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  1. I have to say this is an interesting topic. I myself am not capable of switching but I do know that being a switch opens a lot of doors. A lot of people prefer to give and receive so being in that category opens a lot more meetup opportunities than say for people that pitch or catch only. Constantly switching “Character,” has to be challenging though
  2. Depends. 1- if it’s a punishment style than definitely no, and doing so means she gets it -again- stay thirsty my friends? Nah, stay toasty. 2- if it’s a funishment etc than yes, it can be entertaining.
  3. Homework is a popular one as well. There’s a friggin Great! Video of that scenario out there as well. Not paying attention in class? There’s an app for that! Late assignments? Late to class! Gonna whoop yo 🍑
  4. 🧐 I quite literally don’t consider a bare butt spanked properly unless she can fry an egg through her pants/underwear afterwards. When they are fully dressed they comment all the time that they can feel the heat through there clothes, not to mention putting cold aloe on it afterwards is 9 times out of 10 instant fireworks.
  5. I seen a post on another site where an Er was asking how to restore clear implements that have gotten scratched or turns cloudy. Being an antique lamp collector and restoration guru this polish works on anything to include metals, lexan and most ceramics/woods. Even works on headlights and faded plastics (think atv’s dirt bikes etc) probably posted in wrong area but here it is, best stuff there is! https://www.vermontlanterns.com/content/prism-polish-brass-and-metal-cleaner
  6. Thickness matters, as well as width. A belt that has been worn alot will be very flexible and supple thus maximizing the sting, a stiff belt will be more thuddy, especially where it is folded since it tends to "tip" her butt. a Soft supple belt that is well worn will have a nice flat fold and that really matters. If you look at a razor strop its essentially just a belt without the fold, and if used correctly a strop can leave some really nice red stripes and sting like hell. Which is good! Belts work the same way.
  7. Oh god! I would go to law school just so I could be the judge. There is some great videos on spanking tube of those. 100 licks with a strap is entertaining and more binge worthy than most Netflix shows!
  8. It has to be a real reason. Sure I can “make up” a reason just because I can, I’ve never met an ee that protested in earnest, but real reason = real spanking, emotions etc.
  9. You do have to be careful though. That scenario could have went way worse. A lot of EE’s have that complaint that it doesn’t go far enough. Some guys do it just to get the girl, but are not actual Spanko people, and they end up not going far enough. Others are not clued in and take it to far, or take it sexual way way to early. not every ee gets anything sexual out of it or wants anything sexual I should say. You have to be able to tell the difference, some want real discipline etc, others want same thing but it’s more sexual etc. no two EE’s are the same. Spanko people get it, non-Spanko people can get it over time but not very often. It’s one of those genes you either have it or you don’t. Be safe though! No spanking is worth putting yourself at great risk of finding a crazy person. they are out there!
  10. It’s true, even just getting it knowing they can hear it is just as effective. Being bratty while we’re watching the game, talking etc, come with me into the bedroom, once that door shuts they will know -exactly- what’s going on.
  11. For me it usually involves -real- infractions such as shoplifting, speeding, bad grades and similar. I can spank for fun as well, but I feel it adds a significant amount of realism if there is an actual reason. for real reasons it’s easier to be in “character,” vs role playing. Atleast seems to me it’s easier.
  12. If you really think about it most Spanko relationships start out by telling people your interests. The hope is that you find someone that is like minded and into it. For me being a Spanko it’s for front, I don’t date non Spanko people etc. if your at my place my friends are as well so your butt is never safe 😈. If you think being spanked and cornertime is embarrassing wait till you get it in front of strangers!
  13. This one varies. Depends on the EE honestly. If its by time, marks are usually guaranteed. Not all ee's are into marks so if dealing with that its usually play it by sight, and adjust from there with intensity, implement etc. If its by count, I usually vary the intensity depending on color, looks etc. Implement choice is crucial if they don't like marks etc. 50 with a bath brush VS. hand is going to have a completely different look/outcome. If marks don't matter, either or works, and any implement usually works too, just depends on her thresholds and what she can handle. There is a point where it can be way to much.
  14. Lawyer nowadays is a good thing, have to be careful with it or things can go south quickly
  15. So as most of you are aware of AirBnB. Rent a house for a night basically. These are great for Spanko people if it’s challenging for you to host. Inside every one I have stayed at there is a cork board and old school Polaroid camera that prints the pictures. People take selfies and put it on board etc. I have always thought it would be funny to take a picture of an EE from waist down with an implement laying across her butt after a quality session, and write something like “kitchen chairs are sturdy, she was a struggler!!,” and stick it on the board ??
  16. Trying to get a consensus for another conversation I’m having. So Er’s what’s your favorite punishment spanking implement. Be as specific as possible. As for the ee’s what’s your most hated implement to be punished with. For me I like the razor strop from the London tanner collection. It’s a woman’s worst nightmare!
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