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  1. @IMLX- Thanks for posting these two videos. I watched and bookmarked both of them. Princess Kelley May always shares such helpful ideas, as she does here, and Jillian Keenan is refreshingly honest and direct. She gets some laughs out of me every time. I'm sure others, too, will find these helpful.
  2. Indeed. Of course, as the ER I have the right to decide where I'm going to sit when I take a man over my knee. But in the interest of proper headspace, I defer to the straight-backed chair if that's what helps a spanking feel authentic to someone.
  3. Yes I was, although I should clarify that it was a soft auburn red, not a fiery, deep red.
  4. In my own home, outdoor shoes never make it inside past the mud room, where they are exchanged for "indoor" footwear (in my case, comfy slides). When going to administer a spanking at a vacation cabin or Airbnb, however, I wear either western or hiking boots. It really doesn't matter to me what my spankee has on for footwear, although I prefer socks to completely bare feet.
  5. I didn't notice either of these details until you pointed them out. Wow, I have a lot to learn on this topic.
  6. Even after studying her face, I admittedly still don't see anything wrong with her eyes or symmetry. She looks like a beautiful, friendly person. I did notice the blur in the sand on the left side of the picture, along her arm. But otherwise, my focus still isn't as keenly attuned to these details as it is for you and DaChief. Thanks for the tips!
  7. I would say be careful. Having outside partners seems to be common in the spanking world, even amongst marrieds. If you are both completely transparent with one another and respectful of each other's boundaries, it may work fine. It does for many couples. Just keep in mind that "this thing we do" is very bonding, both on the physical and emotional level. Developing deeper feelings for a spanking partner can require super-human power to avoid. If you're going to play with other people outside of your primary relationship, it helps to go into it with a clear agreement on limits and the fortitude to always abide by those limits, no matter what.
  8. I still prefer to sit on the end of a bed with a spankee over my knee. If he's not too big, I can comfortably hold his legs entirely on my lap. But alas, I get out-voted on this one time and time again. Most fellas seem to prefer the straight-backed chair.
  9. Phoebe is fake?? Holy smokes! Thank you for bringing this kind of thing to our attention, DaChief. Could you please share with us some things to look for that are give-aways that a photo like this is a phony?
  10. I've never spanked in a hotel room. My spankees have always rented a tiny vacation cabin at a rustic resort nearby. This is where they sleep during their stay and where the spankings take place. Last month I had an EE come from out of state. He rented an AirBnB, instead. It was comfortable and worked well. Both of us agreed that hotel rooms were out of the question. Keeping the TV or radio on loudly only makes one seem like an inconsiderate neighbor. It does little to drown out the sound you're trying to hide. I was once staying in a hotel where the occupants across the hall from me were blaring music while they were engaged in ...you know what. I could hear everything. No way would I try to convince myself that I could fool others by doing the same loud-noise thing.
  11. Similar here. My next sibling in line was my sister, who was 11 years older than me. Our brothers were all serving in the military when she left home at age 16. I was only 5, so the rest of my childhood was spent being raised as an only child. And actually, I was my dad's one and only. My three brothers and sister were half-siblings.
  12. @Imperium- I'm assuming you're referring to a committed relationship between ER & EE, and not merely a casual spanking partnership? It would seem foolish to relocate for someone in the latter (casual) category. If this is something you're considering, you might ask yourself some questions, like: Is anything keeping you where you presently live, such as your career? Do you own a business in your community that took a long time to build? Do you have children in school there, or aging parents who depend on your help? Will you be leaving behind special people who are part of your life? Are you a home-owner who would have to sell your house? Are you emotionally attached to your current home and/or town? Do you like the town that you'd be relocating to, and are you excited by the prospect of moving there? Does the community align with your political and social views? Does it offer viable employment options? Is housing there affordable? What about the quality of life? How are the crime rate and statistics? Do you like the climate? Is moving to your partner's location the best strategy for both of you, or merely for your partner? Does the timing feel right? Are there any doubts? Even in the case of a committed relationship, many factors need to be taken into consideration. That said, I've relocated many times (solo) and have built some delightful memories by pulling up stakes and going where the wind blew me. Relocating, when it's right, can be an exciting adventure.
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