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  1. Just like anything else you've done a wonderful job. I really like how you manage things It's very appealing how well you keep in mind others thoughts. I love the changes!
  2. This is a long one. it is how I was able to overcome shame. Ok... this I've been thinking about for sometime. I started my journey in DD very young. Like many I was a prepubescent spanko obsessed with the idea, I do not use that term lightly. I'd do anything possible with the exception of ask them to indulge my fetish growing up. One thing I found very common with most the act itself as among friends was retaliatory not disciplinary. punitive incentive rather then corrective. This is where I'm first introduced to cognitive dissonance. I'm enthralled and appalled by the same thing. I need to feed my craving, but ultimately feel guilty for those giving me the details. Paraphilia much like Gollum/Smeagol I had a love hate relationship with spanking (Leave it to Tolkien for a parallel.) As a kid I felt guilty because the object of my desire was that of my vanilla peers disdain. when I was 19, I stumbled into the online community. I found someone. This was the first time I've been able to express my thoughts on the subject. I discovered an amazing woman. fortunately for me she had a history with spanking, and formed a trauma bond with the idea, romanticized spanking on a very deep intimate yet innocent level. the affection behind the correction. I found this to be right up my alley. It allowed me a to attach a positive connotation to the word "Discipline", viewing it as cathartic, not punitive What seemed like a sadistic desire. now had purpose, as a catalyst to draw out negative emotions. using physical pain, in conjunction with uplifting, encouraging lectures. spanking, promoting self worth, stress relief, and boosted confidence. Rather then you're bad and deserve this, I found something more effective. Using it therapeutically kind of like pouring peroxide over a wound to prevent a much worse infection later on. A hurt that heals. This was as was as crucially vital to me as it was beneficial to her. Gratification, and adoration came from being able to make a difference and change her association from hatred to helpful. The effective ingredient in the vaccine is the the virus itself. That feeling of making an impact was addicting. This was wonderful. I was, living a life I had only dreamed I could achieve. I want to share my story. I'm not seeking sympathy, but I would like to know if I'm alone in my experience. in the past I have confused many with my writing style. If you fail to see the validity of my point. you need to read between the lines. I still struggle saying the word "spanking." I still have the freeze response when I hear that word from someone outside of our lifestyle. I'm going to apologize in advance If I seem to ramble I'm sorry. this is the first time I've ever done this publicly. a good friend of mine Kassi had been a real blessing and if it not for her encouragement, coupled with maybe a few seemingly apocalyptic conditions I would never have been able to do this. Jillian Keenan although she does not know me, has greatly influenced me, and has helped me through some of the most difficult realizations. Murray A. Straus... probably public enemy number 1 to a spanking fetishist. Also a hero in my eyes. I would like to think my Paraphilia is innate and unchosen. however... I also although never her intention felt my paraphilia being equated to something resembling pedophilia, when it was inflicted without my consent. these groups have rules, and for good reasons so I'm not going to go into the details of that. but please use.a skill called Theory of mind. and read between the lines. as kids we knew evil as monsters. vampires, werewolves, ect. I'm going to tell a story about vampires my story is told in euphemisms. for two reasons. if I looked at it for what it really was. I would not have a relationship with my mother. 2nd this allows me to tell it in the group without violating the rules. I've had great success when I've turned to the community for support. it seems as lifestyle enthusiasts we have endured more then are fair share of trauma. I might be alone, however if I'm not, and I can find someone else in my shoes there is strength in numbers. seeking affection acceptance affirmation. Your effort being met, with administration, infliction of the thing that bonds us all. Your intentions where not to acquire pain, or for that matter for many the removal of clothing and humiliating things that accompanied it. Just caring acknowledgement. And us we are introduced to blood sucking. regardless of what we were seeking this became the consequence of that endeavor. Being introduced as a negative reinforcement in psychology they call this operant conditioning. for many of us the emotion that we had sought was love. Because that is pre wired into our cognition. It is a natural thing that we seek out. This got in the way. Maybe we made a simple mistake and we did not realize it. They drank.... Maybe we accidentally did something we did not mean to They drank.... Maybe we were just in the way They drank.... Maybe we actually earned it They drank. Maybe, our neck was just there calling out to them They drank.... Has anyone ever been in a situation were they thought they were being drank too often? too hard? too long? For to insignificant of things. Maybe multiple times a day? We weren't that bad where we? Of course we were. Why else would we be getting drank? How can I fix this it seems all roads lead down the