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  1. @St.George- I agree, you'd figure "Yay! Let's go!", however, I think there's still some questions out there about the efficacy of the vaccine and then you have all this chatter about variants. Is it safe or do we stay locked away, etc. Uggh! I long for the days when we can get back to spankings! It's been far too long for me.. I'm sure the sentiment is the same for other EEs too!. Hang in there!
  2. I agree with what the others have said here. For a non warm-up, it is right into a full fledged spanking intensity where your butt is set on fire immediately. There is not steady/gradual increase in the action and it is usually meant as a sharp correction to some serious misbehavior. It can be over the underwear or (more likely) on the bare butt to start. If it is over the underwear to start, I envision it being one of those grab you by the arm, pull you over the knee and just right to the spanking and some point into that spanking those underwear will be ripped down with a firm hand.
  3. Welcome to the forum!
  4. I agree with @rubyredd - It is more of helping to either put me into the proper headspace or keep me there with a proper scolding and sore bottom it makes it all the better.
  5. I agree.. Tried and it just isn't the same as having a spanker take you to task. Some folks can do it and do it well though! Kudos is right!
  6. Welcome to the forum!
  7. Oh! Those are very nice!! Love the videos there too! Will have to check back to see the other ones once they're out there.
  8. Hey! I get it completely and we spankos have to stick together too! 😉 It is a huge step to go from the "grade school" life and being at home where there's some guardrails in place to living on your own in the real world and the continuing balance of college work too! Some hit the ground running and balance things ok, others need a little nudge now and then.. some others fumble completely. Having someone there to help keep things on track is great until you feel like you're on your own two feet and keeping the balance! Kudos to you for recognizing that a little nudge (or sometime
  9. That was how my dad and stepdad handled things for those on the spot sort of spankings. My friend's mom once came out with a belt in hand threatening both of us when we were acting up in our teens. Thankfully the threat was sufficient! She was little but man did she pack some fear!
  10. Wow! That is an amazing recollection and I'm sure it stuck with you. You definitely had a bit of a front row seat there to things! Sorry to hear that it didn't work out between you two. It would've been something that you would have both reflected upon over the years. Although, I'm sure she was really ashamed that you saw it all go down that way. I'm sure her dad would've tore her butt up for you being there too. Yikes!
  11. Thank you for sharing @atxbrat! I think you did a great job expressing your current place with things. I, too, can relate to what Spanknutt said in his reply. Sadly, my spankings stopped far too early and if I would've had someone there to give some guidance to my behavior, I would have probably done things differently or made some better choices. My GPA would've been much better as well with a little encouragement provided to my rear end. Is there a rewind or redo button!??!? 🤣 So, I can see exactly where you are with things and it is great that you have been open to letting
  12. Howdy! Welcome to the site! It's always great to meet other spankos! 😊
  13. As a spankee myself, I agree with the above as I'm tall and being across a lap on a bed or sofa does provide more support for both parties. My previous spanker would have me lay across his lap and I would prop up my butt for a slightly better target. And as things heated up, I would certainly dig in my heels to power through things. The downside if that being over the lap can prevent the spanker from being able to easily leg lock the spankee if they get to dancing too much! At least, not without a few additional adjustments. 😊
  14. I've met one person from here in the past year. We basically just started with PMs and got to know one another. We met in person a short time later and then had a few sessions over a few months. I found it beneficial as the spankee. I'm looking for a new person now as they haven't been online in quite a while. What sassylittle pointed out above is great!! reach out and introduce yourself. If they're interested, you'll get a reply and then you can go from there. If you're a match, then you'll find yourself in a spanking session or more! If they don't reply, just take i
  15. As a spankee, I definitely enjoy a firm bare handed spanking. Often, that is a great starting point before moving onto implements. My previous spanker used to start with a hand spanking for several minutes before having me go to the corner and then finally for some more spanking.
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