. Specifically to keep me on the right track. Sooooo, hopefully there is a Female spanker close or somewhat close by who is willing to explore this with me. *fingers crossed*
  2. I think for me the loneliest part is finding a Woman to explore this with. I'm not even referring solely to a GF. I just mean a Woman who is into spanking Men. I know they're out there. Just not in my area. The 2 i thought i connected with flaked out. And then there's the "Spanking Therapists" who charge hundreds of dollars. I'm just not in the position right now to spare the extra money and when i am in the position i really have an aversion to those type of spankers. It feels really less invested to me. So more often than not i am left alone with my thoughts and urges. I am getting very close to giving up entirely and living vanilla. And i simply don't get it, lol. I'm not a hideous chud of a guy. I'm not a creeper. I have a good sense of humor and personality. Live in a nice place. I mean, WTF !?!?!? Lol. This has been something i have struggled with for a long time. IDK what to do about it. I feel very alone with this.
  3. Thanks. I really do appreciate the info. Will check them out.
  4. I don't need to say times are tough financially with all the virus chaos. I know i'm stretched right now. But I'd still really like to connect with someone. I've only tried this site once before a while back and didn't have much luck. I'm a reasonably attractive single Man, 6'1", 230 lbs., clean, sane and honest. I have been searching for a Woman who spanks, knows how to spank and would like to help "correct" a Man who sometimes can't correct himself. I am kind of loathe to go on those pay sites that log your info (Don't really trust my finances to the internet). I am not looking to go see a paid disciplinarian (Kinda feels less invested). Surely there must be some sites that are similar to social media, but for spankos. I won't lie, i'm new to looking for these things online and so i don't know exactly where to look. If anyone can help me with this i would be eternally grateful. Starting to get the feeling i'm wasting my time, and that is a damn disheartening feeling. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  5. I don't know really what to say other than that what you wrote here really touches something deep within me. I have only been spanked a few times as an adult. And only had an experience of an orgasm once during a spanking. I can honestly say it was not a sexual thing. If that makes sense. I wasn't aroused. I wasn't even erect. In fact, it was the one and only time that the Woman spanking me really lit my backside up. It was a simple OTK bare handed spanking, but she was relentless. I am not the kind of guy who wriggles around like a kid trying to get away, or whines and moans. But this one time is also the only time I shed tears. I felt emotionally "free" afterward. I have sought a Woman who could or would bring me to that place again. So far to no avail. But i still have hope.
  6. Simply put, i'm looking for a Woman to correct some of my more mischievous ways. It has been a long time since i had a good OTK spanking. I am beyond overdue. Don't know if i'll find what i need on here. But i'll post this and hope for the best.
  7. Debated posting on here for a while. But finally decided to give it a shot. I am a 41 yr old Spankee and hope this site will lead me to a strong Woman in my area who can dole out the discipline i need/crave. I am not really looking for a "relationship", but could be open to it with the right Woman. I prefer traditional OTK, hand, hairbrush, etc. Possibly open to more, but again with the right person. Trust is paramount. Anyway, hope this site pans out, lol. I'm really not into "Professionals". NO Men !
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