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  1. I'm really bad at drinking enough water and getting proper nutrients so my sir is having me slowly increase my amounts over time. Right now the rule is 3 cups of water a day (when I used to forget to drink more than one) and 2 servings of fruits and vegetables (when I used to have 0) so its nothing extremely right now because he knows me well and knows that if he came right out with "drink 8 cups and get 6 servings" I would fail and the goal is to help me, not to fail. I've been doing good so far wo I'm jit sure how he would punish me if I broke these rules.
  2. What paddles do you reccomend for new Spankees and Spankers? Links to items or item descriptions appreciated Bonus points if the paddle can be used otk
  3. Personally, my sir has requested that I do not self spank. And I don't mind, honestly. Since he is my spanker, that power lays with him. Though we have open communication and he values my opinion, it is ultimately his decision, choice, pleasure (whatever you want to call it for whatever scenario) and by self spanking, I would feel like I'm taking that away from him or that it wouldn't be right. I have a spanker so I don't need or want to self spank. I understand why other's might want to and that's their. choice. Even when I wasn't with Scooter, and I used to self spank it never quite "hit the
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