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  1. I'm caned for three reasons: PUNISHMENT I messed up and am paying the price with a sore bottom. PROMISE If I messed up again, I will get more of the same, and it will hurt. PEACE Unlike other punishments, it has a clear end. When I stand up and pull up my underwear, it is over, done with and forgotten.
  2. For me, embarrassment doesn't help. But a quiet, calm, controlled atmosphere followed by a little reflection time is most important. It makes clear that it is the behaviour that's being corrected, not the personality.
  3. I was sixteen. My father died or it would have continued. At school it was eighteen years and three months....
  4. Yes. I once (about 14/15) admitted something which would never have come to light. Half way through the outpouring, my father stopped me and warned me that there might be a consequence (meaning a caning) if Icontinued down this road. I continued. I certainly didn't want a caning.... they hurt SEVERELY. But I knew I NEEDED a caning. There is no way I'd have admitted to the behaviour if the consequence had been grounding or some other drawn-out sanction. I needed the catharsis of a sore bottom. I still do!
  5. It is interesting to read that you want it the way your father did it. That's how I'm caned.... as my father did it. I don't want to be 16 again, but there is something reassuringly familiar with the way we were corrected as teenagers.
  6. The implement that makes me cry the most is my conscience.
  7. Probably the second caning from my father. I remembered how bad the first one had been, so I knew how much it'd hurt! Subsequent ones weren't so bad: I'd survived two (or more) by then!!!
  8. I was eighteen years old, legally an adult. I was still at boarding school and broke bounds to have a couple of pints in the local pub. But I was duty prefect and neglected my duties. A very severe caning ensued. I'm glad! I deserved it and needed it. I have never neglected my duties since.
  9. As a teen I wasn't exactly excited by receiving corporal punishment. I disliked being caned. But I honestly preferred it to grounding or similar punishments: I once admitted something that wouldn't have come to light, knowing (hoping?) that my father would cane me. He did. It hurt. I'd never have admitted it if the consequence would have been a grounding. But a caning cleared the air and I felt huge relief afterwards.
  10. For me, a thin, whippy but dense rattan cane applied soundly contains a great deal of sting, when administered to a tightly presented posterior. If the 'presentation' is less tight, it hurts just as much but the 'sting element' is less. It's why schoolmasters and parents used positions like over a desk or chair back.....keeping the target area tightly presented so the recipient had the full benefit of each stroke.
  11. My first mentor was a priest....at his hands (well, cane!) i had my first adultcorrection. Later, I was approached by a small subgroup within a prayer group of which I was a member. Two of the three in the subgroup were priests. I was invited to be the fourth member of this 'circle of accountability' and asked a lot of questions. In short, they were held accountable by one another for their failings, and penance administered. When I asked about the penance, the answer was that it would be very familiar to anyone who'd been to boarding school and a few strokes of the cane were mimed. I regret not joining.
  12. I am a heterosexual male and I am caned by a heterosexual male. There is nothing sexual in either direction. It makes it easier.
  13. I am subject to disciplinary caning. The rattan cane leaves very distinctive marks for 5-7 days. They are unmistakable. I am also subject to monthly injections due to a vitamin deficiency. I have to take great care that the events are separated.... by a couple of days if the injection is due first, but by ten days if the caning happens first...which has been awkward when I've postponed the jab!
  14. I get no arousal from being caned....nor do I get any pleasure. When my mentor uses the words 'over the chair, please' I shuffle to it as I might the scaffold, let down my trousers with shaking hands and very slowly push down my underwear to delay the cane! I grip the chair seat tightly and grit my teeth. It stings HORRIBLY. It's hard to keep still. But it assuages my natural guilt. My canings are wholly unwanted but wholly necessary....and keep me on an even keel.
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