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  1. A footnote to my earlier entry. I was spanked as a child with my mother using a stick while my father had very strong hands. I learned early on where the line was because I had an older brother who never knew where the line was drawn and definitely received more spankings than I did. In fact if I remember correctly I was 7 when my father last spanked. The idea of adult spanking came as a result of the Chase & Sanborn Coffee advertisement and of course the lady's slip showing. I have had the slip fetish since I was 6 and the spanking with the slip showing came at the age of 7. Whenev
  2. For me it was the Chase & Sanborn Coffee Ad. Had a fetish for slips before seeing this ad in the August 11, 1952 edition of Life Magazine. With the ad showing the exposed woman's slip I began to associate adult spanking with the showing of slips and been aroused ever since. In my private time and places will wear a white lace-trimmed nylon tricot full slip and think I am that woman and place myself on a couple of pillows thinking this my husband's lap and he is spanking me like the woman in the add.
  3. The show, "I Love Lucy" featured several spanking scenes with the kitchen scene being most prominent. Desi Arnaz spanked his wife Lucille Ball for disobedience. In the television show, "Topper" Robert Sterling spanked his wife Ann Jefferies otk for an act committed against Topper portrayed by Leo G. Carrol. Finally, Jackie Cooper spanked Patricia Breslin otk in the television show, "People's Choice".
  4. I do believe it is how you view the spanking you are going to get compared to previous spankings. If the spankings in the past have been most painful, the anticipation of knowing you are about to be spanked will weigh heavily on your mind. And the fact is the anticipation may be far worse than the actual spanking you are about to get. On the other hand if previous spankings felt good even though painful and you derived some satisfaction from the spanking the anticipation of being spanked again may bring high expectations like a child waiting to open their Christmas presents on Christmas mor
  5. For me it is a woman's slip. Doesn't matter whether it is a half or full slip, the fact remains that the slip offers some dignity to an otherwise embarrassing situation.
  6. Adding to my previous message about the ideal spanking I meant to add that I would hope to feel and realize the excitement of not only feeling some physical pain as a result of my being spanked but also a sexual experience with my body against the soft and silky slip. I would hope that the sound of my being spanked would generate a sexual experience such as wetting my slip that some women I have chatted have wetted themselves the result of being spanked. I am now going to try and add the Chase & Sanborn Coffee advertisement that got me into slips and spankings.
  7. I couldn't agree with you more!
  8. My ideal way of being spanked would be that I be dressed in woman's slip and that I would be wearing a nylon or other soft material white lace-trimmed full slip with nothing on underneath (no panties or bra) and high heel shoes. My slip would be of such length that the hem would extend to my knees. I would then be turned over the knee of a man seated in a chair similar to the chair in the Chase & Sanborn Coffee advertisement. He would spank me with his hand. To add excitement to the spanking I would be spanked in front of a mirror that would show me being spanked being spanked. In a
  9. My fascination and interest in spankings and slips since I have a slip fetish started with the Chase & Sanborn Coffee Ad in an August 1952 edition of Life Magazine. If you are familiar with the ad, you remember that it is a picture of a husband spanking his wife otk for not purchasing fresh ground coffee. The picture is taken from the back of the chair the husband is sitting in and you can see the husband's hand raised to place a spank on his wife's bottom. Looking to the right you can see the wife's petticoat appearing from the bottom of her dress. I have often whether the husband ha
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