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  1. Lita

    How many States?

    The whole East and West Coast including Vancouver. Also Chicago. But the wildest and most banged up I've ever gotten was in Tokyo. Don't believe that Tokyo is some sort of Utopia. It's an international city of 12 million documented residents that's on a small Island so everything can be brought in. Organized Crime and the Government are often indistinguishable and there's a Caste System. I am U.S. born and part White but my Family is Japanese (my Sister and Father are Blood related). Things were never great between me and my Stepmother and I put up with it at home but it went to far on a trip there. I ran off (threw away my cash card after withdrawing all the cash I could until I couldn't get it turned on by phone-Rule #1 in not being found),went to the Shinjuku and mostly stayed up sleeping in internet cafes and using burner phones. My Father was able to kinda keep track but it was my older Sister that found me,didn't judge me,and stayed with me and brought me home. She knew things weren't great for me but that's when she started realizing how bad it was sometimes. The low crime rates are from not arresting people for petty self destructive crimes that aren't done outside certain designated areas. Also you have to be Japanese or real close to one. A half Japanese U.S. born 16 year old girl will always get a pass. I also look lkinda ike Tomoko which was a popular show at the time and wasn't naive which was a surprise. The most shocking thing to me was realizing my Sister had a sex life-she was like a Saint to me or something but when looking out for me she had to blend in. The first time I saw her drink and do illicit substances I was angry. Then she met someone in a club and brought them to the hotel. WTF? I had given her a hard time to the point of try to steal her date. They were pretty understanding,I knew I was wrong but didn't like it until she said that it was her job to help me and kinda just was finding out and I had enough harmful people and I only looked up to her so she kept a lot from me. The guy was nice. My Sister is very smart and he was too. He was there because work I guess and she was there making sure I didn't OD in a bathroom. My Parents had been gone for a week and besides kidnapping me I wasn't going. She lived with me like that for almost 3 months.
  2. I will go days eating just Gummi Bears.
  3. Lita

    Not my style !