same path, the inevitable consequence. They drank humiliating and painful. They even made us expose our own necks so they could bite in deeper. utterly embarrassing having your neck out about to be drank. They always had a reason that always trumped our logic. A vampire does not need a reason, a vampire feeds. in the process of consuming, a Venom excreted from the fangs, it seeps into our veins. eventually this negative thing is connoted positively. Even intimately, as affection. We don't fear it anymore. Fear no longer our enemy, as the poison chokes our morality and innocent ideals of love, we are then reprogrammed. Shame is now the enemy, because now our object of affection is the idea of infliction. But we know that's not normal. We know it's not good and we don't want to be bad, right? Wait... Being bad is the acquisition process... Peculiar right? Why are we craving that copper taste all of a sudden. What happened to our taste buds they seem changed. Why must we hide in the shadows, questioning our identity? that's right vampires don't have a reflection do they? Let's call this cognitive dissonance. Like to ideals conflicting declaring war on one another, one will win. and the person we knew is lost. All we know is our hunger, it's our passion. It's what we crave. A dreary shadowy overcast. the shame of telling others it's blood, not food we need for nourishment. not even an option. Once in a while we keep hunger at Bay only feeding a little bit off of someone non vampiric, being sure not to take enough to alert them. But it's not all we want. It's not what we crave. Weather that is someone feeding on us or us on them. The vampyrism now consumes us. We have lost our soul to our desire blaming our self, deserving to be drank we develop our own unquenchable thirst. The Inquisition, granddaddy to BDSM. Vlad the Impaler. Lord of all vampires. One could argue Dracula was a paraphiliac after all he did have a certain knack for inflicting pain to the posterior. Don't worry I'm not morbid enough to connect those dots... Some of us will play nice the BDSM crowd after all blood is blood. But that's offered so willingly... Submission with permission no fight or friction. A vampire doesn't want to feed, we want to hunt. Another vampire. That's what we want, do we go out and find one or do we sire one. Vanilla is like a blank canvas we can mold, contort, control. Until they're actually able to mimic vampirism... But they're not vampires they still have souls. We are merely ventriloquist's playing with puppets. For some of us have this desire for a victim not a volunteer. We want them to cry, we want them to genuinely not enjoy it. Or rather vice versa. Some of us crave what would be otherwise deemed abusive. yet they will never enjoy drinking. Now for those who couldn't see it change drank to spank... The word "spanking" this word to many held commonplace significance. Much like affiliated words correction, discipline, corporal punishment, paddling, strapping, caning, flagellation, whipping, or other consequences that were inflicted on the posterior. It was easily defined within my vocabulary. As a child, the impact that word on me can only be summarized like this. Every time I hear this word I have a gun to my head. with six chambers five of them empty, only one chamber contains a live round of lethal ammunition. Playing Russian roulette, Every time I heard the word "Spanking." Now if this word was in conjunction with phrases like... I'll give you something to cry about, I'm going to tan your hide, you won't sit for a week, or get over my knee. Each one of those was like adding an additional round of ammunition, to a once empty chamber. and I knew I had to eventually pull that trigger. When referenced this word had a seemingly inauspicious outcome. How do I avoid something that was so ubiquitous? If mentioned within earshot, regardless of context. A nefarious and malicious voice spoke to me. "I know what you are, I know you like spanking. You're a bad seed, you're not supposed to like spanking, I wish you were my kid, so I could spank you until you hated it! you better run so I don't tell your parents so they instill the proper fear you deserve..."The deep and eerie voice of Dracula would scold. This was my greatest fear. I would eschew that term. Supplementing hit, beat, assault, abuse, strike, bludgeon, or batter. Anything to attach a negative connotation associated with the word spanking. Anything to abate it's connection with positive discipline. Just remember it was a villain I synonymously linked to that word. Nikolai Makaveli would be proud. Spanking exists, it's beyond "Accountability" or authoritarian desire. Something far more blissful. It is a kind of Love that can only be given empathically through the communication of a spanking. The conversation between hand, and cheek. This kind of spanking usually does not hurt terribly bad, but it is prolonged, enduring, and even welcomed. It has an emotional impact upon the reciprocant, that can only be described as enrapturing. It is a nurturing warm feeling. A comfort that stems from a serene and compassionate embrace. Although the spanking will sting, the idea is about transcending our emotional capacity and being overloaded with joy, delight, and solace, a security blanket. A friend that will always be there, as a reminder we are not alone. This is the kind of spanking, I think everyone once yearned for. It's nature is to free the heart. It feels merciful, blissful, it's something that makes you feel like a child again. Innocence once restored. No matter what, you just feel safe. I can only described this in the words I know. In the moment when doubt, self consciousness, and fear disappear, even if only for a second; the moment when our bodies alight with feeling, and we do not ask or even wonder what it means; the moment when the physical world takes over and we speak to each other in a voice more wondrous than language..Please spank me, not cause I'm bad. I haven't been naughty, and no I'm not sad. It's the gift of innocence, the feeling thereof, administered firmly, when spanked out of love. I think about it and I can't help but laugh, my definition of love, is a pain in the ass.
