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  1. Hey friends,

    I'm taking a break from SN. Will likely check in again down the road, but am leaving for awhile, and didn't want to do so without saying goodbye. There are some wonderful people here. Gonna miss you guys. 👋

    1. Trevor Ryan

      Trevor Ryan

      Safe journeys!

    2. bare4brush


      Sorry to see you go....take care

    3. ianl


      :( hope you are ok, take care


  2. Very, very well said, @JonTx. This is a concern that many of us are having. We value SN for the quality of the site that it has been. Watching that degrade is difficult for those of us who care about our spanking community and who take this lifestyle to heart.
  3. That's for sure! Life on our side of the mountain is WAY more interesting... And on some level, they know this.
  4. Oh my GOSH! I can't even imagine. 😳
  5. I would love to see a site like this become reality. Who else thinks it would be a good idea? We spankos need it, possibly more than anyone.
  6. This is NOT what our forum is about. If you are going to come here to bash those who don't agree with you, we urge you to take your biased opinions elsewhere. This violates our forum's policies and will not be tolerated.
  7. It was about challenges that she and her boyfriend are having. I said, "Well you know, the one thing that could work wonders as a stress relief for both of you would be a good sp--------." Not my smoothest move. Then, naturally, she was pushing me to tell her what I was about to say. Even replaying it in my head makes me want to hide in a hole. Point taken. Though I, for one, am glad that you're known as a guy "who's always mentioning spanking." 😂😂
  8. I don't know who all they polled to come up with this chart, but I'm glad to see spanking at the mild end of the spectrum. So to vanilla people we may be freaks, but we're kind of the innocents of the BDSM world.
  9. Ha! Yeah, good point. Definitely the former, though she's not into DD. When we've talked about our relationships with men, it's clear that she's into the "candles and wine" kind of love (not the "paddle & strap" kind of love).
  10. A good friend and I agreed to meet early this morning, just a few miles from my home, at a trail that winds along the river. During our walk & talk, I nearly slipped with a spanking reference, literally catching myself mid-sentence. It sent a little chill of panic through me, as she is a devout traditional Christian, and if she knew that I'm into spanking men, it would put her into a state of shock, or worse. In the "old days" this wouldn't have happened. Spanking was my big secret, the thing I was shy about and never spoke of. Even when married, my husband and I kept our spankings very private. But now that I discuss it openly here on SN, and converse regularly with spanko friends, it has become part of my everyday conversation. This morning's incident was a wake-up call that I must be even more mindful in monitoring myself when around non-spankos. Has anyone else here ever had a close call like this, or an actual slip?
  11. Welcome, Dan! I might be willing to meet that need for you, but I am female and in another mountainous state too far away. Hopefully this is a confirmation, though, that you'll find someone who likes the idea of a neat, mature gentleman. Best of luck to you in your search. We're happy you've joined us.
  12. The idea of being spanked by an adult family member, other than a spouse, feels completely creepy to me. Yeeks!
  13. Chawsee

    Saying Hello

    Hello Harrow! From London, eh? Fantastic! You will soon discover that you are in good company here. First off, I must applaud you for your writing skills. It is nice to see this in the younger generation, as writing ability here in the US is in serious decline. It is disheartening how poorly many of our younger people express themselves. But you give us hope that this skill is still being taught in some parts of the world. As for spanking, you are what I consider the best kind of spanker-- the caring, nurturing kind. Some young lady will be delighted to find a quality man like you who will discipline her in a tender, caring way. It's so good to have you join us!
  14. I understand where you're coming from. My ex-husband was this way, too. While we did work out a switch partnership, his arousal came from spanking me, rather than being spanked. However, toward the very end of our marriage, I learned ways of touching him that did arouse him while being spanked (just wish I'd figured this out a lot sooner-- ha!) You mentioned that the ER side of you spanks because you like helping people achieve their goals and become better. You specified that there is no sexual gratification in it for you. But what about your husband? It may not be sexual for you, but could it be for him? Our partner's need is sometimes different from our own, so it may be necessary to customize it to what would be meaningful to him. If he got something he liked out of it, he might learn to enjoy it. Just a thought...
  15. Hi @gplove. I suggest perusing the site first, reading discussion threads about topics that interest you. You'll get a sense of how different people think and you'll notice one or two who stand out to you. When you come across this individual who feels like they're on the same wavelength that you are, check out their profile, learn more about them, see if they identify as a spanker, etc. If the boxes all check, shoot them a private message and introduce yourself. They may accept outside spankees. If not, no loss. You may have just made a new friend. Also, be sure to check out the regional directory here on SN to see who's available in your area. While meeting in the chatroom is fine, more honesty emerges behind closed doors. Without an audience censoring what is said, you'll get a more candid view of what he's like one-on-one. From there, follow the safety guidelines here on the site, put effort into getting to know him first, and stay closely attuned to your gut feeling. Best of luck to you. 🌷
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