    My friend works at Forever 21. I guess that certain fic actually does happen occasionally.
  4. Asians use it for Love You. Mostly girls who are into White Guys though not exclusively. I've never seen it used used racially so that is probably internet. LOVE YOU is my answer.
  5. Do Video Games,Pinball,Pool,Billiards,and Slide Bowling count? If not then aroebics and swimming I guess though not for the most healthy reasons.
  6. I'm part Asian so creamy and sweet. I get the actual imported cans and my Partner thinks it's disgusting. My smoking habit too. I smoke Mild Sevens mostly so you can guess what half of me is.
  7. Scene seems exclusionary and I don't like it either. Play I like but I like playing. Though it's not the first time I've heard people not liking "play" and they are all doms. I think it's because it takes the sting out of something like "Age-Regression". That sounds coercive while "Play" sounds consensual. I get why some wouldn't care for it though I prefer it.
  8. For a lot. Me and my Partner most definitely. I was ignored and got by because of Family money and looks (plastic surgery at 15-not major but unessacary. 3 procedures by 17 and an eating disorder) with an Alpha Overachiever who was pressured into being THE BEST. I can't put it right and I'm better than I was. My S.O. who has a well off Family has and is excelling but forsook big money and notoriety to work with the Losers (like me) who because of abuse,poverty,and other things beyond their control fall through cracks or get exploited. Her Family weren't so happy but now-especially during the pandemic-is very respected. Sorry for going a long way to say that I was raised to be a pretty teenager for life while they were fully grown at 16. We are the same age and younger than most here and for looks we are each others type. The ageplay just started happening and was went with. Other relationships it was there too. One thing is that our friends get along but there's a noticeable difference. One time a couple of my friends and a couple of hers were all over but not really together and one of them said "Why do I feel like a fucking babysitter right now?-Because we are would YOU leave them unsupervised right now?" It was a joke but me and another got embarrassed. My other friend is more like the "older" ones and laughed. I remember it being a nice night. We all fell asleep on the sectional couch. Anyway I may fall on the extreme end of things but for a lot of people it's Ageplay because of working through trauma and being different. .
  9. I'm from the area and though there isn't much in organized events it's pretty mainstream actually. The problem (I've been told) Is that it's a big small city and outside the Metro Boston area it can be awkward. My Partner is very private but a lot of people know. The field she's in isn't judgemental but I've been with people who wouldn't get involved with me because of the power dynamic? Not an age issue but it might be thought that I was being taken advantage of because "Social Reasons". I'm uneducated and have some issues true but know what consent is. If you're a natural outsider and used to it then it's different. Also looks and personality count for a lot. IMO for a place that claims to be so DIVERSE it can be judgmental Niche Escorts do well and work out of Worcester and Providence. Vivid Entertainment started in Boston I guess but moved to RI despite taxes because reasons. IDK where they are now but they recruit here a lot. Hypocritical because I found this out when I was an underage Dancer (by choice and didn't need money.) I guess you have to own it or move unless you can find a "Equal".
  10. I don't know how to answer. I've gotten a little bruising and was surprised because I didn't think it was that severe. Other times it hurt so much to me but I had just gotten spanked by hand and after it stopped hurting kinda quickly and I was red but not really that much. Also it hurts more if others are watching.
  11. It's been so long since I have posted one of these and I don't want to! I even said I'd get another spanking which was a choice before in place of this. Miss put her arm around my waist,took off my slipper,then spanked me while telling me how cute my blue pajamas were and stopped right when I would have done "it" (so embarrassing). The choice was now get dressed for School or stack some pillows for the belt and something else that I can't even say! And I am sore already. Anyway this came about after I said Missy's friend had a fat ass because she kept teasing me about what I was wearing. I said a few other things also. And I was already getting punished for childish behavior and disrespect so I'm sitting on a wooden chair sore,fidgeting,and doing homework. I tried acting like "that" but am blushing. This isn't going to be very good. This went from being caught using a plush animal to be bad and then rolling my eyes. It would have been over with after pleasing Miss but she got jealous after having me look like a tease-I didn't look my age at all. Really it was just having fun and games. Miss was being a little rough and strict but we were enjoying it though she had said something about my recent attitude. Then I disrespected her friend who just smiled, kissed me on the top of my head,and gave me a solid CRACK on my behind. She said "I know you don't use canes and such (she would in a second) and you ARE imaginative but she flirts out of a LOT." She left without me apologizing and I was being spanked HARD. After a short time (?) I was put into different panties,posed,spanked HARD,and again. Mostly cute things but some of my old stripper gear and a few things that were a surprise. Also it was being recorded (not to be released). Of course I would have been happy to do this but Miss likes using it as a real punishment though I can see why. Then I was told I been acting like a "shitty Little Sister or something" and "I need a Big Sister or Sitter-someone in charge". Of course she is perfect for the job. A Roleplay Punishment? When I addressed her as Miss I was told to use her name. I wonder if She's been lonely like me lately. No one's fault-its because VIRUS. She works in a big city Hospital with the most vulnerable people. I've been volunteering delivering groceries. There's no way I could volunteer where She is-not fair to her. This is like a P.S. After I gave the assignment I realized that we hadn't really kissed for real for a long time so I did. Said Love You. Then tried my best to look good for her while typing this. I'm gonna go to her now.
  12. Sometimes so much I freeze up-cant talk,move,I can only fidget a little. Sometimes I'll do this kind of sob and breathe HEAVY! Though if that happens then I'll get a Wellness Check and whatever was going to happen will be called off even if I come around and beg. Which I think I get because that's not really how I am. I either obey or be led and at least pout. If I look in distress or maybe having a sort of flashback then Miss treats it very serious. I'll say that it's obvious that I'm close but "You got like that before too right?" I've even gotten mad and been held and cried myself asleep. Miss is in the Medical Field and knows a lot of people. I wonder what she even sees in me.
  13. And there goes the Challenger, being chased by the blue, blue meanies on wheels. The vicious traffic squad cars are after our lone driver, the last American hero, the electric centaur, the, the demi-god, the super driver of the golden west! Two nasty Nazi cars are close behind the beautiful lone driver. The police numbers are gettin' closer, closer, closer to our soul hero, in his soul mobile, yeah baby! They about to strike. They gonna get him. Smash him. Rape... the last beautiful free soul on this planet. But, it is written: "If the evil spirit arms the tiger with claws, Brahman provided wings for the dove." Thus spake the super guru. I don't think I have a favorite quote. "And people in Hell want ice water"? "Fuck You"? But I saw this movie the first time a LONG LONG time ago. Maybe 6?This and a John Woo movie The Killer are the first movies adult movies I remember seeing and understanding. The Killer has the showdown in the Church and is straight forward. Vanishing Point they tell you how it's going to end in the first 5 minutes. So you watch this guy driving to his death (over and over? The black car going the other way is the car Kowalski is dropping off IMO) and everyone knows it because no one is trying to stop it. It's extreme but a helicopter can push down on a car to stop it. Tires. Shoot the engine. Chase him into the desert until he's out of fuel. Whatever. I've had so many copies of this movie. I've bought 0. Only a couple of people have gave me one. It just turns up. Always in a solid format. "I tried to watch this movie by myself SO many times and couldn't get through. But if YOU'RE watching it I can and LOVE it. Then one night you weren't around and no one could find you/I thought you were gone for good/some other bad thing involving you and I got it. It's one of my favorite movies now. And I hate it."-Paraphrase of everyone I've ever been close too in my life.
  14. Silly phrases that make me blush-"SOMEONE needs to be turned up!',being told that you look so cute like this,but worst is being tounge tied and freezing up because of intensity of feelings and being told "Aww you need help,don't you?"
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