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  1. That is hot to think about, thanks for that message.
  2. I took shop, cos you can make your own paddles. I've seen some content by Dallas that was punishment oriented. But you know he is selling that and the actress is (presumably) earning.
  3. I think Sn is a cut above compared to similar sites I've seen, and I like you from your messages I've read. I was trying to find out whatever happened with that affectionfromcorrection brouhaha, but I can't find the thread. You know, drama is of interest, and that thread had the goods. There are a lot of forums. Needle in a haystack. I know you were called upon to serve Justice there, sword in one hand and scales in the other, which I imagine would consist of deletions as that is the limit of what you can do. Pictures of RL people are always risky esp. where fetish is concerned, it is difficult for me to fathom how folks can associate their face with spanking. I mean, the first thing HR does nowadays is search online for folks. It won't be long before facial recognition software catches up although I think that tool is indeed in use now by LE. Oh yeah, the original reason I replied. Getting to that. I beg to differ on that thing about spanking being non-sexual. I get it, there's no O! orgasm, maybe even no juices flowing during or after, but still, I think sex is at the heart of all this really, otherwise why not punish some other part of the body rather than the heavily erotic buttocks in close proximity to the genitals. No one is going to spank without evaluating, Hm, is that a nice ass? And if it is a nice ass, that's their motive, if not, then money or just power (sadism), the same kick from taking a magnifying glass under the hot Sun to ants. I'm not vanilla and have been a spanko longer than most folks have been alive, but it was always sexual for me. However even punishment spankings I got have become subjects for fantasy. There's this space in the astral plane where I revisit the various things that have happened to me and it is kind of repetitive much like a spanking but somehow never gets old.
  4. This man went over a wooden board and suffered injury... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6118821/Man-61-left-severe-kidney-injury-receiving-1-000-spanks.html After viewing the pictures and reading the article, I think I've cured myself of all desire to be spanked IRL, TBH I just about lost my cookies. I think I would rather retain my clothes and dignity... Imagine, he is still doing it, loves it too. He's used to dark red urine, bo biggie, but not pissing at all, that gave him a moment of concern. Barfy, man, super-barfy. I think I'm going to leave the modern age and travel back in time to... a time when there wasn't stuff like this. If I can just think of such a time, if one exists. Not Victorian England...sigh...
  5. Before I came across this thread, I saw his porn pics, then read part of his profile bio, forming the same impression as Rachel_Barebum, above. I couldn't read the whole thing, it seemed unbalanced to say the least. There are creeps out there of various configurations, male or female, as we all know, and that is one good reason to indulge in a rich and robust fantasy life and be reluctant to meet strangers. There is something to be said for getting to know someone, and for a little old thing called Reputation. On the Internet, most people have no reputation at all, so that makes things quite easy for people who are not very nice toward others. Human social connections really depend on Reputation in order to deal with evil sociopaths, without Reputation the system breaks down, and the Internet is the Devil's Playground. Demons get online and don't have to worry about their past coming to haunt them, they can start over and not worry about accumulating enemies and bad reputation. So bear that in mind and remember, people are not always who they present themselves as (Lesson #1 in the Internet Age). This thread here is extremely rare, bad actors more often elude detection, but "InfectionfromContagion" messed up by posting pictures of real, live people. I predict he modifies his future strategy, changes aliases and other info and keeps doing what he is doing because it seems that is all he knows to do with himself. The onus unfortunately is ultimately on every one of us to be wary and cautious in dealings with others...
  6. I'm sure you told the Malwarebytes forum gurus that you are trying to access spankingneeds.com. That is important info that will help them debug the problem for you. Be sure to pass it on. 😉
  7. Yeah, I can easily imagine, with a sexy spanking forum, a lot of users would want to self-nuke to hide their activities, due to the state of H. sapiens' curious attitudes toward sex-related topics. I had the impulse arise a few weeks back myself, but I probably would have turned out to be the one that rejoined 2-3 days later. In all honesty. So, just as well. I admin'd a debating forum long ago and poured many hundreds of hours into upkeep, maintenance and even development but in the end, had to part ways with the web site owner, who paid the nominal bills for hosting and in the end, ran things, because he controlled the url, which is the bottom line. The reason we parted ways was over differing philosophies toward freedom of speech. He was ultra-libertarian and believed any speech at all was acceptable under all circumstances. I believed that exceptions had to be made in regard to illegal things, such as death threats for starters, which I believe is termed assault in the legal code. The inevitable troll (every forum gets one, usually more than one actually, but we got plenty) succeeded in driving a wedge between us that resulted in my departure and after that, I lost interest in what became of the site. Apparently he was still making something of it, because he called me out of the blue two years later and wanted to know the password to something. I had already given him all the info I had, so that was something I could not help with. Once he concluded he had no info to offer he terminated the phone conversation. Charming fellow.
