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  1. Hi Friends, I've been spanking-obsessed for over 40 years-- (Can anyone relate? )-- so this kink of mine is not going anywhere. But spanking has, admittedly, taken a back seat for me since I switched careers and have very little time for personal recreation. I've noticed that spanking is no longer at the forefront of my mind, like it was with jobs where I had a healthier work/life balance. Has anyone else felt this ebb and flow with their spanking interest? And if so, can you identify what caused it?
  2. In the past I kept my implements in my backpack (my toy bag), but the backpack now goes with me to work, so I recently switched them over to the North Face Base Camp Duffel that stores my off-season clothing. They are each in a flannel cotton cover and nestled in between clothes. I keep a luggage lock on the duffel because for the past three years I've lived with one or more roommates, and my spanking lifestyle is something that I feel a need to keep private from the rest of the household. If I ever settle down again in a cozy little cabin or house that I own, I will install a wooden Shaker-style peg hook coat rack in my bedroom closet and hang them from that. I could be wrong about this, but I feel that it's better for implements to be hung up.
  3. I'm "riding for the brand." In ranch terms, that means that I am loyal and dedicated to the outfit I work for. So right now, my schedule is what it is-- and that simply has to come before SN.
  4. Yeeeah, it was interesting. He was quick to turn the tables and suggest that he should be spanking me. Haha-- that's NOT going to happen. I don't think he was a true spanko, but I did sense that he was looking for more than a roommate. When he asked me what color panties I was wearing (which I wouldn't answer), I decided he was more than I wanted to deal with.
  5. Lot of spankos do try to push themselves as far as possible, and that's perfectly okay for them. But for me, that intensity is a no-go. One can inflict considerable pain without physical damage. I don't want to be brutalizing someone or causing loss of sensation from overly hard sessions. That's not loving, and it's not what spanking is about for me.
  6. For me, yes. I've always led my relationships, though in a quiet way. I have a job where I oversee three sites (and rather regularly travel to ones even further away), dealing with the public and enforcing county rules. The fit is perfect for me. I like people and strike up a lot of interesting conversations with the ones who are cooperating and doing things right, but I also come down on them when they don't. After I got the job, my boss told me that one of the biggest deciding factors in choosing an individual for this position is their ability to stand up to difficult people and remain in control. Just recently I placed an ad for a roommate, specifying that I'm seeking someone dependable, quiet, clean, and tidy. A 36-year-old fellow in construction was the first to contact me, and during our initial getting-acquainted conversation, I told him that I expect my roomie to clean up after himself, and that if I found lights on in unoccupied rooms, or the refrigerator door left wide open while he poured his milk, or the toilet seat left up, I had no qualms about taking my paddle to him. (This is a true story, not a joke.) The conversation that followed is a whole other story in itself.... Of course, the spanking I do is always completely consensual. But I realized, after I said this to him, that I'm headed for an FLR someday, whether I want it or not.
  7. I should add that "helping him out" meant taking the paddle from him, putting him over my knee, and giving him a proper spanking so that he didn't have to endure the awkward and uncomfortable positioning required to self-spank. But I think the way I worded that made it sound more titillating than I intended. Oops!
  8. Welcome to SN, Paintbylight! We're glad to have you join us. You're certain to make friends here with likeminded people. I had to comment on your post, because just last week a spanko friend and I were discussing this very scenario. It hasn't happened to either of us in real life, but he talked about how he used to self-paddle while lying over the arm of the sofa, and I added that I would enjoy walking in on him and "help him out." It's a wonderful fantasy for me.
  9. Fantastic! This is the best chart of this type that I've seen. A lot of folks would probably disagree with me, but I think #5 is perfect. For more experienced bottoms, I'd maybe take it to #6. But anything beyond that is too much.
  10. I notice the slightest expressions and body language. I also trust my gut, as it rarely leads me wrong. It's not infallible; I have certainly been wrong about people. But it was usually when I was talking too much and not quietly observing enough.
  11. Tim, let's not put people on the spot. As you know first-hand, spanking is a physically and emotionally intimate act. Each individual who's partaking in it deserves respect and privacy, unless he agrees to share with you and/or with the group. The identity of my spanking partners will remain anonymous and protected unless THEY decide otherwise. Your curiosity is understandable, but when something is not our business, we mustn't push boundaries that make others uncomfortable.
  12. Nicely said, @CaliSpanker53. Thankfully, I haven't experienced any prejudice due to my age, but that's probably because I'm a spanker here, rather than a spankee. I'm sure that from the viewpoint of many male tops, younger gals would be more desirable. But you've expressed your feelings about this intelligently and honorably, and you've earned my respect. Your points are valid ones, and they are the same reasons why I appreciate older male spankees, as well.
  13. The next spanking I'm administering is scheduled for February 2022 with a fellow SN member who's been a friend of mine for a long time. It will be an honor to finally meet in person. We've waited a long time for this.
  14. I recommend starting off with a ping-pong paddle. These are easy to come by and inexpensive, and they produce more sting and thud than the human hand. But because they are crafted from fairly thin plywood and have a large surface area, they spread the impact out over a wide area and tend not to leave lasting marks when used reasonably. Some have a rubber coating on the blade that absorbs a bit more shock. I started out with one like this, and then shortly thereafter added a second one that was just wood. Both served the purpose well. A leather paddle can also be a good choice, as can a large silicone kitchen spatula (another favorite "pervertible" implement that I started out with). Then there's the good ol' trusty wooden spoon.
  15. I can't tell you how many times I've heard variations of this exact desire. A spankee doesn't want to be in control. He wants to know that something frightening and painful is going to happen to him, and there's absolutely nothing he can do about it. That nervous excitement seems to be a big part of the draw, eh?
  16. Yes, that does clarify our discussion a bit more. Thanks for your input!
  17. Thanks. If I wore that shirt and a guy said to me, "I like your shirt," it would make my day. And I agree, it would be code that he, too, is a spanko, or is at least somewhat intrigued by the thought of spanking.
  18. Ah, I see. This further confirms what I suspected, that I am WAY out of the loop.
  19. Gotcha. I have obsersved that this type of spanking is a common desire for many men, so you're in good company. Maybe we should start a little SN book club. This author might be a good place to start.
  20. This is interesting, CaliSpanker53. So you guys would strike the dojo mat with your palms? And the pavement outside in winter? Did you experience any adverse affects from this? I see that you are 68. What are your thoughts on hand-spanking and it leading to arthritis? Have you been able to avoid this by using your hand differently throughout each session, as you described? Also, would you please expound upon the comment you made about absorbing the impact whenever you strike something? Thanks!
  21. Thanks for your thoughts, Topspanker. In my younger years, when I was a serious martial artist, we spent a good portion of our training toughening our bodies-- you know what I'm talking about: falling literally hundreds of times (to master the art of avoiding injury by breaking one's fall), being lifted over the hips of fellow students and slammed onto the dojo mat, learning to take punches to the gut, etc, etc. Yet this training was to increase pain tolerance, toughen the muscles and ligaments, and sharpen one's reaction time. There was really never focus on the bones, except in learning proper punches and kicks. I can see how striking a bag of rice, as you first described, would be useful as a toughening exercise, at least for the soft structures of the hand. But then there looms the question of hand-spanking and its affects on the bones and joins over the long haul... Much to think about. Fascinating topic!
  22. Haven't heard of this author, or even CF Publications, though that doesn't mean much, as I rarely read spanking fiction. So sorry I'm no help in that department. But do you mind sharing a few details of this type of OTK hairbrush spanking, which you fancy?
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