  3. In addition to this generalized summary I wanted to go over the importance of proper implement care as it should be stressed now more than ever. Alcohol-based wipes are going to be the best thing you could use even if you know your partner. Is it good precaution just in case. As tempting as it is limiting exposure is ultimately going to lead to the least chance up contagious outbreak. “Social distancing” is a term used to describe infection control actions taken by public health officials to stop or slow down the spread of a highly contagious disease. Most recently, it’s been referenced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as one of the best strategies in preventing the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).1 The CDC defines social distancing as "remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings and maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet) from others when possible."2 It is less drastic than quarantine or isolation, which are used for people who are suspected to be carrying the virus. While some people may find social distancing to be a big relief—canceling business-related travel to a conference may give someone peace of mind—others find it to be a major inconvenience. Many concerts and public gatherings have been canceled due to the recommendations about social distancing. Clearly, social distancing may be the most effective way for people who aren’t infected with the coronavirus to avoid getting it. But it does lead to some major changes in how businesses are run, public events are held, and social interactions occur. Understanding what it means, why it’s recommended, and how to practice it can help alleviate any fears you may have. Stay Updated: A Detailed Timeline of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Cases According to the CDC, WHO Why Is the CDC Recommending It? According to the CDC, coronavirus is spread mainly through person-to-person contact. It’s believed that people who are in close contact (within 6 feet of one another) are most likely to spread it. It spreads through respiratory droplets that are produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.3 These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of anyone nearby and may be inhaled into the lungs, which can spread the disease. And while it’s believed that people who are the sickest are most likely to spread coronavirus, some people might spread it before they begin to show symptoms. That’s why it may be important to practice social distancing even with people who don’t appear ill. It may also be possible to contract COVID-19 through contaminated surfaces or objects. An individual who touches a surface that has the virus on it and then touches their own mouth or nose, for example, may contract the virus. The CDC believes COVID-19 spreads easily throughout communities. So they have recommended social distancing as a way to help stop the spread. If individuals reduce their contact with one another, people will be less likely to pass the virus on. This can be the best way to prevent what they refer to as “community spread." In many cities and states, governors have enacted shelter-in-place orders to help promote social distancing with rules like the following: Non-essential businesses are closed, with work-from-home plans in place wherever possible College campuses closed for the spring semester Cancellation of mass gatherings like concerts, festivals, and marathons Restaurants and bars open only for takeout or delivery Essential businesses like grocery stores taking action to limit the number of customers inside at any given time. While the CDC isn’t recommending everyone take drastic measures like isolating themselves, they are advising people to take precautions, especially those who may be at a higher risk for contracting the disease. In some cases, beach and park closures have become necessary in order to ensure that large gatherings are limited wherever possible, especially in the wake of many younger people ignoring social distancing guidelines during spring break. How Does Social Distancing Help During a Pandemic? A 2010 study published in BioMed Central (BMC) Public Health4 assessed whether social distancing is effective in slowing or reducing the transmission of influenza during an outbreak. Researchers found that workplace social distancing reduced the number of overall flu cases. However, the study also discovered that the success rate was greater in areas where people practiced other preventative measures, such as more frequent handwashing and other strategies to keep their immune systems strong. So while social distancing may be an important factor in preventing the spread of coronavirus, practicing good hygiene and taking other safety precautions may also be important steps in preventing the spread. It’s important to remember that you may need a combination of safety methods in place to fight the spread of the disease as effectively as possible. Centers for Disease Control By slowing the