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  1. Here's a clip of "Beatrice," a hubot, not a human, from s02e03 of Sweden's "Real Humans." I thought to myself, wow, Beatrice has a spankable butt! Then I thought, hand-spanking through those armor-like jeans would hurt the spanker, especially if you have arthritis 😆 Then I reflected, what if Beatrice is one of these spanko hubots who are in it for the therapy angle? Maybe Beatrice the hubot wants to keep her jeans on to keep the spanking non-sexual, make sure the spanker doesn't get fresh. Spanking Needs has really opened my mind to this new frontier in spankoland that I never expected existed. In that case, only a paddle or belt would do for this hubot, applied judiciously with moderation to achieve therapeutic results, of course.
  2. My older brother got the belt, but by the time I was old enough, my Dad had liberalized to where he didn't think the belt was right anymore. However I still got plenty otk spanking. One of the reasons I like Rude Rumps autobiographical comic is that my experience was much like hers insofar at least as spanking is concerned, in the childhood phase that is. I recall bratting, looking up the definition of spanking in various dictionaries, going to the library only to find spanking references and preferably descriptions thereof, self-spanking, comic-collecting spanking scenes, drawing, asking friends about their experiences, bringing the subject up in conversation "innocently". Big brother did NOT like spanking, giving or receiving, and made it clear at one point he thought it was weird to like it, so after that I kept my opinions and preferences to myself. He is 100% straight vanilla as far as I know.
  3. Sounds like fun to me, thank you for describing what I can only experience vicariously. I think we all appreciate your candor and openness as shown by the many like's you received. Maybe you are more affluent than me, but I'd have a problem with the cost, I even fret over what I paid for the two massages I bought earlier this year. One was $120 + $20 tip for one hour full body followed by one hour foot massage at my favorite Asian parlor. The lady was thin, not too big typical Asian woman, it is amazing the strength in her though. She was quite proper, not like the first one that was heftier and took bold liberties on both sides, which I liked. Two hours was too long and got tedious for both of us. Being thin, she lacked stamina, big time, and I could tell she was tired after the first hour and needed a break, but she kept going, and I felt like the first hour was enough for me. Also it is a lot of money when you think about it, I can live without it. As for spanking, I can't imagine paying for it, if someone does not want to do it then I would rely on my current method which is porn (dallasspankshard is a good web site for that) and spanking literature, both reading and writing.
  4. Thank you for the reply. I do believe in God, however not in an afterlife. I don't think I'm quite important enough to preserve in any way. It seems to me that God's plan is evident, we can observe it here. Heaven would, of course, be the more desirable outcome. I was raised not to believe in Hell, and since I don't believe in an afterlife, don't believe in Hell either. But you know, we'd better not get into theology too much, it will be off-topic. I don't mind if you want to rhyme-reply and disagree or take a different point of view, but I reckon you'd have to insert the word "spank" in there sooner or later. 😄
  5. Through twenty-six, had suitors woo, One of the not so good got through. A bit o’ spanking here and there, Lots o’ scares with AIDS everywhere. Somehow survived for what it’s worth, Maybe not much? say I half in mirth. But I feel blest to still be on this earth. Blest that I the plague outlast, Blest that haters didn’t end me, Blest I didn’t end myself, And kept in hearty health. Kicked the bottle, put down the bong, And with fellow man learnt to get along. I may pick up the bong when I go gray, And have no job to occupy my day, But booze and I are quits, I say. Spent like an easy dollar my day in the Sun, But banked good times along with bad, And despite my winding ways, Did harm to none in all my days. I doubt Judgment and Reckoning pass upon us, No more than the wallowing hippopotamus. We’re primitive animals pretty much or seem like such. Judgment would be for a Being that knows a thing or two Not knowing squat’s our lot, sad but true. The Prophets of Old judged their fellow apes lame And presumed Great God’d do the same, All ‘cause they wanted to spank tails! Why not do indulge, tattle-tales? Then come back to Scripture-writing minus the ‘tude, Having Ejaculated that spunky anger, Argh!-Ahurr! After reading naughty spanking literature. Let’s just say for kicks-- Just talking out my ass-- Eternal Judgment come to pass On my unworthy ass. Never thunk I’da flunk, I’m at least your average Joe, Saints are overrated, ya know. I’d get marked B-minus, Lectured against overemphasizing the penis, Scolded for lack of common sense, Spanked for ambivalence t’ward others, Not giving to charity, whatevers, Or some other fault, things that I shoulda Done but didn’t, dimly by me understooda. B-minus ain’t good enough for scholarship, But who gives a ship? Can’t get in with Cherubim by the Throne, But who gives a bone? My modest grades earn me a hovel in Heaven’s ghetto, where I hustle passing angelic gents. At least up in Heaven I know that I won’t be dealing with all the “F” students, those losers. At least I live in a decent region of the ethereal plane, better than the nine hells from what I’ve heard. May be a hovel, but it’s home for me.
