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  1. Common sense suggests you MUST have a safeword I don't.....
  2. A mentor once said to me after a fairly severe caning: 'I've got it right if the caning stings FAR more than you had anticipated, but an hour later you think you could have taken more (but were glad you didn't).'
  3. I am in the second category. I benefit from corporal punishment or discipline, as a disincentive to misbehave and as a consciense salve when I do!
  4. This begs the question: do the shorts stay up or do they come down?
  5. Thank you for this. It is many years since I (unwillingly) spent a year struggling with Hebrew. And of course it does not translate perfectly into English. But my understanding was that (think Ps 23) there is a different word for rod (shebet) and staff. And it is shebet in the proverb about the backs of fools. Perhaps over the years I've got it wrong.
  6. Aquinas describes* how 'satisfaction' (a euphemism for a sound spanking) is not necessary for a sinner to gain absolution. However, it DOES put the offender in a better mindset to seek absolution, having paid a price... It makes total sense to me. I am therefore caned for purely punishment or discipline by another heterosexual male. I KNOW it isn't essential for the confession/absolution but it absolutely puts me in the right mindset to repent and seek absolution. I am not in the least massochistic. But the sting of the cane is somehow cleansing. It allows me to better accept forgiveness. The only negative is, to succeed it needs to hurt, and rather more than you think it should. I hope you can go through with this and find the release it brings. If it isn't sexually motivated I do not think it is sinful. Also remember that many 'shebet' references in Proverbs do not specify children. The rod is also for fools! *regarding novices, aged14-24ish
  7. I am caned by another heterosexual male for purely punishment purposes. There is no overt sexual element. Gravity takes care of the trousers or shorts. Elastic waistbands on underwear mean that only the 'necessary area' is uncovered. My mentor lifts the shirt tail if it is likely to interfere. The whole buttock area is therefore exposed for the corrective action, but nothing else is 'on show'.
  8. May I suggest that there is an important distinction between spanking therapy and spanking for disciplinary or punitive reasons (which are again different from one another). I am caned for punishment (looking backward) or discipline (looming forward). There is no attempt at therapy. It is about controlling aspects of my life which need more control: in my case a combo of health and driving issues. To succeed, the caning needs to be severe enough to be a disincentive but not so severe as to discourage honesty about my shortcomings. When done right it brings about regret, repentance and a sense of relief from guilt. But it would not work without a fundamental desire to improve in those development areas and a preparedness to submit to traditional correction. It doesn't stop me messing up. But it greatly reduces both the number and severity of those incidents. I think it is different from therapy which is about mental health and wellbeing.
  9. I am caned for discipline/punishment. There is no build up. The first and last strokes are equally firm. It stings from the outset. However, the strokes are not administered fast. They are apied at 10-15sec intervals which means that the next stroke lands just before the sting og the previous one begins to abate. It maintains the pain for much longer. It is very much a no-nonsense correction.
  10. It works for me. I have a series of 'improvement areas', especially around health & fitness and driving. Missing target=caning. It works! I am also caned for non-specific matters if my behaviour falls short, particularly over matters of integrity.
  11. It isn't exactly a favourite because I HATE corporal punishment but recognise it works for me, both controlling certain behaviours and purging guilt. I am subject to the 'junior dragon' rattan cane. It is very thin and whippy but denser than kooboo, so the sting is more penetrating and more intense. It is horrid. But it is also oddly and reassuringly familiar: it is how I was corrected in my teens. It somehow feels 'right' despite being nasty and leaving lasting stripes.
  12. 4 and 5 for me: it deals with both behaviour/self improvement AND the guilt generated. 6 does not quite apply: I do not want to be fifteen again, but I do find the familiarity of being disciplined as I was at 15-16 to be very reassuring. Let myself down= bare bottom caning. It stings horribly, which both helps me keep behaviours in check AND purges guilt.
  13. Yes, it is about mindset not fetish if it is a true disciplinary spanking.
  14. Yes! Some will label this fetishist but it is about mindset. Well said.
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