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  1. So, a female spanko reached out to me on a dating site and said she liked what she saw. Don't act all surprised, y'all. 😄 She was nice herself. What a welcome relief, she did not look so big, I might get crushed if she fell on me. No, nice. About my size I'd say, maybe less. Just having her reach out with a nice compliment and the potential start of something fun is like... - Christmas morning when I was ten. - winning a $100 in the Lottery - unexpected tax refund - longed-for promotion out at work -flowers blooming suddenly in front of a window wi
  2. Ah, I ain't worried. I have had two doses of vaccine. If there's still a risk, I'll take it. I am not living the rest of my life behind a mask or inside alone like a hermit. F* dat. I'll take my chances. I no longer bother with a mask except where it is required by store policy, and there are few stores beyond the grocery store that require it anymore.
  3. To add a male voice here... I've been dumped by maybe a dozen? Twenty? More? The longer you live, the more difficult it gets to count former lovers, both due to their number and diminishing memory capacity... rarely, Exes felt "dumper's regret" and tried to worm their way back into my life but... I was not down for that. The pain can be immense depending on the intensity of the relationship--also for men too. Odd no other men have replied here. So here be a male voice. All of the advice given here seems valid, even excellent, and I have practiced. Another thing I've done is pour my e
  4. Actually, being kind wins social points, just be noticed being kind. I have learned that over time... I am an older fellow than you. By a little bit. Don't be a bastard if you don't need to be. Be a bastard if you need to be. The focus should be on getting stuff done, yes. But if kindness does not lose anything, why not introduce kindness, and win the social points with people? Think of it as a free bonus, which it is. Also- no harm socializing with coworkers- just having sex with them--or any kind of sexual foreplay or talk -- is dangerous. Thank God I never got in trouble, but
  5. DuckDuckGo excludes this site even from "Moderate" safesearch. I have to disable the filter to get to the site. Must be due to the photos, because DDG does not exclude spanko erotica (text stories) from results. I know y'all only really care about Google search results. Google has no such reservations--at this time--mayhap they haven't clued in to the spanko pr0n yet. Or maybe butts don't trigger their algorithm the way genitalia does. "Strict" SafeSearch should bring this discipline-oriented site right up! 🤪
  6. Ooo that's a problem, dicey there. I've had those work-crushes too, best just to let them wither on the vine. You could lose your job, easy.
  7. At 72, you should have the vax by now, older folks got the early access. I got the vax - lot of good it did my dating life. 🤪 I thought I'd be Mr. Eligible, but the effect is Negligible. Still glad I got it for personal health and family reasons though.
  8. No, haven't been on here too long but have not really perused or pursued anyone. There are plenty of interesting folks here but I think of spanking as one element in the constellation of what I'm looking for, really friends is the main thing. One day I was walking in the park, when an ee began texting me furiously on a dating app...it came as some surprise and I had to get used to walking and texting, new for me. And no, I am not lying from being an older person... HEY, be nice to older people, you will be one too. Not every guy is lying, what, like they have some kind of agenda? ha ha ha
  9. I usually run afoul of individuals and their cliques - you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. If you have intelligence, you have opinions, and people hate it when you share your opinions. There are no intelligent people in the world that have no detractors. None. Only simple people, fools, are beloved by all. Cultivate a tough skin. These cliques think they're the cat's pajamas, but they represent 0.001%. For instance, I never heard of your spanko circle, don't care, don't judge you one way or the other. And all my drama that you don't know about it, you could say the
  10. St.George


    Her description and values appealed to me and that is why I liked her, but her profile pictures showed little to distinguish her even from men. With shorter hair, she could pass as a man. I wondered where her breasts were or if she even had any. Sometimes I wonder about people that I encounter online, I wonder who they really are, and whether they are pretending to be someone else entirely, even a different gender, race, or age. Certain areas of the Internet are a maze of smoke and mirrors. She confessed to me indeed she was five years older than she put on her profile. That is a significant l
  11. Answers #4 and #5, above, covers those people. For a brief span of 3 days, I answered the Spankings? question and left it public for all the world to view with my real photographs, real location, real biography. However...a search for women that had answered yes/maybe to "Spankings?" revealed only three out of the entire database, the rest either made their answer PRIVATE or skipped the question or never even got to it. Granted, the question is buried deep within the sequential questionnaire; one would have to answer hundreds, possibly thousands of silly questions before arriving at
  12. OKCupid is my favorite site by far. What do you use?
  13. I prefer your wording, although it is pretty transparent as to meaning. Even if I were not a spanko, I am certain I would unravel your puzzle by the phrase "old-fashioned Saturday morning TV." Also, that devotes a lot of verbiage to spanking and will seize the reader's interest away from everything else in your profile. So decide, is spanking THE single most important thing for you? I would say no, for me. Also, I keep my profile brief and to the point (although not here, lol, I wrote over a page). I doubt many people really bother reading long profiles on the matchmaker sites. I used to
  14. I really like that tactic, although I am not sure all spankos would know about the dictionary thing. Nowadays people just go on the internet and find porn, so the dictionary, library and encyclopedia have had their day. I used to browse every book about spanking, corp pun et al that the library carried. Most were boring with statistics and charts or horrible. A few were actually.... useful. Here's what I found on OKCupid, BESIDES the "Are you kinky?" question. I found this on the profile of a woman who answered #3. She had answered like 1800 questions and was really ideal in so many ways,
  15. In my case, when I was a boy, eight or so, I was a big fan of Richie Rich comics, and spankings were not uncommon in that comic. I dog-eared the pages with the spankings, until my older brother questioned me about that with a big smirk on his face. After that I never dog-eared again but instead wrote a secret mark in small print on the cover of the "good" comics.
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