number of new cases and stretching them out over a longer period of time—or "flattening the curve" of new cases—we can keep the number of total cases (and the number of high-risk cases) below that threshold, so that our hospitals have enough space and resources to operate as smoothly as possible during this difficult time. How to Social-Distance in Your Own Life The most obvious way to practice social distancing is to avoid crowded public places where close contact with others may occur. These might include movie theaters, religious gatherings, and crowded restaurants. Of course, it’s not always easy to practice social distancing. In many cases, governments and businesses have decided to close in order to prevent such gatherings from happening at all. Tips and Tricks Opt for online meetings rather than workplace gatherings whenever possible. Work from home if you can. Postpone major social gatherings. Consider video-chatting with friends and family rather than meeting in public places. Postpone air travel and cruise ship travel. Stock up on vital items so you don’t have to go to stores as often. Order groceries from a delivery service. Shop online rather than in stores. What to Do If You Live Alone If you live alone, social-distancing may be easier for you in many ways. You won’t be exposed to as many people if you don’t have other family members coming and going. Yet it can also present some challenges for you. You may need to ensure that you’re not becoming too isolated. Loneliness and depression can become a real problem if you don’t interact with others. So if you’ve started working from home, avoiding social gatherings, and you’re not going out much, then make sure to monitor your mental health. Check in with friends and family regularly so you can keep some social contact with others. Speak with them on the phone, text throughout the day, or set up video calls to ensure that you aren’t getting too isolated. Other Times to Practice Social Distancing Social distancing isn’t just something you should practice during a pandemic. It’s something you may want to do any time your immune system is compromised. You might also practice it if there are other illnesses in your community. An outbreak of influenza, for example, may be reduced if people reduced their contact with one another. Staying Calm and Positive Staying calm during a pandemic can seem impossible. But, managing your stress and anxiety in a healthy way is important so you can make the best decisions possible. While social distancing may seem like a drastic step to take, it’s just a precautionary measure. And if you’re practicing it, there’s still a good chance you are healthy. Otherwise, you may be placed into a quarantine situation. Think of it as a proactive extra precaution to keep yourself and your family safe. If you have children, explain to them that you’re doing this as a way to keep everyone healthy. If you panic, your kids will likely get anxious, so make it clear that this is just another step you’re taking to help the family and the community. A Word From Verywell While it’s important to stay informed on the latest news, take care of yourself by limiting your exposure to the media. If you are spending a lot more time at home and around your television, this can be difficult, but constantly watching media reports of new outbreaks and deaths can raise your anxiety during a time when it’s important to stay calm. Try to find other more enjoyable activities around your home that can help take your mind off the situation, even if that means spending some time watching Netflix instead of the news.
  4. I'm just going to add a little disclaimer because this feels like top secret information that was never supposed to be revealed. I'm feeling a little bit like a whistleblower. But just let's forget that line about snitches in ditches eh? Domestic discipline, What an enigma. This is an internal conflict I've had for a long time. Why don't we ever see people without a spanking fetish living this kind of Lifestyle? I mean DD works right? I think it's the same reason most responsible spankos are radically against the idea abusing spanking in the traditional way. I've always considered myself asexual. Yet nothing is more arousing then the idea of a spanking that is regrettable. Perhaps even against my will or the thought there of. Even if I choose not to act on that arousal it's still there. Jillian Keenan made a lot of sense in her book to a spanking enthusiast, having our fetish inflicted on us, without agreeing to it. Even with a irrevocable consent. It is something equitable to a vanilla having sex forced on them without their consent. Yeah I just went there. "Taking on a role of subjugation and helplessness can offer a release from stress or the burden of responsibility or guilt. It can also evoke infantile feelings of dependency, safety, and protection, which can serve as a proxy for intimacy." -Sigmund Freud. I can't exactly refute that. Many spanking enthusiasts have something in common, our paraphilia develops prepubescent. I was around 5, when I started thinking about it. The thing is I've been studying psychology trying to understand deeper meaning behind this. Sure domestic discipline it's a nice prepackaged instruction manual for a spanking paraphilic, to give to a vanilla partner. But we're not vanilla here are we? Jillian makes an incredible points. Is our fetish innate and I'm chosen? Is it genetic, or hereditary? Or is it a manifestation of trauma bonding much like Stockholm Syndrome? Even if from something that happened we suppress out of our cognition, but still play a