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  1. They don't work for that. Really. It actually has an opposite effect. Guilt they can. Some connect it with caring-they can say they know it's not but maybe...most likely if it's not just about sex then emotional issues. Serious,complex emotional issues. That probably wasn't much help. I thought I had more...
  2. I wouldn't have. You're going to fuck up in the future anyway. If he found out by idk hackering your Facebook then...its a win/win anyhow no?
  3. 5000 people (I think more) and you know some definitely know you-well too because an ex holla on that because you were a sub on a livestream because. Oh that happened. I'm sorry I did but I can't say I wouldn't do it again. My cat will still love me.
  4. Why does everyone think that the girls have all thier shit together all of a sudden? We don't. Don't dump this mess I mean I'll hide. My kitty,my friend will come,Playstation-my Sister and Love would stay and try but they would regardless of sex. I mean I guess this isn't cool to say and yes there are the best and Brightest people that maybe wouldn't have gotten a chance in 1955 but really AOC or whoever you're thinking of is not represenitive of this side. Think the "Cash me owsi how bout dat" girl (Bahd Barbie) The Karens,a lot of Reis (Evangelion) which are clones with a soul but they cant
  5. Isn't that the point even if it's a punishment as if that isn't going to affect I'm just going to say anyone who is not a child. Because me or someone I know will be asked why at 16 you would let that happen more than once. A lot of times it doesn't start until-well it's usually a girl and Women and Men will both do it though that may be a cultural thing but I doubt it.
  6. The Exploding Hearts Guitar Romantic I crushed on them so hard. Their van flipped on the highway going to a show killing 3 instantly. One lived. Not a scratch. He never got his shit back together. The Single would have been Sleeping Aides and Razor Blades. Or Shattered. They make Significant Others irrationally jealous even though they are dead. Actually probably more because they are. You can't compete with dead. They're on YT.
  7. This question/topic is...I mean I guess I could say 90% of them since it didn't happen unless it would be or it was made to be. The actual spanking would be the least embarrassing part. Someone I wish there was a poll asking something like even though you really like/love/need it should it have happened and how do you feel about the person responsible now? I'd do it but I couldn't word it right. I rarely reread my posts ever because I cringe. And it can take so long. I'm told because of ignored learning disabilities (sounds like a lie) and I type things like I talk-like I'm not thinking
  8. I was trying to make a post but couldn't figure it out and I can't stop with the devices and I'm upset and this is going to be taken away. I dont want to be shaking and scared but my Sister left I thought I'd be leaving with her and when I started following "REALLY?" I wouldn't want me around. I am going to pieces without this phone with 50 tabs open. Though not much is going on just be quiet. Oh I m trading the phone for the game? Just do something something actually like watching the game. Tried to play? LoL lol. If my acct not deleted I'll post sorry for the trainwreck
  9. That's not really submissive though. Anyway what I have to say shouldn't be considered.
  10. Just about always something on. Not much and not age appropriate. Like "Nobody wears that irl!" Then you are being told to.
  11. There's no point without it. Its vanilla foreplay without it. You degrade yourself more than anyone else will though. Well I'm speaking for myself.
  12. Blondies Greatest Hits because they have great singles but boring albums. She looks great on Plastic Letters. Music that everyone loves but it maybe scares them. Things are things and I'm obsessively playing Resident Evil while being stared at. I cant talk without sounding all scared. Actually I stopped playing the game and I'm laying my head down trying to be normal not make them worry. I want to make thing ok but I can't do that. It's not fair but the one that is angriest will have to. Regret by New Order is on. I was listening to Death Grips? No Death Grips. Charles Manson talks abo
  13. No. You can give me one but I would never use it.
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