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  1. I agree with the others, any time an EE wants restraints to be used (I only use leather ones) she has the ability to in hook herself at any time she feels the need to, and if a first timer she also has to demonstrate her ability to unhook herself. It’s whatever she is comfortable with, I don’t personally hit her anywhere other than her butt either, pretty hard limit of mine so it’s whatever you’re comfortable with, try it, if you don’t like it than voice it
  2. Seems as though everything is back online? Hope it all works out well for the better!
  3. Everyone just needs to chill out. All of it is nothing more than a "Online Voice Miscommunication." It happens, Shit happens. Hell, even I misworded/didn't clarify things and got called out. Its ok, No animosity. The OP isn't a pedophile etc. Literally just a misworded deal. Hot button issue of course, no doubt, just a little misworded/didn't clarify things. It happens, back off. There wasn't anything Snarky about the moderator's response, He was basically being very direct and saying the same thing, back off, read the post. I was literally about to roast the ever-loving Shi* out of the OP but when i read his post a third time, stopped, and realized what he was saying it clicked. So, i deleted my roast and said what i said. Our community gets a bad enough rap for TTWD and things it entails, attacking each other serves no purpose. If its warranted that's one thing, in this case its not. Not everyone here has an English degree and can communicate effectively online. This site serves a really good purpose, if you treat each other with respect great things can happen. Things will get heated when a Hot button issue comes up, but we can still act like adults and treat each other with respect. I'm not running shit here by any means, but this thread should be locked, closed etc. Just end it. at this point its serving no purpose than getting everyone amped up. To the OP they have your info, if there out there I'm sure they will be in touch. Simple.
  4. @rubyreddOh god, Cheerleader or School girl outfits get me every time. No joke. For me this TTWD is non-sexual for me. Buuuutt i got to be honest, those two i feel an itch. But they know 18 or older roleplay or its out the door for you. For me its the short skirts (total legs/ass guy, really don't care about bra size period) Yeah thats straight up fire for me but if i see underage people wearing it it literally does -nothing- for me. Adult aged consensual woman wearing it is like bugs bunnies eyes popping out of his face when lola bunny walks in for me. I mean how sexy is it to have a woman walking around in a skirt that shows part of her butt, and its red from getting spanked. I mean holy hell, thats hard to beat.
  5. He is in fact exactly correct. I literally can't tell you how many times over 30 years i have talked to an EE BOTH male and female that have a HUGE rape fantasy. I personally don't understand it, AT ALL. Definitely not my boat bigtime, but i don't judge them or think they are weird or anything similar. as the old saying goes, "Different Strokes for Different Folks." Honestly i couldn't do it. No Way. Not happening. I personally didn't grow up thinking something was wrong with me, all the literature i had read up to that point kind of wired my brain that it was normal interaction between Male/Females as long as its consensual, i still feel that way to this day. Obviously the Spanko community has evolved alot and you have every type of relationship you can think of nowadays, which is totally fine. I did however get huge condemnation from other people because i accidentally outted myself and my girlfriend when i was younger. It was bad. Die Hard is a Christmas Movie!! Yes, i said it.
  6. I totally agree, im the same exact way. Totally nothing but respect for those that do it. I don't judge them at all, its just not for me either. None of it.
  7. You are correct, i did misword it. I should have clarified that Age play/Age Regression below the age of consent is a Very Hard Limit for me. I understand that within the DDLG world there are females and males that are into the Onesies, diapers, binkies the works. For -me- that stuff is a WAY big no no. I get it, there horse there carriage, there life. If thats what they are into, totally respect that, but its not for me.
  8. Definetely, No arguement there. Definitely agree, nor argument there at all. Adult "Sons" is a loaded gun. It implies underage interactions are a Fantasy or role play etc scenario. Way big no no. I was simply clarifying based on my own interpretation what the original poster was trying to say. Hence the reason i said "definitely should have considered different wording." Wording it the way it was basically was ASKING to get roasted.
  9. I hear you, believe me i get it. Only point i was trying to make is concerning the original post. Its ridiculous how many people chase underage people, even asking an EE about there childhood experiences creeps me out every time i hear about it. Its one thing if she brings it up as a reference point,but asking and or pursuing it is like "Jeepers Creepers hairy scary shit."
  10. I think what the Original Poster was referring to is a Male/Male version of DDLG/DDMG/DDBG. Definitely should have considered some different wording, (shit happens) but it is there. Someone would have to be a complete idiot to tell the entire spanko community that they spank underage minors, I don't believe that was the posters intent.
