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  1. Yes. Just not the best one?
  2. Stop because I'm crying? Sometimes I will start crying some well before the start. My name will be called out in a certain way and I start tearing up. Most times I have to be dressed a certain way. If I start to actually cry noticeably I get told that I'm to be helped. Very nicely in question form that I ALWAYS agree to. Like "Would you like it if I stay with you?" I'll say yes k some weird way or just nod. Maybe I'll put on what's expected or maybe I'll just give up and cry. I'll hear "What do you need from me Lita? You know you need to ask not hide under your bangs." Still nice. Last time I just said "I kinda need you to do,well,everything? Please don't get mad..." WTF? "That's fine Lita. So you'll listen and not make things hard? Don't answer. You almost always do." Though once in a while I must look really upset. I'll get looked at with a concern and be asked to please listen though I'm just asked to drink water or a real drink and take a Xanax. She hates those meds but I was put on them very young so now I need them. If you stop and go through the whole body withdrawal you're never exactly good. Unpredictable behavior, poor impulse control, like that. I hate taking them in front of people especially Her. Anyway she makes sure I'm comfortable and lays down with me. Either we"ll have sex until I fall asleep or I cry to sleep then wake up and have sex. Even then it's still good in a shitty way. She had a hard time with it at first since She's the responsible one so isn't supposed to enjoy that but really how could she not? I'll do pretty much do anything she wants or needs because yeah I love her. I'm also completely dependent on Her. Or let myself be which is what both of us really REALLY want and need at times. Mostly when I cry it's just something I like to do. I feel better. But times when I'm like that-I've never done that unit fairly recently. She knows this kind of thing so I asked her once while doing it why? Why am I doing this? She said "Because you're all fucked up." Later on she said she was waiting for me to ask that. She was never angry I never thought that. She had to say it in a way I'd understand. That's not how she talks. She has her issues too but she can post them herself if she hasn't already.
  3. Best thread Title on this site. I would start one with "I tried to but I can't help it!" if it would stay right below it always.
  4. Best ones are the ones where strippers/callgirls get their gear. They'll sell a lot of things that you wouldn't expect. It's like one stop shop idea for sex workers. Specialty wear stage and home mixed with a Dollar General. Once you get used wearing that style you tend to prefer because it's easy,comfortable,and not much money. Really all people do is put on tights,maybe trade a skirt for a 2X hoodie or t-shirt. People that own or work there are honest about what works for you and what doesn't while giving you real help. If they have clear acrylic high heel platforms (cheating!) in the window display you found it. Most of the time they don't even have as much as a web presence but never go out of business.
  5. Not enough money for more than an insinuation though. If they were attracted to each other and it's the only shoot they got that day maybe a heavy one.
  6. The best looking are going to get paid. The oddball "They're hot but I don't know why" types that work for this niche. Professional amateurs. Did Teen Jessica start it? She started in the 90s I think. Costs more to make it look low budget. But the lighting is right always in focus,filters that don't get dated after 2 years are more money than most people think,and the girls and F/f is the majority by a lot are high without being fucked up. And virtually all of the "'Teens" though there's a few but are awkward and cringe-are high. Smoke meth with a Xanax chaser mostly.Incest sub niche gets admitted to more each year. So they look for actual cases,give scripted in house interviews and try to marry out. It's an actual thing that girls are into,seldom is actual sex required cuz WAS consent given freely or under duress? A place for former girls who can make OK money and get a following. Jessica is well past 30 but turned up at an anime con I was at as just a person. She was well recognized. This is all freind of a friend information though so yeah.
  7. I can count the number of times I've worn jeans in my life on one hand. I tried some on right before Covid and they were uncomfortable. I was with my friend,she said they looked good but no. Took a picture though. Also they were 100 dollars! I'm wear disposable clothes or things I HAVE to wear.
  8. More like I kinda like the bad feeling walking by those people. Some people really do think about it since on the some days I can look 15. A nice 15. Other days I look like a cat clean 17 year old that got thrown away at 15 which people are not supposed to like. I NEVER get bothered about dress codes anywhere I go. I guess you need one.
  9. I do that during everything else. Being spanked I whine and cry but actually do as I'm told. Of course I do. It doesn't matter at that point.
  10. I love when that happens. Ssy the right combination of words and I'll do anything.
  11. Yeah. Mine did me and look at me now. I mean I'm easy to look at I think. After that it's OK to not be OK.
  12. None. I kinda like the neighbors to know. They must like it too-never had a complaint. Though no one cared in the hoods I've lived in. When the owner is scared of his own building then...
  13. I'm pretty sure I would have ended up a basic bitch with a body count higher than Nanking.
  14. I'm younger and never married. If it wasn't I'll say DD since the thread is named that I wasn't gonna commit. I started having sex pretty young though I'm not sure if I'm into Males or Females more,looks definitely count but it's not what most would consider the best looking-like models. I'm supposed to be attractive,when I was young someone decided that I was going to be,had work done,eating disorder,learned to looksmax and I never thought I was done so attention was some sort of proof. And I got to be called a slut too. Of course I burnt out,things happened,early start made Vanilla sex boring quick and the internet backs you on any curiosity you've ever had,did cam girl for just cuz. My first LTR came after when the people I thought didn't care enough really didn't know. Realize that you are shit as a person (actually taught to be one but that took a minute) and no one deserves to be stuck with you. I met someone my age and started to pick up on what they like and actually talked to them instead of figuring out a way to get what you want and actually last 6 months when considering my age and never with the same person over a week feel better. Didn't even break up so much as both of us moved on-I didn't even have a replacement hired. I still talk to that person. I would have probably ended up an escort or made content. I didn't need money it just seemed inevitable. Also when people start telling me how great I am I start asking what they're getting paid to tell me that. I'm not that great. Every person who I've been with for any real length of time has had the chance to hurt me REALLY bad-I don't have safewords because it ruins things and yes they got it but were also concerned. Not that everyone into this is so kind. It just made things worth taking seriously. I feel more comfortable I guess.
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