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  1. My inspiration here is the older, yet "Built to Last" looking matron. Be she a teacher, someone's Gran, Governess, or as depicted in these illustrations, the same matron running a boarding house, and her boarder's are all young (legal aged) men. She sets about establishing her dominance by providing them aggressive instruction and correction across those bare bottoms that she secretly lusts over.
  2. As a gay man, with a big time spanking fetish, I can't imagine anything more erotic than for a young man to spanked by an older harridan governess, who is built to last, and has a lap that gets your ass up in the air!
  3. I may have posted a response to a similar question, but here goes. I was spanked as a kid, ritualistic, lengthy spankings from my mother, who had a thing for spanking me. It went on for about 2 years and I was going on 9 years when they stopped. I enjoyed them very much and I learned to appreciate the sweet sting that lit everything else up as well.
  4. On the classic note, "The Barber of Seville" may be interesting. I still like "Stars and Stripes Forever"...
  5. Love these pictures especially the nun

    1. Professorredbottom


      Thanks William....Just saw your note.  I do have a thing for authoritarian, matronly women who spanking boys (young men) and mask the lust of their own spanking fetish with an appearance of duty.  Thus my interests in Nuns, sisters, governess, houskeeper or nanny.... 

  6. The first time I heard that song I was 13. This may seem hard to believe, but at that age, spanking turned me on. The way that hand clap sounded to me sounded more like a slap, then followed by a gasp. It just seemed to fit a spanking fantasy, since 1968.
  7. True, and a good point. As I said in an early response on this subject, I have used march music. I can't think of the name of the March at the moment, but it was a march that the Germans were goose stepping to in the last of the Indiana Jones Movies. Disco, would work great, I also have used some older rock songs, like "Time of the Season" by the Zombies, and a song called "Tighten Up" by Archie Bell and the Drells. I've also tingled up a couple of posterior to the song, "I Wanna Be A Cowboy"....This whole thing fits into my fantasy of a piano teacher, who dictates her "lesson" by the clic
  8. I guess I should be more specific. It's not hard spanking....just more....rhythmic?
  9. To 12hole paddle I was spanked once in time to "Stars and Stripes forever".....I always had an affinity for the cadence of march tunes set to slaps....it does work. When I gave it and played the game, the spanking would not end until all the music on the tape was finished..... I also pretended once I was a piano teacher.....
  10. Thanks for sharing that. I consider this a very sophisticated spanking. For both of you!!
  11. Great Story...thanks so much for sharing...That is a good Santa. To answer the question. Of course Santa Spanks...why else would he asked of you were naughty or nice. I'm sure there are others that feel this way...but I thought I would share a couple of images for the Season.... It would be easy to say "Season's Beatings"...but I don't feel a good spanking is a beating....Bottoms up!
  12. Actually, not to pick this thread apart, there are many "types" of bubble butts...big beefy full ones, pert, high packed ones...quite chiseled and protruding ones...the variety is amazing, so yes, I prefer a well packed well shaped, posterior that seems to defy my hand.....
  13. Spankyboy's writings regarding M/M spanking are spot on. How can I elaborate on such an articulate thread and one that is so accurate. I've stated it before. Sexually I am a gay man, my sexual attractions started towards the male form, especially his bottom....yet, not in what is thought to be a typical homosexual manner. I never desired anal sex when I see a guy with a great build and great fanny. I want to spank him...period. A good long solid, slappy spanking. Everything else in my sexual life then sprang from that, with mutually interested parties. But spanking remains my primary h
  14. I have always enjoyed F/M spanking art. I cut my fetish teeth on it...then grew to appreciate M/M as well. I'd like to ad some of my work to this visual celebration of F/M spankings! Hope you enjoy! Professorredbottom (Franco)
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