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  1. For me, you summarised it well. (I suspect it may not apply to many who find pleasure in spanking). I am caned for pure correction. It hurts. But it is simple: offence-sore bottom-catharsis. The accountability element is important, too. I will summarise the medieval theologian, Aquinas on 'satisfaction'*: satisfaction is not necessary for absolution. But having been [caned] helps put the sinner in the mindset to receive absolution. *satisfaction in the context of his writing is effectively the caning of young monks, 16-24 for sinfulness that they have confessed.
  2. I am caned by another male for punishment or discipline purposes. Just like when I was corrected by my father as a teenager, only a relatively small area needs to be bared.
  3. Poor you. It sounds brutal.
  4. Oddly, I felt no guilt about school canings: the rules were inane and not morally based. You could be punished for very minor things and after six minor punishments in a term you were caned! At home I did feel guilt and the cane assuaged it. Until it was introduced I'd had constant tongue lashings from my mother.... they never ended! At least a caning was quick. Odd to say, but the school cane and domestic cane hurt equally, but the sting element at home was MUCH greater and felt more punitive. I think it was a thinner cane, applied to a very 'tight' bare botty that made the dif
  5. As a teenager (13-18) I was caned by my housemaster (through a layer of clothing) over a table. I was caned by my father from 13 until he died when I was 16 (administered more "directly") over the back of a chair. Both were very traditional, always six. Both hurt. But the 'sting' element of the thinner domestic cane applied directly to tightly stretched, unclothed bottom was much more punitive, and the stripes were clearer and lasted longer. I found the canings I had at home (probably only six or seven, ever) were more 'useful' in that they pulled me up, encouraged reflection
  6. I am corrected for pure punishment or discipline. I have no overt sexual reaction (indeed I am a heterosexual male corrected by another heterosexual male. He canes me. It hurts. I dislike it... but (a) it helps with my behaviours and (b) it is familiar and oddly comforting.
  7. If the missed spanking was due to your fault in some way, YES.
  8. Yes ours is basically rules and consequences. There are two sets of 'rules': one relating to my six improvement areas, the other to my conduct while being mentored or corrected. Breach of the former risks a caning. The latter: a heavy taws.
  9. We have a written agreement regarding (1) the six 'improvement areas' for me, (2) how canings will be administered. What is important is that there is genuine mentoring and not just an excuse for him to correct me. I'm NOT caned every visit or even every offence, but when he thinks it is appropriate. I do not mean that he is inconsistent, just occasionally merciful. Some of the most valuable corrections have been the ones I wasn't anticipating.... making me face up to things I had conveniently glossed over. When the cane makes an appearance it is administered soundly but n
  10. This isn't simple, especially for those for whom the correction is purely punishment or discipline (ie not 'titillating'). I suppose when I visit my mentor, knocking his door is giving implied consent.... although a caning does not always ensue. Once that framework of implied consent is in place, trust takes over. In our case I have to trust him. We do not have a safe word because I need to eschew any control of the situation. So I have to trust him: -to decide whether he thinks a caning is in my best interests -if so, then to administer the caning safely -to adm
  11. I suspect that is why it had gone on for years.
  12. I have six 'improvement areas' and I am always honest with my mentor about when something in them goes wrong. It sometimes means a caning ensues, but not always. For me, the whole mentoring and mprovement process would become meaningless if I only confessed the failures that I wanted to. I just have to trust my mentor that if he decides to punish or discipline me, it is done in my own best interests.
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