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  1. Yikes I have never even had the switch, yet alone a birching, couldn't imagine how painful that would be
  2. that celtic cross paddle speaks to me since I am a Christian and know I am a sinner
  3. In my past experience there have quite few times when corner time was helpful. I am hyper by nature adult diagnosed ADHD so mind my is usually spinning pretty fast. Having to do corner time, specially with pants down holding a quarter to the wall has at times been very effective in getting my mind to calm down and start to focus on why I am about to get my bare bottom paddled.
  4. I think a serious hairbrush paddling is the thing that has gotten me to tears more than any other implement
  5. If it's playful or erotic or even stress relief it should be by mutual consent. A disciplinary or punishment spanking should always be bare, partly because it is way more intense that way and also the spanker can judge what is happening to the spankees bottom for safety reasons.
  6. First spanking was not my choice my fiance had had it with some stuff I was doing culminating with being brought home to her by a cop at 345am on a school morning (we were in college) the next morning she insisted I be spanked (we had talked about how e were raised) that night I felt a hairbrush on bare bottom like I never believed possible. It was way more intense than I ever would have imagined (I was 20 at the time) and I did cry. It also was VERY effective
  7. I would say private spanking only for pre meditated crimes and done by same sex professionals with two witnesses
  8. I think a bed time spanking is the best partly because there is nothing else to worry about that day and also you have all night to reflect on why you were spanked. The worst is when you're promised another one first thing in the morning
  9. I think a very long and hard spanking in addition to reflection time and lecture or discussion before hand and an assignment or loss of priveledge afterwards, really brings it home to me
  10. I was engaged to a very very skilled piano player and all around musician (piano, voice, violin and flute) my instrument was my voice and it already by the time I was 20 got me quite far. When I met her she volunteered to give me piano lessons for free and I took her up on it. But I never practiced and even tho I told her I did, she could tell I didn't. she jokingly threatened to spank me but never did at that time. I made crack one day when she confronted me about my lack of effort about how the voice is actually the true instrument and at that point she dropped me as a student. After
  11. I don't speak English very well....didn't work
  12. omg that's horrible...just ;like at cracker barrell the last time I went there they didn't have their paddles in the gift shop anymore
  13. usually I also had some reflection time (about an hour) before our "discussion" started
  14. I have rarely cried, but when I did, my disciplinarian made sure that I knew I had let them down and myself too, and had a long talk with me standing there before them in just my underpants or bare bottomed while I was forced to answer questions about my behaviour and listened to a scolding then spanked.
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