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  1. Hello all, I have been into the M/s, D/s, and Disciplinarian lifestyle for about 8 years now. There are several types of dynamics that I like to engage in but since we are on the spanking site, I will talk about how my Discipline and mentorship helps my partners. I have some life coaching experience too and I use some of my leadership skills in Disciplining my partners constructively. I have helped straighten out some partners with Discipline and Scolding. I enjoy providing structure and deciding ways in which my partner can live their life and turn out to be happier on the other end. My s
  2. I am a Disciplinarian from California. Feel free to reach out.
  3. She learnt her lesson and now follows her food plan ever since
  4. She needed some attitude adjustment and punishment for eating oreos without permission.
  5. Krrish


    and something is what you will get if you have means to travel after quarantine.
  6. Krrish


    she already struggles with sitting down but bad attitude always needs a correction. She knows she will have to suffer if she doesn't learn her lesson.
  7. Krrish


    its the paddle mostly but consistent paddling on same spot will do wonders with her attitude.
  8. Krrish


    do you struggle in life? Do you want to get yourself straight and make yourself follow your dreams? Do you think some Discipline will solve a lot of problems in your life? Then thats exactly what you will get.
  9. Krrish


    travel after the quarantine and enjoy the disciplining of your life.
  10. Krrish


    Also she is going to get another today. These bruises might get darker. She thought she could talk back to me now she will face the consequence.
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