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  1. I've had only one switch partner, my ex-husband. It was natural for us to switch roles, but we didn't switch in the same session. Either he was the top that time, or I was.
  2. I'm with @Rand E on it being a matter of attraction to the celebrity. My picks would probably be: Chris Hemsworth, Mathias Schoenaerts, Josh Turner, Billy Dean, Alessandro Nivola, Paul Greene, Sam Elliot, Clint Black, Keanu Reeves.... I know I'm missing a few, but those are the ones who come to mind right off the bat. I'd still choose a friend over a celebrity, and I mean that sincerely, because emotional intimacy and trust, two of the most cherished aspects of a spanking, wouldn't be present with a celebrity. But it's still fun to read everyones' celeb list.
  3. That's for sure! And you, young man, need to be taken to task!
  4. Any more comments about the topic of my original question... What do you think of FetLife?
  5. I'm sad to hear that this happened to you, Ruby. No adult should conduct themselves that poorly. But when they do, it reflects worse on their character than it does on the person whom they're attacking. Know that you have friends here who appreciate you and what you contribute.
  6. Thanks for caring, Spankalogical, but I think everything is under control. Courtesy toward one another is a timeless skill that has no expiration date.
  7. Such helpful and caring comments from everyone.... As you can see, @ukspanko, you have lots of friends here who care about you. A change, whatever it may be, can sometimes be the most affective catalyst in getting us out of some rut that's kept us stuck for too long. We're rooting for you and are here to offer support however we can. Get the professional help you need to keep you moving forward in the right direction, and know that you can reach out to us anytime you want to talk. You contribute much good to our forum and we're blessed to have you.
  8. So here's a question for the spankees who identified as having anger issues and/or problems with authority.... Do these negative feelings intensify for you after a spanking, or subside? Or maybe they subside for awhile, then return full force?
  9. We are each different in what we find offensive. Many people here would agree that they found nothing offensive whatsoever about TryingIt's post. In reading your other comment to Englishman, I can understand why the original statement triggered you. You stated that you posted nude photos of yourself online when you were 15. So you probably felt like this was a personal judgement against you. It wasn't. It was simply an observation about the general lack of modesty seen on FetLife, which lots of people complain about. That is offensive to them. When we read something that triggers us, we
  10. I believe we all need to call a truce here, myself included. Those of you who don't want a safe-word, either because you have a trustworthy partner and don't need it, or because you don't believe in safe-words, have every right to that choice. We will respect your decision and trust your inner wisdom to guide you. Those of us who choose to have a safe-word in place are following our inner wisdom and are appreciative of the same respect. Neither side is going to convert the other anyway. The choice, really, is a private matter between an ER & EE. We share something unusual that bonds us, sp
  11. I disagree with this comment. @tryingit is expressing his opinion of Fetlife, which is exactly what I asked people to do. He wasn't personally attacking anybody, and he has every right to his viewpoints, including what he doesn't like about Fet-- the naked photos. It's pretty clear that several others here are in agreement with him.
  12. My current mentee located me here when I was still pretty new to the site. We're very different people. His background, lifestyle, personality, spanking preferences, and world views are pretty much the opposite of mine, so we're not without our challenges and tribulations. But we make enough compromises that our ER/EE partnership works, and for the most part, it's a friendly and harmonious pairing. I've corresponded via PM with many of our members here, and a few of those people have become close friends outside of SN. So without doubt there are good, honest, trustworthy folks here. Stil
  13. Yes! Thank you!! This very scenario could happen to anyone, and likely happens more often than we realize. Insist on a safe-word. I've always disagreed with the argument: "It's punishment, so there's no safe-word, and it's not over until the spanker says it's over." That's bull**it. If you have a committed spanking partner or someone you have experience with whom you completely trust, that's different. But a spankee who hands their power over to someone whose spankings they've never experienced before, is foolishly placing themselves in a scenario that could prove downright dangerous. A safe-w
  14. Absolutely! And never tolerate anything less. Require that your ER treat you respectfully.
  15. Cat, I'm sorry to hear that your marriage ended in November. This probably made your holidays particularly rough. That was recent, too, so things are going to feel raw for awhile. I was married once and my marriage dissolved as well, so I can relate to what you're going through. And it makes no difference that I'm the one who filed for separation and then divorce. It took me three years before I felt normal again. Good for you for finishing your education(!!), making your health a priority, and striving to become the best version of yourself. Your'e doing a whole lot of things right. I'v
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