  11. It literally is one of the biggest reasons why Certain groups of guys have a serious hard time finding partners to do TTWD. You are absolutely correct. When i am interacting with an EE for the first time it takes -WEEKS- not days or hours. Lots of questions, lots of conversations. I don't ever go sexual with it either. What i tell guys to do is imagine your on a blind date thats being recorded by every female in there family. It takes time to get an EE to open up, talk to you, TRUST you, and one of the biggest ways to Fu** that up is pull the sex card, the Ego card, or the "too personal card." If your on a blind date, and you pull any of those three cards, yeah your pretty much toast. Alot of guys think that just because a woman is willing to embrace her submissive side, that they all of a sudden are some kinds of king that gets to do whatever they want, and Yeah bud. thats false. If an EE is willing to trust you thats something thats earned, not granted just because you have a dick. If you can't keep your brain out of your pants, and keep it in your pants at same time, your going to have a -very- hard time finding female partners. You see the ads all the time, craigslist, doublelist, etc. "lets go 50 shades," or "Daddy Dom seeks Little," You know the type. If you click on their ad, and read it, its all ego/sexual based. EE's aren't submissive. They have a submissive side, but i know EE's that are MMA fighters, Military, Law enforcement and they can and will kick your ass. Its an Ego thing. Thats why they do 99% of things you listed, leave all of that out and spend more time respecting her as a person and getting to know her, you just might be surprised by how many EE's start popping up on your radar. Trust me, they are there. There just not stupid and know what they are looking for. I have literally done TTWD more times than i care to keep track of i have maybe slept with or sexually interacted with like 3 of them. If your reading this and striking out, I suggest you scroll up and start reading.
  12. Tawse is definitely one of my favorite implements and is usually my go too for punishments. The thicker the leather, the more thuddy it is. Thinner ones are stingier. VERY stingy. Biggest thing is don't let it wrap, some of them can split the skin easily. One of major differences between a tawse and strap is the tails. a strap hits once, each tail of a tawse also hits once. so, a 3 tail tawse is a 3 for one swing deal. I concur about London Tanner implements, i own almost 30 of them. There tawses are very well built and last a lifetime, there CP Tawse would be well suited to you and your endeavor. I also own several others and the link i posted below is a very solid option that can be used at range or OTK. I own it as well and it has thin tails, very supple, Wicked sting. Gets a naughty little EE doing the cha cha in place real fast. Amazon.com: Strict Leather Scottish Tawse : Health & Household
  13. They are on here. I have met several female ee's from here. It seems to me that they come and go though. Once they find a partner they don't regularly log in or interact on site very much. I have met more through twitter/facebook than anywhere else. Spanko.net is another good option if your striking out. Haven't heard very good things about tinder and dating apps. You are very correct about it being 5-1 Male EE's/Female EE's as well. There is a ton of guys on this site. Biggest issue is it usually seems to be sexual to them, so they have a hard time finding partners, Most of the Female EE's i interact with are strictly non-sexual and I'm totally cool with that, I was recently talking with one from here and she wanted nonsexual, found a partner on here and things went way south right out the gate. It was bad. It's shocking how often i hear that and is also one of the reasons it can be difficult to find female partners, if they don't trust you to respect there limits, they sure as hell aren't going to trust you to spank them etc. either. Along those same lines, if an EE has a bad interaction, they are less likely to want to try again with somebody else, so they resort to self spanking, or actually convert from M/F dynamics to F/F dynamics or just quit doing it all together thus thinning out the amount of them available. If an EE tells you Non-Sexual that means just that, if you do it anyways and she obviously didn't consent to it, its literally Sexual assault. This is one of the biggest issues that keeps Female EE's and maybe even a few male EE's from wanting to hop on there perch and get there butts smacked.
  14. I'm coming in a little late on this one, but it popped up in feed so why not. This subject you have to be very careful. When i ended up getting outted i Lost jobs, friends, even the roof over my head for a short while. All is calm now, i don't bother people and they don't bother me at all. The local people around the area know, its kind of hard not too, the walls are a bit thin but nobody ever says anything. I can tell by the way they act that they are not comfortable with it though. I have to go to great lengths to protect EE's identities and even just non-spanko friends when they come over because of it, everyone always assumes that if they are here, they are into it too and that is definitely not the case. It's actually pretty rare for me to host because of it, i do host but it has to be done very carefully. I have two live in EE's and they are attending college here in town, professor found out about their interests and started harassing them in class etc, they turned around a filed a sexual harassment claim against him and he no longer works there, the other students were shockingly supportive of them (really rare). I mean shockingly because they all basically rallied around the two girls and took a very tenured professor down hard. For some being outted doesn't cause any grief, for others it does. Be careful!
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