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  1. Wow, so many and varied preferences and experiences. As one who never really thought about the deeply rooted feelings of power exchange and such, I have always known that no matter how much trust is there, or how much one wants to "surrender" one's power to another, the spankee is ultimately the one who is in charge. I've often drawn a parallel with an operation, an execution, a public flogging, etc. Without the guest of honor, there's no event and everyone might as well have stayed home watching TV.. Likewise, if the spankee isn't willing to go across my knee/desk/etc., ain't nothin' g
  2. I didn't think most women would want corner time, but once I started seeing "strangers", I found the opposite to be true. I always get preliminaries out of the way when we have that public meeting to see if we want to continue, and without fail, the answer would be "Oh yeah--I'm a corner-time girl." I just assumed they'd rather use the time spent in the corner to prolong the spanking time!
  3. Upstate, near Inman
  4. "someone's going to get her panties set on fire", or "Somebody's gonna be sleeping on her stomach tonight."
  5. There have been a few times where I gave a lady a spanking, consenting of course, and presumably she had "accepted" that she needed it. I don't spend much time with this acceptance business; if she comes to me, I expect her to already have come to terms with the fact that she'll be soundly paddled and sitting carefully soon after. Nevertheless, the very first emotion that she showed was anger, She stood up, hands on hips and stood looking at me. She didn't say anything, and she faced the corner for a short time (I'm not into corner time, unless the spankee really wants that to be part of
  6. That gets back to trust. As a full-time spanker, I only give a definite number of swats or "licks" when recreating a school paddling (or something similar) where there was a defined punishment for various infractions and the spankee wants to relive it, or in some cases fulfill a fantasy concerning it. It's not easy to give up that level of power to someone else if you've known them well for many years, much less a disciplinarian one meets online. That's why I always meet the person--usually multiple times, in a public setting and discuss everything. Once we get to setting up a session, and
  7. Christian. I agree with parts of most mainline denomination, so I'm a Methopresbylutheropalian.
  8. Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Procul Harum, Yes, Deep Purple and more Pink Floyd. Same as it ever was....
  9. A person never gives up the right to say "no, I don't feel like it right now." A sub, bottom, spankee, or whatever classification one wants to place one's self is NOT required to submit to anyone unless he or she wants to. One can yield as much power to someone else as one wants, but you NEVER give up your right to call a halt to the proceedings.
  10. If you pick it, it'll never heal. Never swing at a 3-0ppitch. Nothing really matters, and so what if it did?
  11. Gravano comes the closest to answering this question the way that I would. With all due respect to Michael Masterson and other disciplinarians who "spank for punishment", it is STILL the spankee who calls the shots. Unless I woke up in a country where slavery is legal, spankers have NO power that their spankee doesn't give them. None. Zero. Nada. I spank, and it is solely non-sexual/sensual. Platonic service top, if one likes those clinical terms that are so often used to classify people. But, even when delivering a blistering spanking intended to be felt for days, there is always a
  12. I live in upstate South Carolina and have been fortunate over the years. Most of the girls I dated were into spanking to at least some degree, with one notably embarrassing exception. Anyway, there is an all-women's college in this burg, and anyone who lives within driving distance of the area has probably heard of it, and everyone else likely has not. Having visited there a lot while dating some of the coeds, MANY moons ago, I found that they have bulletin boards in each dorm and classroom building. People post cars for sale, tutoring help, requests for rides home for holidays, most a
  13. Most girls I've spanked use icepacks afterwards, and a couple use a cream that is supposed to lessen bruising. But since most of them want marks, it's usually just ice and reassurance.
  14. When she feels better after the spanking than before, it's a good spanking. If she feels both better AND it met her expectations (chastised, punished, relieved of guilt or stress, is going to feel it for 5-6 days, brought to tears, has marks to remind her every time she looks in a mirror and bruises she feels every time she pull her panties up, or any combination she has requested) it's a very good spanking.
  15. I believe my experiences are far fewer than most posters, but from my perspective, the women I spank want marks. They expect them and amazingly, they know when a swat lands whether or not there will be a bruise, welt, etc. There are times when I've been asked to try not to leave marks (the dr. appt. thing) and most of them have been spanked enough to where they don't mark that easily. But there are some that marking simply can't be helped. And they understand.
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