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  1. In general. I don’t distinguish between the two. I don’t need the physical aspect in either romantic or Spanko relationships
  2. For me physical attraction means nothing. This is going to sound silly but for me it’s mental/emotional attraction that’s important
  3. I've personally never understood the whole "Online Relationship," deal, literally can't do it. I also do not think it is ever acceptable to just "Ghost" an EE for any reason. There have been times even one here recently where all of a sudden it seems as if I'm the one that got blocked, Conversations were great, literally planning a time/location and all of a sudden POOF>and that's ok. But I have never Ghosted an EE for any reason. If I'm not interested in continuing the relationship -I tell them. - Sorry, that has happened to you, its sad people don't respect one another nowadays enough to be honest enough to say yeah I'm good.
  4. I’ve never had one refuse etc, I try to work on building the relationship first so it doesn’t. I have had some that I bowed out. I still talk with them etc, I don’t just drop them. Can’t say I’ve had hygiene issues with any of them, but sometimes talking to them it seems questionable to me to meet them
  5. What categories we are in is listed, it was expanded a great deal last time site was upgraded or whatever it was they did as well. I do have to be honest though, every time I hear the name Ruby, that movie the hills have eyes pops into my head! 😳
  6. OMFG @Chawsee you are not kidding! When smartphones came out I kept doing that to several coworkers! Akword conversation in company break room let me tell you!
  7. For me it’s both but does depend on an EE’s limits. Straps are my usual go to’s particularly Tawses. I have quite a few and can really get her doing the spanking dance pretty quickly. I say depend on her limits since I know some EE’s around my area where certain implements are absolutely a no go. For some it’s only hand period others no implements that will leave marks etc. So around here it varies a lot and isn’t necessarily chosen by me.
  8. I've never seen that one either. Pretty Funny though, pops the trunk and woops it. Its like Women and drop seat Pajama's. There are literally thousands of shows like that though. Everything from Disney movies, to mainstream actors the works. Not possible to see them all, hell even @Chawsee shared one i had never seen before and shot me a link to it. I was like how come I'd never seen that one. Fact of the matter is for a long time TTWD was mainstream, there is even newspaper ads depicting a woman getting turned over her husband's knee for buying the wrong damn coffee. (I wonder if she liked it and bought coffee on purpose.......Bratty little thing) We are the normal people. The spanko people, everyone else is just missing out.
  9. The thing about being advertised as a pro, as well as it potentially being prostitution, is that it's a massive liability issue for site owners as well. If the site allowed "Pro," to advertise services and something happened to whoever was seeking those services and it was done to them by the person advertising as a pro etc., the site owners could be found liable for it as well. Nowadays, it's almost guaranteed to happen. Very big grey area, one so big, it's best not to even trifle with it at all.
  10. I totally believe/agree with everything. I have done several non-Sexual spanko therapy kind of things in the past. I'm no therapist but we would formulate a plan for her, and what the consequences were for not following etc. Crazy thing- It Worked like a charm. Yes, there were maintenance spankings as well but it's never funishment etc. Basically, if I don't have a legitimate reason based on layed out plan she doesn't get touched at all. To be able to watch it all come together and see her start to grow, get out of habits, start walking a better path its surprising. At least it was to me the first time I did something like that. I had my doubts because what if she does like it and is intentionally doing wrong things to egg it on (bratting basically). But that wasn't the case, it was completely legitimate. I kid you not, it worked like a charm.
  11. Definitely found the right place for it! Welcome!
  12. Definitely dead on accurate. We clicked up bigtime. Same lunch table, same outdoor area, even summertime when on break. Took a few years before we really started partaking in TTWD but it was always under the surface. Then the day came when we all found a box of old Spanko magazines from the uk. Than a chance happening while girlfriend was over and boom!
  13. YES! I went to school in eastern Idaho and it was in fact allowed in schools! I was never on receiving end of it but I can say I knew several females that had been. Some of them even did infractions on purpose to get it No shit!
  14. Some of the kink aware pro’s are in fact Spanko people to and some do use it in a therapeutic setting. Certainly agree they are risking there license but as long as both parties have openly consented to it the APA -usually -stays out of it. there has been a few instances where a license was revoked, but those were all caused because the provider stepped outside what was consented too. Turned sexual, stalking, violating patients right to privacy etc.
  15. Totally agree @Child of Light Alot of work has gone into creating that system. It’s an absolute solid resource for people involved with the kink/fetish community. If your a business owner and need a tax professional list could go on and on. Can’t always guarantee that there’s someone in your area but they are on there.
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