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  1. Looking for ladies who enjoy a good otk spanking for whatever reason....fun, discipline, punishment. Can accomodate different levels of intensity utilizing various implements....limits repected
  2. Available to women who want or need a good otk spanking......safe, sane, and skilled. I can send you on your way with a sore red bottom.
  3. If you can come to nashville contact me
  4. Are there any women in middle TN who enjoy getting a sound spanking?
  5. Feel free to message me and lets chat
  6. SWM spanker looking for NSA female spanking partners. I am safe, skilled and willing to respect limits. You are: looking for spanking whether for pleasure or punishment or somewhere inbetween.
  7. Im not new to SN.....been here for a few years
  8. I am definitely into bdsm.....but i also see spanking as a seperate activity in certain cases......not everyone wants the whole bdsm lifestyle
  9. Yes it is possible....message me and lets chat.....i am in Nashville area
  10. Feel free to message me......i am an exp disciplinarian
  11. Let me know if you would like to chat
  12. Looking for women who want/need a good bare bottom otk spanking to motivate them....exp and safe, willing ti respect limits
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