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  1. I must admit that the idea sounds alluring but there would need to be clear and well understood guidelines for when, how and why the spankings would take place and yea maybe a short term would be best.
  2. There was also a movie version of Tom Brown's Schooldays that featured a caning for poaching. In the version I saw it was extremely tame. The cane was lightly tapped on the boy's bbottom and there was a sound effect of a loud POW but it was clearly not meant to be taken seriously. I have seen a couple youtube videos of excerpts of other movies featuring tht scene but its not the movie i saw. ... and I should be SPANKED for that last sentence!
  3. That was Kristy mcNickol? wow! I remember that film and that scene but had no idea who it was at the receiving end
  4. Rachel_Barebum


    You are very pretty, at least from behind. I am sure it won't be too long before a domly dom takes you in hand!
  5. Sometimes i wish I could say to someone "if you love me, tame me!" but I don't dare.

    1. Trevor Ryan

      Trevor Ryan

      Absolute poetry...

    2. I can do it Reagan

      I can do it Reagan

      Too often the spankee’s partner worries they may spank too hard, and hurt the partner’s feelings.  

      Communication is key!!!!

  6. I hate disappointing people as a general rule, regardless of situation. Maybe that's a character flaw or weakness. i dunno
  7. Why is it that when you tell some people to SHUT UP they take it as a personal challenge to be even louder and more obnoxious? Then of course you are the one who gets in trouble because you are the one who exploded in anger.

    1. a-mw-spanker1


      Next time, walk up on them slowly and calmly say....”It’s time for you to be quiet now.”  Make sure they see their own fate in the reflection in your evil eye when you tell them. 

    2. Chastener


      You've got it, Rachel.  When you exploded you gave all the power to the loud, obnoxious person.  Try and be cool, and remember: You're not going to listen to anything that person says, anyway.


    3. Rachel_Barebum


      Thanks you two. I needed a firm but fair spanking for it :(

  8. Q: How many mothers does it take to change a lightbulb?

    A: Nice girll Rachel, she doesn't make her mother sit in the dark, but that's ok I am used to it!

  9. Few things are more sobering and humbling than when someone bares your bottom for a disciplinary punishment and you are holding the implement that is about to get used on you.

    1. michgal.k
    2. SearcherForWisdom



      Would it be more intense if he/she would ask for spanking (disciplinary, punishment, stress relief or reset) when holding the implement of there choosing that he/she wish to be used on his/her bare butt but he/she bares his/her own bottom?

  10. sometimes i wish i could pretend i was a 10 year old with a mommie and daddy who were loving but strict!
  11. Oh, there is also a belt spanking in the remake of True Grit. Apparently it is also in the original, starring John Wayne.
  12. The boy in question was the son of some east asian king. He had been a spoiled brat all episode and at the end he was kidnapped by his uncle, the king's brother. magnum frantically calls the cops trying to get the plane stopped and then the boy shows up. Magnum is NOT impressed and unceremoniously hauls him over his knee. The boy's last words were "You can't do this to me; I a prince!"" Then comes the freeze frame.
  13. He is on IPunishment as Affection from Correction. His avatar is a man on a motorbike. Here is a link to his profile there. admins feel free to remove this link if it is not appropriate. I am doing this because it is easy to change your display name there https://ipunishment.com/profile/16588
  14. Orphan Train, which featured Glenn close and Jill Eikenberry, featured a scene where a photographer gets mad at at one of the orphans, who is dressed as a boy, and starts belt spanking him. He starts wailing and the photographer says 'take it like a man!" he says "I'm not a man; I'm a girl!" he becomes friendlier to her now that her true gender has been revealed. He still hets her help with his photography.
  15. oh. my. goodness. i've come across him on another site but he seemed ... icky... to me so I stayed away. I am not sure what was raising a red flag but I stayed away. now I am glad. Big props to those of his victims who broke free. big props also to Child of Light for her background work.
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