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  1. I've been on a Dave Stamey kick recently. He's an authentic cowboy musician. That's a whole different critter than a modern "country" star.
  2. As the ER, it's your responsibility to take control of the scene. He needs to be following your orders. What is he doing that causes you guys to run out of time prematurely?
  3. Laughing.... I figured you'd say something along that line.
  4. Nine years ago I finally came out to my boyfriend. The outcome was not good. He was in total shock that his devout, church-going, "pure" girlfriend would be into something as perverted as spanking. That talk was the beginning of the end of our relationship. I took this very vulnerable part of myself back to its secret hiding place, where I didn't let it out again for another eight years. During the last 3-4 months of 2019, a need to connect with other spankos began to stir inside me, so strongly that I couldn't ignore it, and this time, that need refused to be silenced. So at the start of
  5. @StrictGent- How many points for someone who can't make it this year but who really WANTS to come?
  6. Uh, yes, let's not volunteer me to spank someone else's husband, who has not consented to such and who may not be inclined to the EE or switch role. @Megthe could spank YOU, though.
  7. As it should be! I'm proud of your wife, Gary. She sounds like a lady who's got this figured out.
  8. You know, Rick, if you get desperate enough, bring those shoe horns with you up to Montana and I'll show you how they feel. I'm always willing to give a feller his first trip over a female lap.
  9. Amen! Good to hear this from a man. You have my respect!
  10. Scent doesn't make one dominant; mindset (strength of character) does. I'd advise you to err on the "less is more" side. I'm not a fan of chemical fragrances anyway, preferring a man in his natural "clean" state, when he first gets out of the shower. But if you're set on buying cologne, find one that works with your chemistry and don't overdo it. Many years ago I was asked on a date to the Grubstake, a scenic restaurant high up on a mountainside in the Bitterroot Valley. The gentleman who took me drove a nice pickup and wore a western scent that he probably thought I'd like. Unfortunately, it
  11. I'm in agreement with everything you said here, Megthe. This can happen, and while a disappointment, a spankee's wellbeing is of far greater importance than the perfect scene. I have a strict rule that if the skin breaks, the spanking ends on the spot, so I would have done the same thing. Double-check your brush and make sure the edge is well beveled. Many brushes and paddles have a sharp edge. I have a fastidious rule that the paddle be absolutely smooth.
  12. That's a fair question, and I don't think I've ever explained why I use this disclaimer from time to time. It has nothing to do with you, Tim, nor anyone else I've spanked, for that matter. Last year I was asked if I would role-play a drag scene. The fellow who contacted me knew that I don't spank women, yet he pressured me anyway, explaining that he is technically a man, who would simply be dressed as a woman. He said he worked at a club and is very talented at drag. I had no reason to question his sincerity, and I assured him that someone would enjoy the challenge of a scene like this. But t
  13. Thank you so much, everyone. Your insights were even more helpful than I expected them to be. Your honesty is appreciated, @rubyredd. Good wisdom from a well-spoken EE. Thank you, @wanttospank for a few key points. Thanks for your thoughts and for sharing your story, @spike. I can relate to some issues you mentioned. Thank you, @StrictGent, for being the wise and uplifting friend that you are. You always know what to say. @shygurl- Your emphasis on HOW to end a partnership is most appreciated. Excellent. I needed this tidbit. @NewEr- I like your thought on gratit
  14. Welcome! From Egypt, eh? Incredible! It is great to have you re-join us.
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