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  1. My last spanker lived in an apartment on the bottom floor. He would simply turn up the tv some with an action movie, the washing machine and a little bit of Amazon Music/Spotify in the bathroom to cushion the sounds of the spanking going on. Worked quite well. It wasn't over the top or anything, but it offered a good offset to the spanking.
  2. Uggh! I was up in the Rochester area a few months ago and could’ve used a good session! I don’t know if I’ll be back up there again, it I will keep your post in mind. Finding a spanker down in the San Antonio area has been tough.
  3. No blood or cuts. Spanking only on the butt or thighs.
  4. I am the oldest and definitely received some serious spankings growing up. My younger siblings did too but I definitely had the focus for many years.
  5. After about 11/12, spankings stopped because my parents divorced. There were many times where I should’ve got a good spanking for my behaviors but they never did. Instead it was more getting told off instead. Looking back I think life would have been better and additional misbehaving wouldn’t have happened had they continued. I still long for those spankings today for the times when I wasn’t to clear the air.
  6. I was the oldest and got the most! There were a few times we were punished together too, but they got away with plenty.
  7. As an ee, I also wear boxers, but I usually wear jeans as well. This is nothing I actually like better than to feel the discomfort and heat radiating from my well spanked rear. It actually makes the ride back from my er's place quite interesting as I drive with a throbbing rear with heat pouring off of it. I think having tight underwear or even something like jeans definitely accents the aftereffects of having my rear torn up.
  8. Welcome to the group from a fellow Texan and EE. There’s a bunch of folks up your way. I’m sure someone will be able to help out. Wish I had half as many down this way. 🤣
  9. You make some solid points Amethyst.. I can see the benefits of both. Having things start out lothes or over the underwear does build some anticipation to the end goal of having your bottom tanned good in the end and the relief received.
  10. I suppose it doesn't matter clothed or bare as others have stated here. Mine have usually started over underwear as a very brief warm up, but they come down quickly as they're just in the way of getting down to the bottom where the lesson is to be learned which is a tanned hide. If it started bare, the lesson is received that much quicker for certain, especially if an implement is in play.
  11. I know the feeling as I’ve had to drive about and hour and a half too.
  12. Yikes! Yeah, a clothes brush will leave an impression on the backside for sure! And the bath brush suggestion too!
  13. Amazon tends to favor the bamboo there! Have you tried a local drug store possibly or online?
  14. Howdy from another fellow Texan! Welcome to the group... I joined to meet others and make friends as well! Would be great to get to know each other and share on the topic.
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