  8. Another ancient but worthy thread, but what's cool about SN, is ppl don't seem to mind resurrecting these things from the dead. Well, why not. A thread isn't necessarily better because it got 50 replies within two days. I have not had sex for a long time, and don't miss it. Thinking back to sex, it was always forgettable and regrettable, getting involved with somebody just for the body never worked out. For me the better solution was just taking care of business myself. Technology has come a long way, and porn really suffices these days, or just visualization alone without any tech also works, though porn's the easy way. People look down on porn, but people are hypocrites too. The cool thing is not waking up with someone you really don't like and not feeling guilty about things and not worrying whether you got some disease. Clean, safe and no one really needs to know either, except in our wonderful forum where we divulge all. The definition of asexual is more austere, but I don't know that it is really possible for a mature and healthy male to abstain totally without experiencing night emissions. Build-up occurs, and depression is the inevitable result of abstinence, in the male. Nature says to men, if you don't play the game, you just won't be the same. The way to trick Nature is pretend to play the game and let the body feel like it is doing what it needs to do. Then the body is happy, and you can go about your business. No need to get involved with low spirits inhabiting desirable bodies.
  9. I had night terrors at an early age, when my parents kicked me out of their bedroom and made me sleep in my own room for the first time. Must have been four, maybe five. May have been something I saw on T.V., like the vampire on Sesame Street. At any rate there was a persistent fear, I did not like the darkness and would leave the light on all night, except my Dad didn't like the light being left on due to it not being normal/healthy He eventually sat down and told me that there was nothing to be afraid of because I was protected by them. He would destroy anything that tried to hurt me. The things in my head, were not real, and he was real. He held my hand, and I could trust in that, that was real. He also told me just don't dream. So I did make a conscious effort to stop dreaming and it worked, I just stopped remembering dreams altogether, or they became so placid I never recalled them. It is lucky to remember dreams, don't discount it even if you are having nightmares. You can turn them in a positive direction and have a great time in dreams. How to do it? well I would suggest praying before bedtime, pray to God for about half an hour or so, not for things but just get in contact with the higher power and let your room and your house fill with bright white light. See that light saturating every inch of your living space. This is the light of divinity and cleanses your area of negative influences. Then you will sleep undisturbed. I do that whenever I feel troubled by movies I watched. I no longer watch horror, but sometimes sci-fi and fantasy movies have a strong element of horror that I only discover mid-way into the film. Even if you are an atheist it does not matter, just pray anyway, you can commune with your higher self in that case. Prayer it is a bit of make-believe but it is highly effective medicine, done right. Dreams can be fun, but for some of us the window has been closed, the pineal gland dried up and turned to sand and now sleep consists of unconsciousness followed by waking up at a precise hour every morning.
  10. I also notice it is not possible to delete not only posts but membership, like some sites allow you to self-nuke. Ah, to be a site admin - nothing but folks complaining all the time ! that is why, I am glad that I no longer site admin, but instead, site surf. We must keep in mind, this is a free service and pretty good all things considered. Why was I unsurprised that a.) lurking beneath the groovy porn and forum was all kinds of drama? and b.) not every body is who, what or when that they say they are, but St. George knows...
  11. Yeah I too think you have bad stuff on your computer. Virus scans don't find all the pups (Potentially Unwanted Programs) nor will Malwarebytes. Also your DNS server may be playing games. So, malware can point your DNS to a dodgy server and replace whatever you click with whatever they want to send you to. If you are so sure of your computer's integrity, then try another computer and see whether you get the same results. also give a thought to your router's security as maybe the problem is upstream before even getting to your computer. I have never encountered the prob you are talking about with this site.
  12. I was already alone and isolated, covid-19 merely enforced that. I was starting to branch out, do things with others, but that branching got chopped off. Hope the world comes to its senses. There are enough problems without this going on. covid-19 is not going anyplace, it will be around for the rest of human history, like flu, cat's out of the bag, we just have to deal, whether we deal tomorrow or six months or a year from now the choice is ours. I guess they are waiting for that vaccine to get ready, that must be the rationale for lockdown, that and wanting a trickle rather than a flood at the hospitals. I don't know whether the economy can handle the pause. It's hard on the younger people that are out of work. If you're retired then I guess it is not really a big deal. If you have rent to pay and debt then it is a very big deal. I imagine people are going to be filing for bankruptcies before long, big credit crunch on the way.
  13. I got no idea what Switch is talking about. But I don't get too deep in online forums and don't spend much time on them. My advice - limit your time on any forum to < 30 minutes every 2 days. If you find yourself addicted to a forum, that's when things always turn south, because frankly there are jerks that just want to push out whoever is yakking so that they can get the attention instead. Really it just boils down to that nine times out of ten in my experience. I've gotten deep in forums many a time in my day and let me tell you a secret, it always turns to shit. You get too deep, spend too much time and energy, there is going to be a jerk come along and with the anonymity of the Internet they will feel free to jerk you up and jerk you around. They will jerk your chain. Just because they feel like it and they don't need any other reason. That's just the way things are online, accept it, H. sapiens didn't evolve interacting on this fake cyberspace. And H. sapiens never gets along even IRL for that matter. It's really weird for H. sapiens to get along for very long unless they have a mutual interest like making money.
  14. I was surfing to SN early this morn when Lo and Behold, I stumbled upon complaints from long ago (2011) lodged against this web site. The criticism seemed unfair, along the lines of, "I hate match.com because my hubby cheated on me with someone he met there." You know, the spanking fetish does not just hit you on the head when you surf Google. It is something innate that you just grow up with. Maybe there is a component of learned behavior but for me at least the genesis was very early. So, I don't buy that a web site changes peeps into spankos and/or busts up relationships.
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