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  1. The word normal is a bad word, its suggestive as well as subjective. For instance, being a spanko and "not normal," implies that nobody else has Kinks or fetishes, and that's not possible. I can't tell you how many times I have seen what was viewed as "Normal Person," and then found out -significantly- contrary. It's like the posting of the Rabbit and the Fox and there comparison to telling others your kink or fetish. When I was first ousted as a spanko in the 90's it had catastrophic consequences, however, the more it went on, the more I started making even more friends, and lifelong ones as well. Not short-term superficial relationships etc. Some of those people that were judgmental, caused problems, guess what, later down the road turns out they had kinks too, they were just reacting out of insecurity to not out themselves. It can be difficult, you question "WTF is wrong with me etc." this list goes on like crazy. However, being a spanko is a sexual identity. It influences who you engage with, how you engage with them, what you find attractive, list goes on. Come on ER's, you going to tell me you don't check out how spankable a womans butt looks? I sure as shit do. I can't speak for EE's, what do you look for? If being a spanko is a gene you have, the sooner you get comfortable with it (difficult, I know. Takes time.) the happier and better off you will be. People will judge, talk trash, alot of things, but even so called "Normal," people have others talking trash etc. about them as well. So, cheer up. Who wants to be so called "Normal," anyways. Stand outside the fire you learn more, stand inside the fire you just get cooked.
  2. I triple dog dare you to show up here with no underwear on? Last woman I did that with give me the deer in the headlights look when I told her to stand up and take her pants down. But I don’t have any underwear on! oh well, should’ve thought about that when you were puttin your pants on, so take them off. 🤷‍♂️ Dawgs, that’s funny when I was in the army our company was known as the “Nasty Dawgs.”
  3. No underwear? = guess what! Nice outfit in profile pic though!
  4. Just usually means the skin is to tight in that area, any kind of injury and you end up with a little bit of scar tissue, and its not always visible, that scar tissue is firmer than skin around it, so it reopens very easily. Just need to find something that softens scar tissue and works for you. Probably wouldn't hurt to find a less thuddy implement in the meantime. If your legs are inline with your body while getting it, (like when your standing up) your butt will have more padding as well in comparison to legs being out of line with body (like when your sitting down) Hope it helps!
  5. Topspanker


    L4B outfits are sure popular, looks good on you!
  6. Dead on accurate. I have had quite a few Get freaked out but more find out you have a kink and than you find out they do to.
  7. You would benefit a great deal being in a relationship with a switch. You would get the best of both worlds. You can be the dominant and than the submissive etc. People like what they like, if it turns you on just explore it and don’t worry about the rest. Having a kink to me makes you “normal,” although I am not a fan of the word normal, it’s subjective as well as suggestive. -Everyone- has a quirk, some are just more confident and able to express and pursue it.
  8. I was beginning to wonder what the dealio was
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