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  1. Thanks again. Apparently, the mysterious imperfections that elude us laymen have been corrected. I am keeping both versions. One day, I hope to compare and contrast, out of curiosity, to see what it is that irked the creator. The unmask of being a "Little" explained a bit and led me to browse the Little subreddit, quite a busy rabbit borough there. So many subcultures are being developed nowadays! It is an interesting time to be alive.
  2. St.George


  3. I performed an experiment on one image in your gallery. Logged in as St. George on Firefox, I navigated to a pic, viewed the source code and determined the actual direct url to the picture. Then I copied and pasted that into Chrome, not logged in as anyone, and was able to view the picture itself directly. That tells me that the images can be used elsewhere on the Internet while being hosted here; you could be hosting for other sites. However, it seems like your gallery is locked to registered users only (good!) so that may protect it from browsing and indexing by bots, but anything accessible to guests is accessible to bots and can get picked up on Google Image Search and other places. Also wondering what kind of caching you have in place. Wordpress has an add-on baked in that can cache images and so on. Caching seems to help although it does add complexity. The other thing is I wonder how often the site updates every forum page. It seems to have to pause and think things over with every click in the forum, like it is rebuilding the page all over again based on any updates made by users in the last second. Seems to me an update every five minutes would be sufficient. The board is active but not crazy active. Other thing I would wonder about is how much bot activity is going on, whether the problem is really a lot of users or rather a lot of bots hammering the forum. Unregistered users (and bots) should hit a fairly sparse brick wall with next to zero processing required of the forum software. The cost to cpu and i/o for an unregistered user should be extremely close to zero, think handwritten html page.
  4. Of course you are in Ireland (wink) 😎
  5. I think your instincts are right, go with them, and Chawsee is right, too. Moreover, particularly if you are an important political asset and not just a minor player... practice op sec (operational security). Use https (SSL) when accessing sites like this, as well as a robust VPN, and that better not be your mug on your profile pic. Even with all that, you are leaving breadcrumbs that might perk the interest of someone, tidbits like "political activist," "Conservative," "Ireland," and your age, sex. You know, Ireland is not that big. It has gotten second nature to me to just omit a lot of personally identifiable information (PII). This site would be particularly dangerous if you neglect to do that, because it does not allow deleting any of your own messages. This thing is not a really big deal in my opinion, but in politics, people are apparently not supposed to have sex at all or do anything remotely sexual, including spanking or anything that is a fetish, except within the confines of marriage. Anything that takes more than 30 seconds to explain, you have already lost, no one will listen.
  6. Have not really noticed any gay UK spankos on this particular forum but I am not super active. There's a gay spanko erotica site with high UK participation.
  7. Near Decatur is an interesting club called 1763. It seems impossible you don't know about this, but if it is news, perhaps this will assist you.
  8. Could just be the host... rather than the site's forum software I am guessing this site uses cheap shared hosting on a server with many, many other sites. To save money. Because ain't nobody paying for this except admin, is the usual scenario. The host detects lots of hits from different users all over, and opts to slow things down to share cpu, i/o and network bandwidth with the other sites and be fair.
  9. The site is looking spiffy since last time I dropped in Nice redesign
  10. Nice! I hadn't noticed anything amiss in the old version, but expect things to be improved in unexpected ways nonetheless with this surprise edit. Have not had time to digest the new work yet so have no reaction other than anticipation. A new web site, interesting. It looks good! The bio is cool. Never heard of byethost before and had to look that up.
  11. St.George


    I find myself drifting further away from my spanko nature. The main problem, as I see it, with being a spanko is the scarcity of potential partners. I just don't perceive it as a widespread or prevalent practice, and it is held in low repute to say the least, else why are we all here anonymous, hm? Being a magician, I hold that almost all things are subject to control in accordance with Will. Perhaps it is not possible to go without eating and drinking, say, but I do not yet know what the hard and fast limits really are in regards to Will, have not encountered absolute limits so far but then I haven't pushed it. I cut out alcohol after a lifetime of recreational drinking because I felt disgust, and feel a hint of the same. What I really want is just a close, romantic and erotic relationship with a like-minded lady and I do not want anything like a kink or anything else of a sexual nature to come between us in any way. I may keep an open mind before making a final decision though, much depends on a potential partner, as it can't be denied some women like a bit of heat. I will just have to see about all of that. Along with this new seed of determination comes a similar rejection of pornography as a means to an end. I want to see about performing with a partner and see how that works out for me. Based on the positive interactions with several women on dates, it seems to me very possible that one will eventually give me a shot. So far I have not chosen one that chose me, and the ones I have chosen have rejected me. It is a common dilemma, the ones you want don't want you back, the ones you don't want are all over you. I want to put pornography on the shelf. I am not sure I agree with those that hold it to be a bad thing, I don't think that is true. Pornography provides solace for millions that have no partner, a quite common fate in this world among women and men, no matter how young and attractive they may be, I have learned from online forums that all kinds of people you would not suspect live sexually barren lives for one reason or another. I guess I am getting ambitious and thinking that my journey of self-improvement is on the verge of bearing fruit yet again, this time in a real life partner, this time in heterosexual intercourse. I just find the possibility endlessly fascinating and novel in every way, more for me to learn about and study. I want to learn all there is about my partner. I do have mixed feelings over spanking as do many of us. It cannot be the ideal by any means and perhaps its eventual extinction is inevitable in the future. I felt the same way about things like anal sex, surely that cannot be the ideal. When I think of the ideal, the image conjured up is one of aesthetically pleasing beauty, love and joy, not something that would produce unpleasant sights, smells and feelings. There are things in the human psyche that are relics, not seeds of what will come in future man, but relics of primitive man, the base animal, our ancestors. I seek Purity.
