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  1. my 6th birthday. first grade. i need one. birthday is in july if anyone near kent ohio is reading.
  2. I have a terrible time remembering to prepare my games every week. I am easily distracted. I also have been watching way too much porn, and tiktok. and thirdly have a very dirty mouth. Things i have: Hairbrush, wooden spoon, paddle, wooden clothesline clips, soap, buttplug (silicone),Buttplug (metal with tail), dildo, jiggleballs.
  3. Punishment: Due to staying up too late your bedtime is now 11 pm and if that's too late then 10 pm. As well as a bedtime spanking on bare of 30 swats with a ruler or slipper. For procrastinating you have 50 swats to your bare bottom with your most hated implement. Every day your projects are not caught up. My confession: I have been procrastinating on all my projects and spending more time online watching porn or on tiktok then i should be. Items i have to my disposal: ruler, silicone paddle, wooden spoon, fluffy wolf tail metal butt plug, silicone butt plug, soap, vibrator, adult diapers, paper pen.
  4. I just need an online daddy to remind ne to do mt homework. And give me self spanking punishments for bad grades
  5. Hallo i am ace. I an 26 and working on my undergrad in teaching with a minor in human sexuality and gender sciences.
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