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  1. UPDATE:  I am deleting my FetLife account and wanted to post a FYI so that nobody who read my previous status updates goes over there looking for me.

    During the past three months on Fet, I acquired a number of new spanko correspondents and deepened existing acquaintances with a handful of SN members who connected with me over there. But it reached the point where I was unable to keep up with the PMs I was receiving, and I was spending far too much time there PMing and posting comments to threads.

    Also-- and this is a biggie-- Every time I logged into FetLife, I saw things that I don't want to be exposed to. There are a lot of dark practices there, and even kind of a dark energy, for lack of a better way to describe it. Quite simply, I feel like I'm playing on the devil's playground, and that's not where I want to be.

    I've spent a good portion of this day listening to YouTube videos about quitting social media altogether. Most of these were by Cal Newport, but I tuned in to some other good ones, as well. So I'm pulling the plug on social media for the time being, even if just as an experiment and a personal reset. 

    Kind regards to you all,


    1. DaChief


      Be well, Chawsee. Fet is a site I'm only marginally active on. It's really become a black hole in many ways. 

    2. firm_receiving_firm_giving


      Understandable! Do what is best for you.

  2. When the subject of FetLife comes up, I hear opinions ranging from "Everyone who's anyone in the spanking world is on FetLife" to descriptions of it being rank and trashy. I'm very careful about what I join, so I'm seeking your honest feedback. What kinds of things does FetLife offer? What do you think of it? Is it a reputable place to meet quality like-minded singles, or would you consider it more like a sleazy on-line bar? Thank you to those who are wiser than I am on this subject.
  3. I have a few. My biggest two are broken skin and severe bruising. Ideally, I'd like to never see bruising at all, but it does happen. My goal as a disciplinarian is to achieve a deep red bottom that's notably sore for awhile, but free of damage to the gluteal muscles. I'm also not into domestic abuse: face slapping, hair pulling, yanking the spankee's ear, etc. I would never tolerate that being done to me, and I refuse to do it to someone else. Tell me about you. Do you have one hard-limit, or several? What are they?
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