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  1. I largely agree. I wouldn't put it quite as strongly as you did but yes, my fixation is on the drama of punishment. I'm particularly interested in spankings that are rituals for the expression of strong emotions prompted by the infliction of moderate pain. I'm all about the emotional distress especially so if it's out of proportion to the severity of the spanking. Big yes right here, but it's also where we fall a little out of step. While a good cry after a spanking is great, I don't think it outranks someone making a fool of themselves over the knee, bawling away, bare bottom bouncing, all too aware what a spectacle they are making of themselves, perhaps while being not so gently reminded by their disciplinarian. The pain itself isn't of all that much interest, it isn't irrelevant but it is secondary. The smacks are especially important if they are effective in making the EE cry harder. It's also a nice show of dominance that the EE is physically accountable. But the delivery of a certain amount of pain, like X vs Y # of swats? Not of all that much interest. It's why I've never liked the idea of a fixed number of spanks. That puts the emphasis on the EE's butt instead of their head.
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