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  1. If I had a vagina I'd consider DaChief. Like the man says, he's got a rep here. He can type a cohesive reply, has a functional brain. Has left some funny comments--I recall a convo in the forum about spanking straight guy butts and encountering, shall we say, lack of hygiene. 😂 Reminded me of the time I spanked a guy's butt only to find he had a damn butt beard, I mean 6 inches long, all the way around, it was a turn-off. I told him to shave next time but it was too hard for him to reach. I said find a butt barber. I agree munches and real life is the better way to go, more efficient. Nev
  2. No one knows about the private messages though. 😁 Lack of a public reply is some indication but not conclusive. This makes a lot of sense to me. I would add that someone posting an ad should have a substantial profile on this forum and/or gallery pictures. Men: surely it is not difficult to imagine yourself in the mind of a female spankee, browsing ads written by males. What is on your mind, female spankee? First thing is, she wants a substantial ad that actually says something about what you're into, your philosophy of spanking, also general location, don't have to be
  3. You contribute even coming out of the gate, nice. Perhaps below will be of assistance?
  4. St.George

    Niche is a Bitch

    I like writing and occasionally write about spanking, but the trouble with niche sites is that they are niche and some are really laser-focused on nothing but the niche. For example, on one spanko-lit site, I posted a story that had just incidental spankings in what was otherwise a vanilla novella--result? Complaints, including aimed at the admin for permitting and, worse, approving of the story! "Not enough spankings!" was the (accurate) charge. I don't understand how anyone could just think about spanking all the time. I mean, really? Then the trouble with using a general mainstrea
  5. Nice. I use a Firefox add-on called "YTMP3.EU" to rip mp3s @ 320kbps from YouTube. It is how I got my collection of Christian Rock. 🧐
  6. Take a care, if she is your dream come true, can you be content? Why would the bond between spankos be close? I do not see any particular reason for that other than the scarcity of spankos. I have not noticed any unusual level of bonding in my explorations of the spanko world. The stories other spankos share here portray average or below average quality of relationships. When I acquire a partner, I will not be visiting this site until and unless the relationship ends. Indeed I think the main reason I am here at all is because I am between partners. I also like writing and there reall
  7. That's one of the better Introductions - nice and (relatively) long. This site does provide a healthy and anonymous outlet for the closet spanko to discuss thoughts, opinions and fantasies. And it seems better designed overall and more focused than e.g. fetlife, which seems to consider e.g. oral sex a "fetish".
  8. When you post a message asking for a spanking, the site geolocates your address and dispatches the Spanking Needs Lounge truck to go make a pick-up and fulfill all of your needs. Everything is funded by cameras running in the truck and livestreaming the action to a subscription web site that is not disclosed.
  9. As many of you are aware, the Spanking Needs Lounge (SNL) went mobile in order to serve all the different locations that spankos on spankingneeds.com are found. I spotted the truck on the road this morning doing its rounds. Looks like it make a pick-up and things were getting hairy, because the truck was listing to the side a bit. Calm down, guys! Don't want an accident! That would be so embarrassing.
  10. St.George


    Her quaint shop in the middle of the city seemed from another era, the 1970s perhaps, with nothing newer than that. Walking through her store, I was assaulted by memories and stories from people long dead or, if possibly alive, much older than me. It was like walking through a cemetery... There were paddles - not specifically for our kink, but immediately adaptable - dirt cheap, less than $10 and sturdier than the flimsy boards I have seen swinging in RealSpankings videos that so often break during use (perhaps they favor that for the dramatic effect). There were belts - but belts ar
  11. St.George

    A Lovely Day

    Today is special, you know--Beltane. 🙏 I am asking a woman out. She is some sort of pagan. I asked her whether she was Wiccan, and she nodded, but I thought to myself, nay, she is something else, not every pentacle means the obvious. It is difficult for me to predict what her response will be, but the Celtic Cross implies I will be well regardless. I made a list to bolster my courage of things I can lose by asking her out, and things I can gain. There is nothing under the Lose column. Under Gain--I have long desired a woman that was into magic, that liked the arcane and occult, and to me,
  12. The first time I was exposed to pornography was in the primary grades at the school bus stop, when another boy had stolen a copy of Hustler from his father and brought it for all the boys to gawk at. I thought it was quite boring and wondered that they found it fascinating. In the years that followed, I would often try to summon interest in these things that other boys found titillating and arousing, because they seemed to get awfully worked up about them. In the end, I decided that I must be gay, that must be the reason, and that seemed to make sense for a time, especially when I fo
  13. St.George


    As I was getting a massage this afternoon, the thought occurred to me, this is quite as good as a spanking, or rather better; vastly superior, really, and why didn't I think of it before--like thirty years ago? I was too cheap to pony up $50 - $75 for an hour, alas... scrimping and saving for... what? After divorce and the wiping out of my "castle built of sand," I have come to realize, one must indulge while one can. Time, too, is a limited asset, not just money. What, save it all for my seventies? What then? I can't take it with me. I have got to spend my money on something, and certainly a
  14. Hi! I thought no-one had replied to my little missive about the Mis(tress) (actually she's a switch) because the board doesn't notify me unless I'm quoted, apparently. I should have checked but... ðŸĪŠ sorreee! So, I unMatched her. ðŸĪ·â€â™‚ïļ "What!" you say. "Have you lost your mind?" Well, she was terse. Like one line per. She refused absolutely to call me on my phone. I gave her my # and even explained how to dial anonymously... it is not exactly rocket science, yet her excuse is she doesn't want to give her number out, which I never asked for her number and don't require it. She is
  15. Relationships with vanillas have been dicey for me, too. I really like heat. Just a little is enough.
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