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  1. For some reason my last post (above) became very distorted on screen after I postrd it. Intense Switch had explained the term hitchhiking. I observed that when the cane was introduced by my father, I was thirteen and my underwear would join my shorts, pooled around my ankles. By fifteen the underwear was at the knees. By sixteen (when my father died) the underpants were mid-thigh, so I guess that, had he lived, I'd've been a hitchhiker at seventeen.
  2. I am a heterosexual male and my mentor is a heterosexual male. There is no overt sexuality in the act of caning, which is purely for discipline or punishment. I have, however sometimes wondered if there is some subliminal sex-drive going on that I have not overtly experienced. The actual experience is getting a striped and sore posterior and thst is not in any way arousing.
  3. In my experience the command to bare the bottom has come at the same time as that to get into position for the correction. My father, "Trousers and pants down, please, and bend right over the chair." Very polite caner! Housemaster: "shorts down, over the table"* First mentor: "Trousers down...that's it... now, underwear so they're out of the way.... just bend over the table." *canings at school were administered through a layer of clothing: pyjamas, gym shorts, or underpants.
  4. I think 'no warm up' is an essential part of a punishment spanking. It is designed to hurt. It does hurt. Making it somehow easier for the miscreant is counter-productive.
  5. Yes! I do not relish a caning in any way; but I recognise there are times when I deserve and need one. Once it is underway I want it to stop. The only reason I stay down is because I know I'll get an extra dose if I stand up. It genuinely helps me (a) to learn [discipline] and (b) with catharsis [yes, the unfashionable word, punishment]. Of course it hurts: it is designed to hurt. Of course I don't like being thrashed: it is designed to HURT. It WORKS!
  6. Welcome Naughty Boy! I hope we can help.
  7. Certainly my last caning at school was as an adult: 18y3m! My father died when I was 16 but had he lived I would probably have been subject to his correction until I left school, so again into early adulthood.
  8. I am caned for disciplinary purposes only. I'd like to say I think about the offence, that my botty hurts, and my determination not to make the same mistake again. But in truth that isn't the case at all. I try to think of distractions to the pain. Amo Amas Amat Etc Two twos are four Two fours are eight Two eights.... Etc. Of course it doesn't work and the brain is completely concentrating on the next stroke and how far through the six or twelve stripes you are at that moment! Fortunately my mentor usually gives me a couple of minutes of
  9. One on the bible and one on theologians: 1BIBLE The Bible supports corporal correction. Many of the 'rod' references in Proverbs are not specified for children but much more general.... especially for fools. Hebrews also compares the thrashing of a loving father to God's discipline. 2THEOLOGIANS The rule of St Benedict strongly supports the corporal correction of young men under the age of about 24. Aquinas talks about corporal discipline as 'satisfaction'. He argues that being caned does not bring absolution, but it puts the sinful person in the mindset to
  10. I answered this (honestly) a while ago. I was about 22 when I had the catharsis of my first adult correction. But if I reflect more deeply, there was an occasion when I was fourteen. I was overwhelmed with guilt about something and began to admit it to my father although it would never have come to light. A wise man; he interrupted my tale of woe at the mid point and warned me that I was in danger of talking my way into a caning. I kept going! Although it wasn't 'consensual' I onbviously gave a clear if reluctant message that I needed to be corrected, and h
  11. I was eighteen. It was from my housemaster. I had broken his trust. It eas very painful but equally cathartic.
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