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  1. If anyone can deliver a hard spanking i have an hour access to LA dungeon west- it’s a gift certificate i can use anytime . We could meet and chat ... email me ! i need a spanking - man or woman i don’t care... race no problem , black , white , blue with green spots i don’t care . j-
  2. Need a hard belting - still- will wear mask.. contact me. 😊 can’t host
  3. Hi guys: i’m not into humiliation , i agree with spanknut, not sure why the spanking isn’t bad enough? no need for anything else and honestly i don’t understand why some people feel the need to be embarassed? they must have very low self esteem .. i feel bad for them. j
  4. “Chawsee, i don't know either of those“ ammon you must know those guys - Thor = Chris Hemsworth Caretaker- old guy on horse in Ghost Rider= Sam Elliott good grief ! 😷😱
  5. To each his own - I prefer no chat , let the paddle or strap make the only sound. james-
  6. I’m not 4 yrs old- i can take down my own pants thanks ! i think someone else doing that would be a bit weird for me, but i suppose others don’t feel that way , whatever floats your boat 😁 j
  7. hi there: I don’t like to be spanked, i’m not a masochist and it hurts, but i need those endorphins- I’m in it for the stress relief. I don’t normally do anything that requires correction - i’m self disciplined enough - that’s part of the problem, occasionally i just need to let go and let someone else be in charge. j-
  8. That might explain why i am also a caffeine addict 😊 j -
  9. I’d agree with Pgh-mature-male .. i’m not by nature submissive and i would never be tied down , i have no trouble staying in position, sometimes stress levels reach a point i want to explode or do something stupid - like ride my motorbike too fast .. and rather than do that, which i realize is dumb, i ask for a spanking which has a calming effect. I exercise which helps a lot, but a spanking has a real calming effect i get from nothing else... these spanking are similar to punishment ones- fairly hard leaving bruises for a couple of days. no scolding , corner time or humiliation - it’s just a spanking with a belt or paddle usually. Just the sound of belt smacking butt.. no chit chat. the lockdown isn’t helping, i seem to have more work than ever since i’m one if the very few allowed at work, and i take T for my ftm transition, which sometimes feels like an adrenalin/ steroid shot for me ..( really not helping) i’m in the first few months, it’s a bit rough on the body. I don’t normally do anything wrong- don’t smoke or drink, normally a hard worker.. ( yeah i’m a saint! 😉) just stress builds up, with good reason i think, i usually cope quite well.. But tough times .. require tough measures! for me anyway. 😁 ( i suppose i’m a fairly vanilla spanker - not really into bdsm) be safe. 👍🏼😷
  10. nope- too weird for me , should be reserved for babies and diapers . j-
  11. JNW

    RIP FrimHoH

    I never met FrimHoH, but i wanted to after the lockdown - RIP FrimHoH j-
  12. I think i’d like to be taken to a woodshed too .. i don’t mind bugs - j 😊.
  13. in a sense i am always paying for a spanking because i need to book a hotel room ( i can’t host) so if there’s a spanker that can host i would be happy to pay the cost of a room say! if i don’t have to pay that would be great !! 😁😎 j
  14. understood- i would take every possible precaution- gloves .. mask .. no physical contact- implements only- belting at arms length.. i know i’m not sick because i’m pedaling up hills - i can’t do that with even a mild cold . but not to worry , the two guys i’ve asked are not going to break lockdown .. and i don’t want to make anyone sick! take care! i’ll just have to wait 😷🙄🥺 Biking releases stress relief endorphins too - just not enough.
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