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  1. I am at a point in my life when I take stock of how I've spent the last half-century, and wow so much time devoted to not much other than animal needs, sleep, food, et cetera, not much to what I consider higher-order things like philosophy. So yeah, I'd like to modify the desire list and the need list too in order to maximize productivity 😆Understand, though, no longer would I be a human, I'd be a bot on a computer system or some organic creature as yet unmanifest. Maybe it gets nourishment from chlorophyll rather than our food. As for VR, yes I am interested in that too. As for VR spanki
  2. Just read the latest updates 72-77 and had some thoughts. My dad took lithium as well, it was the go-to tool in the toolbox for manic depression back in the day. Now they have other medications to choose from as well. My understanding is it eliminates the manic side. I do not know what it does for depression, as my Dad still got depressed and would stay in the bedroom all day long, sometimes for days at a time and cover floor by the door and the windows to let no light in. He had a light sensitivity that led to frequent migraine headaches. Mom told me many a time she'd leave Dad if it weren't
  3. What a great story this is, it just keeps getting better too. Here's hoping you continue through 2021!
  4. I am not offended. This is a spanko site after all. "Know where your feet are standing." When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Spankoland... Really it is no big deal, it is just the human body. My guess is, the individual posts a pic of his butt in hopes that someone might find it spankable and make contact. At fiftysomething, I have no such ambition, were I twentysomething the case might be different. As for the site not having porn, well I guess that is accurate based on how extreme and hardcore modern porn is, but for my tastes some of the pictures I have found on this site h
  5. Passion per se is a positive, for art, friendship, affection, God, science, beauty, truth, but sex comes from a deeper, primal part of the brain that just isn't having any of that intellectual stuff. People get married just because sex is good and then find out later, oh, I can't stand this person actually when we are not having sex. Sex isn't a good barometer for anything other than sex and it is just an end in itself. So once modification becomes an option, a lot of people will be like, yah, let's delete this thing, it is too expensive to maintain. Some people throughout history have made ra
  6. I am not talking about public perceptions of spanking, which are not favorable, but rather my own perception of it. It is this odd behavior that bubbles up from the unconscious for no logical reason, giving benefit to none, serving no purpose. So, how much better things might be if the sexual impulse was all one had to contend with. It is hard enough finding someone to go to bed with without the "Are you into spanking?" conversation. Then go one step further, and think about how much better things might be if you had no desire to go to bed with anyone in the first place, and simply live
  7. I get it being a spanko, but being objective, or playing ...Angel's Advocate, I would say the ideal is- no spanking, because it is violent and unnecessary and in the same ballpark as the person that beats up their lover, yet the lover refuses to press charges and keeps coming back for more and won't consider leaving. I view it as a relic from the childhood years, learnt behavior. An even purer ideal would be- no sex at all, because reproduction can occur in the laboratory, and we can devote our time to other pursuits and avoid drama. 😆Heresy, right?
  8. 1990. The gay bar’s dance floor was so dark, a fellow could scarcely see. I felt smart in my bright neon blue shirt and white pants, being among the youngest in a scene that prized youth. Younger still was my nineteen year-old boyfriend. After dancing through seven songs, the two of us had retired to folding chairs set up on a wooden platform on the dance floor, me sitting behind him and with my arms around him. Perched there like Bohemian kings, we attracted not a little attention. Surveying the crowd, I felt smug being college-aged and beautiful, knowing I could go home with anyone I so chos
  9. Staying at home is not an option for me, I must report to work. Also, I go to the grocery store, masked, and for walks, unmasked. The only thing changed is I no longer attend church, because mine is video-only, which does not appeal to me. Instead I practice ritual at home. It is highly unlikely a lockdown would be ordered in my area, but surely I would follow it rather than be arrested. Without compulsion, I would continue to do as above, work, walk, and go to the grocery store.
  10. Around 50, life's nifty. You're still a young-un. Being a magnet may have to do with the kind of energy you exude. There may be something enticing others sense, that they want. Also, there are some desperate, sorry souls out there in Internet land. The bar is low for admittance to this little enclave, you just need a phone. Some folk have no idea how getting to know people works, they just know what they want. Ultimately though you have effective processes for curtailing nefarious schemes early on, if indeed they are nefarious and not merely clueless. Be tough!
  11. I encountered lots o' creep-o's in my day, until I got numerological protection, that is, I got so old that the creep-o's aren't interested in me anymore. 😄 One of the subtle advantages to aging. There's also senior discount day at the grocery store--not quite there yet, looking forward to it. I never bothered with outing a creep-o, because it would have compromised me too, or else I figured that common sense would protect others just as it protected me. Look to the horse. If something does not make horse sense then it is likely non-sense. 🙂 I reckon it is a good idea to out the
  12. Looking outside myself into the outside world, there are plenty of things to stress out about. 1. Climate change 2. Nuclear war 3. Economic collapse 4. China 5. Russia 6. Jobs or lack thereof 7. College education and its ineffectiveness 8. Racial relations 9. Incivility in the public sphere and on the Internet 10. Random shootings/random violence, single young men running amok with firearms or edged weapons 11. Pollution in the environment and in the food chain and water supply I mean the list goes on and on. I thought I would write u
  13. I believe in God and do pray, but do not do so around any sex or spanking, at this time. However S/M does open the door to mystical experience and can be used for that purpose. There are many examples in history of Saints, etc. achieving sublime states and spiritual ecstasy and communion with disembodied spirits through this means.
  14. The site is consistently fast in my experience. Used to be all kind of delays, now, smooth sailing! And the buttons are back. I'm not running Lizard and they look OK.
  15. Read my post below on dallasspankshard. For not much more than $30 you become a member and can download like a terabyte of killer ass spanko videos. What a bargain. It does not make sense to be honest, if you buy the individual videos they are $50 a pop. Unless you are dirt poor without a nickel to your name, I would suggest ponying up $30 for a one month membership. There are plenty of free sites but they suck up tons of time. You have to sit around clicking all day just to get a few crummy clips here and there. They make money off ad revenue so you better be protected against malwa
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