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  1. Hey sorry about the painful memories , same here. So I was "properly paddled" by my father, but my mother was very very different. She never spanked my butt, she would take a spatula, wooden spoon or really whatever was in reach and would RELENTLESSLY beat me over my back, arms and my legs. I would cry and wail, scream and beg for it to stop. That was fucking child abuse and to this day, although I love my mother to dead, when I think about these beatings, I...get...PISSED. Im 28 and it still affects me. Now, TOTALLY opposite, I do not consider my butt spankings to have been abuse nor do the
  2. Ok so I am not entirely sure what flipped the switch for me. As I wrote before, I have distinct memories of being about 8 years old (so about 20 years ago) and climbing up onto the counter in the middle of the night to get the paddle from the top of the fridge . I would then go into my bedroom, take my pants and boxers off and lightly spank my bottom. This would give me a raging boner but being so young I had no idea bout masturbation or orgasms. I just knew it was exciting but had no clue why. I was never sexually aroused during a spanking and I didn't start getting aroused by the memories
  3. I would love to have an in-depth conversation on the subject with you !
  4. No, I actually don't calling anyone daddy either sex or spanking.
  5. Often times when i'm in the heat of the moment thinking about spanking, I think back to when my father would spank me as a kid. The way he spanked me included many aspects that made me like spanking as a kink in the first place. Things like, ritualistic baring of the bottom, getting into positions etc. So when I don't masturbate to porn online but instead my own imagination, I often think back to those memories of me being spanked, and it certainly "aides the situation" sort to say. Now one one hand this feels very wrong, as these memories certainly include my father in a sense and that's a
  6. Hey im 28 and iv been self spanking since I was 8 years old ! Iv really explored my interest in spanking since a young age and over the years worked out a pretty fun routine when it comes to self spanking. Basically you wont get what your looking for because physiological its extremely difficult to inflict true spanking level pain on yourself for a sustained period of time, like a real spanking. Think of it as a big self role play. Imagine yourself as whoever you want: pretend you are someone else, a different age, pretend your bedroom is the principals office, or the "spanking room" of some
  7. The big dark wood one I got at a goodwill, could have some "real" miles on it lol !
  8. Each one has been tested very well
  9. I bought the "bampaddle", a nice small bamboo paddle on amazon, came in an amazon bubble package. Same with all other toys from amazon.
  10. I want to get to know some of you out there, hopefully one day I can get the spanking I very much need lol
  11. Hi, i'm 27 and male. Been into spanking literally most my life as it defiantly stems from my spankings at home. Absolutely love it as it adds such a huge "spice" to my life lol. Mainly a spankee and I dont have any experience outside "self spanking", and thats getting boring. Hoping to meet some like minded people here and get to know each other a little bit more. I love talking about the subject weather its asking questions or adding a comment about a certain topic. Im also in NE Ohio, I see alot of you are from around here as well.
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