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  1. My condolences on the loss of your brother, Chawsee.  He was taken too young, and I know you two were really close.  So sorry. 😢 

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    2. Chawsee


      Thank you, @SpudStateSpanky. I didn't realize you'd posted something about it here until another SN friend emailed me a beautiful condolence note this morning, saying he'd seen your message here. Thank you, Tim.

      Thank you, @GaryMcKee. Your very kind note is appreciated more than you know.

    3. Chawsee


      Dave and I were indeed very close. The similarities we shared were baffling, especially considering that we weren't raised together. He remembered so many stories about our family from before I was born. With our parents long gone, he was my last living link to those memories. 

      I'm hanging up my spurs for a while to devote this time to my healing and inward journey. Will see y'all down the trail a ways.... 

    4. SpudStateSpanky


      Just want you to know that you’re missed, a lot. 😥  

      I’m sorry.


  2. @frizzy91, it sounds like you're starting off with a nice balance to your relationship. There's nothing wrong with that (and a lot of right reasons for it). I have an approach for this kind of thing that worked well in my marriage: Keep it light and fun, rather than heavy and serious, at least to begin with. I've learned that we have to go slow and easy with vanillas. Your fiancé is willing to play along. Many guys here would attest that you are blessed. You'll both naturally amp it up as time goes on, and you can gradually encourage her to be stricter and spank harder. This can be espec
  3. Old country; folk. Lately it's been Highway 101.
  4. Yeah, they're the real deal. Sounds like some paddling you got.
  5. Those long wooden paddles with holes in them (Spencer paddles) are for harsher play (often school and judicial scenes) and require a slower swing. The smaller and lighter the paddle (think wooden spoon), the faster it lands and rebounds. The bigger and heavier the paddle, the slower it lands and rebounds. These paddles, usually being thick and dense, force the land deeper into the muscles. These are not stingers; they are thud paddles, and the holes make them capable of causing blisters.
  6. I wholeheartedly echo the viewpoint of @SpudStateSpanky and @F/m_Spanking_only. I cannot fathom why any adult would want to be spanked by a blood relative. The notion feels incestuous, as a spanking causes stimulation to the buttocks, which are most definitely an erogenous zone (ie. a part of the body that is responsive to sexual stimuli). I am completely cool with spanking partners playing out a mother or father role. Some folks aren't even comfortable with that, and I respect their feelings. I personally have no issue with it, since it can be quite therapeutic-- as long as you're liter
  7. Uh huh, this ought to be interesting....
  8. Of course I will forgive you, after I've enjoyed every moment of the darn good paddling you're going to get!
  9. I like the first and third paddles in your lineup here. If you don't mind me asking, who were the craftsmen?
  10. Personally, I don't like drilled paddles and I no longer use them. I once owned a big oak one, hand-crafted by a friend, that was an exquisite piece of art. I could have enjoyed looking at it hanging on the wall for the rest of my life, yet I'm not fond of the damage they do to the skin and muscles. But that's just me.
  11. No, no. This is how it's going to go: You behave, and you'll get a hand-spanking as a reward. Keep that as a future goal. In the meantime, remember me telling you just recently that you're on thin ice? Again?? You just fell through... When I see you, you will be getting your ass paddled.
  12. Oh how right you are! He'll get his comeuppance.
  13. So you did come back to visit!  I was about to tell you I miss you.  For the record, I do still miss you.  😘

    1. Chawsee


      Thank you, Tim. 🤗

  14. Not at all. It's a personal lifestyle choice I made at a young age, before I'd even left home.
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