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  1. Let's meet for lunch and talk about how to improve those grades.
  2. Success! Thank you Hannah, Jenna and everyone else.
  3. Thanks Hannah! I'll try that.
  4. Guilt drives many to seek a way to atone, and I've known a number of women who want a memorable spanking for that reason alone. They feel better afterwards, so I see no problem. There are so many reasons people subject themselves to a spanking I stopped counting and chalked it up to the unique and wondrous different ways we are all wired.
  5. Thanks Jane. I think I almost had it, but then I got a message that the profile photo was too large for the space, and I'll have to figure out how to make it smaller. But I'm working on it!
  6. Hello! I'm new here (I know, you get that a lot), but I am not very adept with computer technology. I'd like to move a photo from my Facebook page to my profile page here, but alas, I don't know how to do it. Can you explain the procedure verrrrrry carefully, so even a 3rd grader could do it? Thank you, R.
  7. To answer the original poster, there is something very exciting about having a grown woman across my knee, over a desk or draped over a sofa, naked from the waist down waiting for the inevitable paddle, hairbrush, hand, etc. to come down and set her backside on fire. The nervous way she speaks, sometimes doing her best to preserve modesty. Of course, everyone I have spanked, I have previously talked to and met, often several times, so much of this is role-playing. But at the end of the day, it's two strangers, and one is just about to give the other a gift----call it power, call it control, or just call it a school paddle with holes drilled in it. The other returns the favor by delivering the desired spanking, complete with scolding, lecture, reminders of why he/she is in the position she finds herself in. And if the spanker does his/her job, the spankee will feel the sense of release/catharsis from guilt, tension, or any of what seems to be dozens of reasons why spankees crave getting a memorable bottom-blistering. At 60, I don't spank women the age of the poster--mainly because they are generally seeking someone closer to their own age (with some notable exceptions). But yes Virginia, there really are spankers who don't look at spanking as a lead-in or prelude to sex. Some of us just enjoy wearing you out with a Walmart bath brush 'til you can't sit down.
  8. I spanked a young lady with a switch, and other implements, and the switch was by far the most effective. She told me she had only been switched once in her life before this; she was about 10 years old and her mother used one to impress upon her the hazards of playing in the street. After our session she made a point of editing her post on a site we probably all know to let potential readers that the switch "really makes her squirm." She was right about that!
  9. My girlfriend in 1977. And I wasn't the spanker! In this part of the country, paddlings are still given in public schools, though not as often as in the 60s and 70s. I was in my first year of college and I picked her up from school on a Friday. She lived near enough to the school to walk home but it gave us a chance to see each other. She wasn't in her usual good mood, for a Friday, so I asked what was wrong? It seems that her study hall got a bit too talkative, and finally, the lady in charge brought an assistant principal down to quiet the room. The entire class was told they would have to come in Saturday or be paddled. This was before the days of ISS (at least in South Carolina), and less than 10 students were willing to show up at 8 AM on a Saturday. Nowadays of course, I would tell my child to resist such a blanket punishment, and prove which students were guilty, but back then, teachers got away with a lot! Anyway, long story short, the girls wound up going to the gym and two of the PE teachers gave them 10 swats each with a paddle. The boys went with the assistant principal (male) and they got their licks in his office. I had never spanked Darlene (and never got to do so ), but she was very detailed in her description. She said she took all 10 licks and then went back to the study hall to let the teacher know she would NOT be in school tomorrow. I didn't want to seem too curious, as I was still figuring out my place in the spanko world, but I did ask her if it hurt. She said that only two girls cried, but allowed that "after the sixth one, they stung a lot worse." She also said that the P E teacher who paddled her was stronger and "really burned me up!" We went to the football game that evening and did some rolling around in my basement bedroom afterward, so I did get a look at her. The marks were not nearly as bad as I expected---her right cheek had a medium-sized red circle imprint, but the left cheek looked undamaged. And I DID get a good look!
  10. This is my first 10 minutes at this site, and I'll try not to break any rules. I don't think you will have any trouble finding a disciplinarian to help you stick to a regimen. It took almost a year to learn all the lingo, but after searching out others with an interest in disciplinary spankings only, I finally learned that I am what is termed a "service top." t seems there are quite a number of women who are very interested in getting real, no-nonsense spanking/paddling/etc. for more reasons than I could go into right now. But they also want to keep it strictly "strict". Nothing sexual, no poking and prodding or wayward hands and fingers--just an old-fashioned spanking like one they may have gotten in school, at home growing up, or as an adult from a mentor. In your case, I think you would be looking for someone closer to your own age; I know you posted non-sexual, but I found that the ladies who I see are mostly in their 40s with a few in their thirties and fifties. And unless you want a "certified" coach type, who knows something about physical education as well as spanking, you should NOT have to pay. I would bet there are plenty of guys who could take care of your needs if you simply told them your goals and when you meet, tell them honestly how you have been doing. You really won't need any, but good luck all the same!
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