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  1. I don’t know if you’ll see this or not, but Merry Christmas to the western gal with a whole lot of personality, who lived what she taught.  You set an example of the kind of person I want to be, and I miss you.


  2. I'm the same way. I could never do the F/f thing. It's a hard limit for me. That said, I actually enjoy watching M/m spanking videos, as long as they contain no sex-porn. Some of those guys are impressively good at administering authentic, no-nonsense spankings.
  3. We had a fairly small gathering, seven of us, but it was abundant with terrific homemade food, camaraderie, and a heavy heaping of roaring laughter. I love that.
  4. Thank you, StrictGent. Likewise, my friend!
  5. What a kind note to everyone here and a respectful reverence for our holiday. Thank you!
  6. Good question. I don't know, so I'll just throw in my two bits.... I've always ebbed and flowed. There have been stretches of time in which I self-spanked frequently. Sometimes I'd pull out my paddle when I was still sore from the day before. Other times there would be long lags in between. I'm a little different than many spankos, though, in that I crave it most when I'm feeling good, not when I'm stressed. I guess, just remember that anything can become obsessive-compulsive if taken to an extreme. Finding an alternate activity or two, to help you relieve stress and bring you relaxation and enjoyment, might be in order.
  7. This is outstanding, Gravano. Keep putting the word out. You are coming from a place of experience that many of us have never been, and your hard-earned knowledge is helping people. I have no doubt that it will spare someone the trauma you've been through. Even with my background in psychology, I learn something from you every time I read one of your posts-- and I know, without a doubt, that what you're saying here is the truth. People consent to all kinds of things for a number of reasons, and they often do so with the best of intentions, having no understanding of the damage they're doing to their psyche and self-esteem.
  8. I'd leave that up to the guy to decide. It might be different for each fellow, considering that even OTK, men have different positioning preferences for where their genitals are most comfortable.
  9. Men in blue jeans (extra points if they're Wrangler jeans). A fellow with a polite, submissive personality, the effect of which is quadrupled when there is spanking talk, signifying that he trusts me and wants to be over my knee. Hearing the word "spanking." It sends a shiver through me every time.
  10. Oh, I'll snatch that paddle from your hand. You've never seen how fast I can move! Now, finish that sentence.....
  11. They've all been packed away and haven't seen any use in a few months. Not good for the leather implements, as they need to be kept supple. Methinks it's about time I round up a herd of willing men to offer up their hineys for this good cause....
  12. Though this has been a bit of a tough year for many of us, it is no tougher, and in many ways much easier, than the hardships faced by the generations who came before us. What built character and resilience in them builds it in us, as well. We really do have so much to be thankful for. I started a gratitude list yesterday, to remind myself of the blessings in my life. I was humbled that there were far more than I had been giving conscious thought to. I am still adding to that list today. One of the things I'm grateful for is fellow spanking enthusiasts. Without you guys, this would be a lonely existence. Thank you for your contribution of thoughts, ideas, and the expressions of caring that you share with one another. God bless each of you. Wishing everyone a beautiful and peaceful Thanksgiving.... Chawsee
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