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  1. Just curious what percentage of spankos lean to the left side, and what percentage lean to the right? This poll format respects members' privacy and allows everyone to answer anonymously.
  2. I'm posting this in the debate section, to keep it corralled as a "touchy" topic. First, let me say that it's not my intention to offend. The fact is, this subject has brought me a lot of good talks with like-minded folks. It has been bonding, actually. But we all know that being "offended" is the new power trip these days, so if this gets deleted, that's okay. Early this morning I was at the local coffee shop, chatting with a small group of truckers and heavy equipment operators. These blue-color hard workers, the kind of folks who make up a sizable percentage of Budwiser's customers, had a lot to say. We discussed Anheuser-Busch's marketing strategy and laughed until our sides hurt. Tonight I watched some Buddy Brown videos about it on YouTube. What a relief to see so many red-blooded Americans coming forward to show that they aren't ever going to sell out to this "agenda." Whether anyone here on SN stands up and agrees or not really doesn't matter. It's okay either way. Someone will likely read this and nod their approval. Feel free to shoot me a PM, if you like. Or just know that you're in good company. 😉
  3. Been meaning to start this thread for a long time now. I did this exercise for the first time at the Colorado dude ranch where I was a wrangler & trail guide. Those of us who hired on for the season were instructed to sit in a big circle. Then we were asked to share our names, where we're from, and a couple of random facts about ourselves. It was fun, and sometimes you learned something about folks that you never would have guessed. Lots of variations of this game exist. I even stumbled upon an old one here on SN, but with most of those former members now gone, let's start this one fresh. No need to share our real names, unless someone wants to. And we can leave out where we reside, as our profiles show that. Moreover, we know that we're all spankos. Aside from those details, share 5 things about YOU. I'll start. These may not be the best examples, but they were ones that came to mind quickly. I used to fly planes. As a college sophomore, I took Advanced Composition, a 400-graduate-level writing course, two years ahead of schedule, and I aced it with an A. That same semester, I flunked algebra. I chose adventure over a traditional life. When a fun new job or travel opportunity comes along that I want to experience, I simply pull up stakes and go. To make this easy, I am an intentional minimalist. Everything I own fits in my Suburu. My favorite bed, for nightly sleeping, is a gathered-end hammock. Though I love all animals, cats hold a revered place in my heart.
  4. Hi Guys, How is everyone? Are you having a challenge you'd like to talk about? A question, maybe? Comments? Please chime in and share with us an update. Male spankees are a special class of men, and I'd like to hear how each of you is doing. Kindly, Chawsee
  5. When the subject of FetLife comes up, I hear opinions ranging from "Everyone who's anyone in the spanking world is on FetLife" to descriptions of it being rank and trashy. I'm very careful about what I join, so I'm seeking your honest feedback. What kinds of things does FetLife offer? What do you think of it? Is it a reputable place to meet quality like-minded singles, or would you consider it more like a sleazy on-line bar? Thank you to those who are wiser than I am on this subject.
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