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  1. That’s exactly what I need. For me it’s like reverting back to being a naughty little boy.
  2. I need the scolding as part of the spanking. Part of what helps me give up control is to slowly revert back to a naughty little boy. The scolding helps put me in that mindset.
  3. I believe you’re right there are a lot of us in this same difficult situation. Thanks for starting a group. Always feels better when you know that there are others out there like you. Maybe the discussion and support in a group would be helpful to many.
  4. I got that a few times as a kid. Had a dream about that as an adult a couple weeks ago. Wonderful fantasy dream
  5. It very embarrassing to admit and my wife wants me to admit to a marriage counselor that i want to be spanked
  6. Wow, it was much more intense and humiliating to be spanked by a man. He was so strong and in control. I would sure like to have a male and a female spanker in my life. Kind of mom and dad spanking.
  7. I haven’t had that before but this naughty boy has thought about it. Would certainly add to the humiliation that I need.
  8. Oh gosh, my bottom needs bruises to help remember my spanking for days! Red, blistered, welted, hot and bruised. 🥵
  9. I bet that stings 🥵
  10. I would appreciate any advice on how to talk with “regular” friends about spanking. First off for me spanking isn’t sexual it’s stress relief. In my situation my wife won’t spank me so I’ve been talking to her about having my friend (male) spank me. If she’ll agree to that does anyone have any advice on how to talk to my friend about it? We’ve been good friends for a long time but you know it’s not easy to discuss spanking with someone who just doesn’t understand. I mentioned it a little last time we went to lunch and we were leaving he jokingly offered to spank me. Does anyone have suggestions on how to take that next step? I appreciate the help!
  11. For spanking to be a stress reliever I need to totally give up control and revert back to a little boy. That means no safe word. However that requires a lot of trust. With my wife spanking me I would have that level of trust. If I was meeting a spanker that I didn’t know then that would be a different story.
  12. I was just getting on here to post a similar topic so it’s interesting to find this now. Lately I’ve been having dreams of my best friend (male) spanking me. For me spanking isn’t sexual it’s a stress reliever and well life is just really stressful right now. A couple weeks ago when we went to lunch I got up the courage to mention to him that I had an interest in spanking as a stress reliever. I’m sure many can relate to how tough it is to talk to a regular friend about spanking. We talked about it a little more then as we went to leave he kinda jokingly said, if you need me to I could spank you. Wow. My insides jumped. Since then many nights I wake up dreaming about him spanking me. I feel like I need to talk to him about it more and I for sure would want to get my vanilla wife to agree before i did anything. I think I need to kinda write out how the conversation might go so it’s clearer in my head. I’ll be interesting in hearing thoughts others have on this. I do know that for me when I’ve had to talk about this with a vanilla talking about the stress relief part at first has been a good start. In your case it’s nice that she kinda brought it up and left you an opening. I wish you well in your conversations with her.
  13. You got that right. Work and life in general is stressful so to have Time when I can revert back to a little boy and give up control is freeing. Definitely about being able to trust your spanker. The after marks and twinges of pain help the stress relief last.
  14. As a man parts do tend to dangle and flop about while I wiggle and squirm. That being said those parts have gotten inadvertent swats but not full force. Ouchie, that teaches a naughty boy not to wiggle around so much. 🤭
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