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  1. Please share with the group your favorite spanking position & favorite implement that you prefer.
  2. I am a single male who lives outside of Philadelphia in the suburbs who really enjoys spanking. I am a switch, I prefer to be spanked by a female older then myself, like a teacher or a wicked Aunty figure. When it comes to giving a spanking, I enjoy spanking female older or younger than me.
  3. Does anyone want to share any stories of their spankings when you were required to remove all of your clothes before being spanked?
  4. Hi I am brand new here, I love spanking !! Have you ever been to a spanking event before? I have been to Boardwalk Badness Weekend in AC three times. I am trying to find a female spanking partner in the Philadelphia suburbs or surrounding areas. Let me know if you would like to chat. spankmaster2011
  5. Hello, I am brand new (first day)on this website, I live in Delaware County, PA. I am interested in giving a beautiful bottom a good old spanking. Let me know if your interested. Spankmaster2011
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