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  1. I would be able to switch or be the EE but not soley the ER
  2. Chawsee I can see where it could be percieved as disrespectful for the spankee to be dressed sloppily
  3. I think one of the things that I completely got away with was lighting a fire in the woods a block from my house. It got pretty big, burned for about 90 minutes took 11 trucks to come and put it out. I was super fast as a runner when I was young and made sure I was no where near that fire when the first engine arrived. About an hour later I calmly walked over to waych. I never did get caught 40 years ago
  4. I would say much of it for me is about accountability and consequences and redemption or restorative justice. Also part of it is the deep bonding that takes place between two people who are in a spanking relationship weather that is romantic or platonic
  5. the funniest for me was when I was giving my fiance at the time a bare bottom spanking. It started out as a punishment spanking because she was always late coming home, in the dark, in the days before cell phones. She was 20 and pretty and also at risk. So one time she came home 2 hours 41 minutes past the time she said she would be home, I was in my sweats and bare feet. I grabbed her and pulled her pants down and started in on her bare bottom with the hairbrush. Just as she wa starting to really squeal, the little carpet nazi of a wiener dog we owned came up and bit my toe for spanking her. I couldn't continue, we both started laughing like crazy. From then on if one of us was going to be spanked we made sure we did out of the dogs sight and ability to "protect" us.
  6. has anyone received an honest to God serious razor stropping? I inherited many years ago and old fashioned razor strop it is two strips of thick supple genuine Russian leather 23 inches long by 3 inches wide I have heard it hurts like hell. If you have gotten a real bare bottom tanning can you tell what it is like? How many strokes does it take to bring you to tears? etc thanks been curious and too chicken to bare my bottom for it.
  7. let me tell you from experience it is a VERY effective paddle
  8. I wouldn't continue with spanking either to me spanking between two people is an almost sacred event and there has to be deep respect between the spanker and the spankee
  9. at 20 I lived with my then fiance. This was in a college town and I had told her I was going to the library to do research instead I went with my best friend across state lines to drink (at the time (WA was 21 and ID 19) we got drunk, came back to town and climbed the town water tower. Luckily a good natured cop caught us, he said we either have to sleep it off in jail over night or be released to a responsible adult. So at 345am we both landed on my doorstep with the cop. My GF was not pleased. The next morning after my friend was sent home, we had it out. She was pissed because I had been acting like a little shit for a long time. She knew how I was disciplined when younger so she insisted if we were to stay together I would get spanked by her. That night I found out what a hairbrush could do. I was spanked for lying to her, tresspass, underage drinking and being unsafe she bared my bottom and I got the spanking of my life. I was literally howling by the time she was done. It was humbling and an eye opener.
  10. I found one at a thrift store once the hairbrush is the implement that really speaks to me when I deserve a paddling also so does the jokari paddle
  11. Hi do both of you spank?  I would love to find a couple that is willing to take a naughty one over their knee   Respectfully,  michael

  12. In the sacristy behind the altar at a Catholic Church I was 19 at the time and my girlfriend caught me giving dirty signals to a friend of mine from the choir stall when Mass was over and everyone gone, she took me there (I had a key because of being the lead male choir voice and also asst choir director) and whalloped me with her hairbrush. When we got home she took my pants down and really blistered my bottom. I was 22 at the time
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