  12. I never got into RL EE, and only have a little experience as ER (gay). Also never had a sex addiction. There is so much porn available, even for free, so that exists as an alternative for you if you wish to break free of horrible human beings/demons. I thank God my home and life are free of demons. I did have a mild addiction to alcohol and to pot at one time in my life but banished both forever many years ago and am completely sober and, as I told one lady, incorruptible. All the ladies I've dated have been drinkers for the most part. Apparently it is considered cool and hip nowdays to invite Sir Hosis to the party. Every other female profile, at least 50%, depicts the female holding a wine or liquor glass. Isn't Sir Hosis a dashing, glamorous knight?
  13. I'm late to this party (as usual) but will offer my 2 cents. This whole thread underlines why I don't even bother looking for ERs, because the market expects the man to pay and f- dat. Also I have read a lot on this forum about negative treatment of male EEs and f- dat. I am logical and analytical by nature and can imagine myself typing out a message like yours and pointing out specific reasons you feel "paranoia", and then a bunch of folks here dissecting those reasons and offering different interpretations based not on your woman but on women they have known in their lives. As I grew older I learned to trust my intuition, b/c it is always right. Understand it does not really matter what reasons you mention. If you feel this way then that is enough reason. There may be things you do not know about but you do not have to know them. Wishful thinking/false hope is the mother of delusion. Radix malorum est cupiditas, money is the root of all evil.
  14. If I had a vagina I'd consider DaChief. Like the man says, he's got a rep here. He can type a cohesive reply, has a functional brain. Has left some funny comments--I recall a convo in the forum about spanking straight guy butts and encountering, shall we say, lack of hygiene. πŸ˜‚ Reminded me of the time I spanked a guy's butt only to find he had a damn butt beard, I mean 6 inches long, all the way around, it was a turn-off. I told him to shave next time but it was too hard for him to reach. I said find a butt barber. I agree munches and real life is the better way to go, more efficient. Never done it myself but have been interested. My fear is it would prove a sausage fest without many women of the attractive variety. Facebook groups, fetlife etc. have provided a glimpse to inform my expectations. As for ads, sure why not, what is there to lose? I don't really know what the odds are there, probably not great is my guess. Hope springs eternal in the human breast. One further thought I'd mention is, instead of treating spanking as some kind of b.s. business transaction, as though women are looking for a massage of the impact variety, treat it as it is, dropping the pretense of therapy. Spanking has a potent sexual dimension; so drop an ad like a personal ad on a matchmaker site. Do you really want a LTR with a spanko female? If that's what you really want, say so, lay your cards on the table, betcha there are women that want that too! Do you want just spanking, not sex? Mention that too. If I were female, I'd be looking for LTR with a single partner, preferably life-long, and so you better approach this as you would any vanilla relationship. Give height/weight/smoking/drinking/religion/politics/hobbies/job and all that stuff you guys think is unimportant. Because you're offering a sexless business transaction, you're a free impactful massage therapist... 😁that happens to lay your palm on a naked butt with her vagina just a twitch of the finger away. I mean get real, there's something there, so an ad is an ad for a relationship, and this becomes spanko Match dot com. Definitely a classier joint than fetlife, I will say that.
  15. No one knows about the private messages though. 😁 Lack of a public reply is some indication but not conclusive. This makes a lot of sense to me. I would add that someone posting an ad should have a substantial profile on this forum and/or gallery pictures. Men: surely it is not difficult to imagine yourself in the mind of a female spankee, browsing ads written by males. What is on your mind, female spankee? First thing is, she wants a substantial ad that actually says something about what you're into, your philosophy of spanking, also general location, don't have to be too specific there but if you're a hundred miles away, that's a problem. Age--again, in general, not necessarily precise--height, weight, race, experience in this role, whether you can host or where you plan to rendez-vous, marriage status and what the wife thinks about things... you should be posting about a page-length ad, anything less than a page you can forget it. If you leave blanks, the unknowns get filled in by the reader, but not in a positive way. Are you some bald overweight gross looking dude or do you keep fit. I mean, get real, these things come to mind. If you aren't posting a pic, understandable, but anyway how do you look, describe in words then. If you're a disgusting slob then that is not too appealing to the spankee. Second thing is, you better have some kind of substantial profile on this profile here, if you are fly-by-night just popped in with a reputation of 2 then that is not too comforting, again a lot of unknowns about you, your personality, opinions, preferences etc. should be out there somewhere. Mysterious and unknown just doesn't work, there has to be some kind of meeting of the minds before there can be meeting of the behinds πŸ€ͺπŸ€£πŸ˜‚ That should help although all this should also be obvious. 🀨 I have not posted any ads 🀣 but these are the type things that would cross my mind if I did.
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