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  1. I have six improvement areas I'm required to report on weekly to my mentor: They cover health, temper and driving issues. Failure in any area may result in the cane: repeated failure will result in the cane. Believe me, the cane hurts, mightily. I therefore have never broken a rule in order to be caned: it is not in any way a 'fun'ishment. But I do report honestly because if I am failing in an area, the cane brings pain for my own good. My mentor canes kindly* but soundly in a way that encourages reflection and contemplation. As I bend over hearing the cane being
  2. Absolutely right. Because I am tongue-tied I found under-the-tongue thermometers very difficult in my childhood so my mother continued to take my temperature in the manner usually reserved for the under-fives. I didn't mind too much because frankly it was more comfortable than under the tongue and it didn't sting like soap. But it was a special thermometer with a bulbous end especially designed for safety when used in that manner. She was very careful to put some sort of cream on the thermometer and then to slide it in very gently indeed. Then after a couple of minutes sh
  3. I am caned for discipline purposes only. I have two sets of rules: the first relates to my six 'improvement areas' that I report on weekly to my mentor. Failure in one or more may result in a caning. The second set is the rules that cover the process: frequency of reporting, conduct during mentoring sessions,etc. Any failure results in the tawse.
  4. I mentioned adolescence earlier but I do have an issue as an adult. I am caned and the cane leaves very distinct marks. But I am also subject to monthly injections. Injection before caning, no problem. Injection AFTER caning....big problem.
  5. I am caned for purely discipline purposes. I genuinely dislike it but recognise that I need it and benefit from it. I have improvement areas that I report on weekly. Failure brings a sore bottom. I find I fail often enough not to need maintenance canings. I see the value but not the need in my case.
  6. I am sailing into unknown territory in one sense, so moderators please remove this post if it is offensive. I am here for disciplinary reasons and have no erotic interest but from this thread it is clear that fome find the idea of 'internal discomfort' appealing. I have never been 'figged'. But when I was a boy and young adolescent my mother obsessed with lavatory issues and if I failed to defaecate for 48 hours she would address the situation with a piece of soap, about the size of a finger. I don't think there was any science to it: it simply stung so much it encouraged me to
  7. Never as an adult. At my boarding school there was no shame attached to cane marks. But I once returned at the start of term having been caned by my father...and the marks were VERY different from those left by the school cane. I was mortified that other boys (we were about fifteen) might discover that I was subject to bare bottom canings at home. I took care to hide them. Illogical, or what?
  8. I am subject to the cane for purely discipline purposes. I do not therefore have any 'preference' (in one sense it'd be an unmarked posterior). But the reality is, bright red and raised weals. A corrugated bottom!
  9. I wondered what others found the very worst moment of receiving a pure punishment? For me, it is the 20 seconds before the first stroke. Bare bottom, bending over, white knuckled from gripping the chair seat in anticipation of the first searing cut and hearing my mentor swishing the cane to warm it up and make it sting more....knowing that it will be administered once he thinks he's put enough 'whip' into it!
  10. I have to report by email in six improvement areas every week.... if I fail to report or report failure I have the weight of an impending caning on my shoulders. Waiting for a caning is nasty and a disincentive to reoffend as it'll mean more stripes.
  11. Yes: I used to have a mentoring session (which didn't always result in correction) every two-three months. Next week will be the first for over a year. I've missed the guidance but it also means that I've accumulated a lot of offences. The cane will give me a bum like a zebra!
  12. I am subject to traditional correction for purely discipline purposes. I have found that I dislike being caned but that it is really helpful to me. It truly helps me to improve by controlling some urges and letting me forgive myself for some weaknesses so that I can move on. Someone once described it as PUNISHMENT you did something wrong and are paying the price PROMISE you'll get more if you commit the same sins again PEACE you can let go and move forward with a clean sheet. I'm mentored in six 'improvement areas' that I report on, weekly. But C19 means th
  13. I'm caned for purely discipline purposes and my mentor is very careful to go about it in such a way as to maintain dignity as much as possible. The correction is the sore bottom and not humiliation for me. It is humbling but not humiliating to submit to the cane. Indeed he administers the cane very much as my father used to when I was fifteen or sixteen.
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