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  1. I must admit that that makes a ot of sense. I have to be careful with dishonesty as i tend to lie a lot in order to try to get out of trouble. worked a lot as a kid. not so much now.
  2. for me scolding is vitally important. I need to know my disciplinarian gives enough of a damn about me to explain to my why i am getting it. and yes tone of voie is important. i dont wanna be yelled at but told firmly that i had been bad and must pay the consequenses of a firm but fair spanking
  3. I am curious about the relationship between introversion and extrraversion and wherher you are a spanker or spankee. so i put this poll together. I am theoriing that introverts of either sex would be spankees but I am open to being surprised!
  4. There's a movie from the 1930's i saw a clip of where a boy gets the razor strop. the actual spanking is off camera but the facial reactions are on-camera. The boy actor was probably just reacting to sound effects! The movie is called Public Enemy. James Cagney is in it but he is not the boy getting stropped.
  5. You mean other than "O dear God this is going to be a bad one; help me get through this!" um, no. sorry. But its a good idea for those motivated by religious beliefs
  6. Spankings in the workplace would be a wonderful idea were it not for human sexuality. Aside from issues of consent, I cn also see peope deliberately being "bad" in order to get the spanking and employers being hypervigilant about spotting mistakes that need to be spanked for.
  7. It's ok Chawsee; I value your opinion based on your own personal study. I will certainly heed your warnings about narcissists, sadists and the like among those who wish to be my HoH or in that subset of this lifestyle. I can see how it would be especially dangerous for a person who fears abandonment. It can certainly be a recipe for disaster. Oh, and thanks also to AlphaWife for her perspective. It's good to learn new things once in a while.
  8. That looks like it would deliver a good sting even in a self-spanking!
  9. Thanks, Brat Toaster. I appreciate the response. Now I can see things a bit more clearly from that perspective. Mentorship is important for us young people, even if toasted tushes are not involved :)
  10. What is in it for the HoH in a DD relationship? I understand the TiH perspective and it sounds lovely. But what draws someone to take the HoH role? Surely thre is more to it than control and the *ahem* scenery? I hope my question isn't rude or impertinent. I just wanna understand things.
  11. Young man, 100 swats on each bare bottom cheek with the wooden bath brush, in lots of 10 and they don't count unless they STING. You have 15 mins to complete your punishment. For me, its disobeying my direct supervisor and i have a wooden hairbrush and a wooden spoon
  12. I must admit that the idea sounds alluring but there would need to be clear and well understood guidelines for when, how and why the spankings would take place and yea maybe a short term would be best.
  13. There was also a movie version of Tom Brown's Schooldays that featured a caning for poaching. In the version I saw it was extremely tame. The cane was lightly tapped on the boy's bbottom and there was a sound effect of a loud POW but it was clearly not meant to be taken seriously. I have seen a couple youtube videos of excerpts of other movies featuring tht scene but its not the movie i saw. ... and I should be SPANKED for that last sentence!
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