  6. My motive is different on the rare occasion when I have self-spank. It is not at all about stress relief or relaxation. I also do not pre-decide a "sentence" to be carried out no matter what. I just use whatever is at hand, usually kitchen spatula works best, but I do give rulers a second look once in a while. My motive is simply to enhance a fantasy. I use the bare minimum to achieve my goal. The tingling lingers, so residual charge remains into the next day. I have not done this in about six months though. Usually I find that physical enactment is not really necessary. The spanking can take place entirely in imagination and be just as potent. Where physical spanking has an advantage is that the tingling endures, it is something one carries into the next several hours, takes to bed, wakes up with and walks around with the following day. Last time I remember walking around the office and feeling positive heat back there, in fact I sat down in someone's chair for just ten minutes to adjust something in a spreadsheet, and the lady commented on how warm the chair was when she sat down in it. I kept a poker face and made no reply but secretly enjoyed that.
  7. I will be the first to reply but I bet not the last. Yeah, the behavior is called "bratting" and I did it in my day. I think that sort of intervention from parents tuned me to the spanko dial. I don't know how they could be so clueless but there is a lot of mystery and plain ignorance in regards to sex. At any rate what is done is done.
  8. Yeah, no sense getting hung up on labels. There has been a similar debate raging in the gay community, although it was more a big deal twenty years ago...namely whether bi's exist at all, or whether they are gays in denial. I am of the opinion people are whatever they say they are until proven otherwise. Who's business is it anyway? I consider myself a switch for the fact that I have played both roles in RL. What happens is with some people, the dynamic is ER, with another, it becomes EE. Depends on the situation. Just like in prison, a lot of straight guys indulge a bit on the other side, due to opportunism. It is just more fun and healthy to get what is available, rather than starve. I have fantasies I visit that draw on either ER and EE points of view, depends which section of the library I am browsing.
  9. Seems responsive today, yesterday was working OK too. I don't really know what the cause could be. Back in the day bandwidth was the issue, now site admins complain about cpu share and how slow php is. Maybe due to the web host implementing a new version of php.
  10. ^this The more you feed a thing, the stronger it gets. I'd say it's a slam-dunk for TanYourBottom- married with kids. If you feed it and it grows, you may find you prefer that outlet to your wife, and don't expect her to accept the situation long-term, there are always repercussions.
  11. No. This magic, you should perform on your own.
  12. If clothes are removed and genitals unveiled, it becomes prostitution. I never paid for spanking or being spanked. I did not even rent a whore. I have been offered money though, but I turned it down. I believe pro spankers charge around the neighborhood of $150 for a session, it seems like a lot of dough when you can get a full-body one hour massage for $60. Bear in mind that your Swedish massage can get rough and take you somewhat into the mindframe of being spanked, I said somewhat. I would wager there are ladies that will offer nontraditional "massage" too, it is merely striking the buttocks after all which is kinda a massage isn't it? Be sure to tip very well if you find one. Recommend: Asian parlors. The American ones tend to be uptight and all worried, the Asian ones, well they can shuffle personnel around if they need to.
  13. No. If you are truly hardwired as a spanko, then spanko you shall be. However, magic put a cork on the bottle for me, and I haven't drunk a drop since 2018. That was a modest, realistic and achievable goal for me. Magic could accomplish the same goals as hypnotherapy or any other method. If you accept being a spanko, but want it take a backseat, that more realistic, achievable goal might be achievable. You have to set a realistic goal and make some kind of accommodation with your shadow self, like "I am going to have these thoughts and sometimes jack off to them but I am not going to let them bother me or interfere with any of my relationships." How strong is your need and can you realistically minimize it to a level you are comfortable with?
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