subconscious role in our development? I want to agree with Jillian... That it was innate, and unchosen. However I would be lying to myself, I've done too much of that.To play Devil's Advocate I don't think of foot fetishes got a boot in the ass one day undecided podofilia was the object of their sexual desire. so this still could be innate, unchosen and a pre-wired fixation although... How does one develop a rape fetish? Were they born that way? Or was it an attempt to Take Back Control from an event or memory they did not have the element of control over? Spankology, what a fascinating topic. Before reading "sex with Shakespeare" which if you haven't you need to. I always thought of this fetish, like a vampire. And I don't mean the kind that sparkle. No this is much darker. in the question of what came first the spanking or the spanko. Do repressed fetishists sire more spankos? A paradox most are to ashamed to contemplate... After all where do most of our fantasies focus on authoritarian figure usually related inflicting corporal punishment... Yes I'm no f****** exception. It's also interesting to me a large majority of the people who have passion for posterior punishment reside in a part of the country where it is commonplace accepted in its traditional capacity. Texas has the highest concentration of spankos I've ever seen. Texas also has the highest institutional CP numbers according to corpun. Now I know for a fact as I've taken on the role of the equivocator not everyone's public opinion and their private rationalization align with each other. Think about that... It's no secret a lot of us are ashamed of our own interest. Some of us even more press that shame deny the interest entirely practicing it in its traditional capacity. Google the spanking Club... The Chicago Tribune did little article on that. David Wadsworth hell of a guy right? This is where I'm not going to make very many friends. While unbeknownst to many the domestic discipline concept is an equivocation, and a rationalization... I did not say it was without benefit. It does wonders for relieving guilt, and nullifying animosity. However it is a manifestation of fetishization. You know those guys who say they're 35, still living at home and spanked by their parents... Fetishization it's also a very believable one. Where those guys living at home with the exception, although extremely rare. Repressed spanking fetishists have the my house my rules traditional southern family value... Yes it does happen it is rare, and sad. I wonder how many of them also work for educational administrations with a corporal punishment policy that's a scary thought. I'm not the only asexual spanking enthusiast, however I can't call myself asexual anymore because this really does present more like an orientation as it does a kink. Freud literally made the comparison between corporal punishment the role of subjugation and intimacy. Spanking is sex... To some even more intimate than sex. A Problem we have with this logic is those who do have this innate unchosen and lifelong interest have experienced their paraphilia inflicted as pedophilia. Despite the intent. Because intent is not predicated on victim experience, rather perpetrating incentive. Power of positive thinking a Facebook meme group posted an article about how spanking causes trauma. This is a very vanilla thing with 31 million subscribers. And just like any spanko when I see the word spanking, in front of me, when I did not look for that word I have to investigate. I end up making a comment from a psychological perspective that using physical pain to combat Behavioral issues, only teaches a fear avoidance response, not a behavioral change. Among PTSD, generalized anxiety animosity, and other fun stuff. Finally someone challenged that. Someone probably close to my age mid-30s. what happened to me I turned out just fine. Then of course My rebuttal not every smoker gets lung cancer, does that make Marlboro safe? When my opponent saw he was outmatched he went to something else completely this I never saw coming. Referencing how six of the best, an Old Fashioned otk or a proper "hiding." Do wonders for teaching respect. Linguistics beyond the vanilla vernacular like speaking Latin terminology to a medical professor. I was clearly no longer engaged in a vanilla conversation but only I knew that. It's interesting because of what I did next was immature, I'm not exactly proud of but he dug the grave I just pushed him in it. it was satisfying at least in the moment. the thing is behavioral correction was no longer the motive when you Factor paraphilia in the equation. Punishment<Pleasure On the same note domestic discipline having one's fetish inflicted against them in the way they most crave on up until that time it's happening and then shortly thereafter, a deterrent or desire? Remember how I was talking about fear conditioned avoidance responses. is DD a shame conditioned avoidance response? When your pleasure is punishment you get to write the book, right? We all laughed at CDD enthusiasts who contort scripture for rationalization. I'm not trying to start a fight I'm not trying to Brand myself a traitor to my own cause and will I use domestic discipline as an excuse if a vanilla is all I can ever find of course I will. But again I just wish others would be able to overcome a shame because even a vampire can go to a blood bank. This conversation I've had many times in private... People are willing to admit it on that level... The other conversations I've had in private are with those who still believe in the traditional intended definition of spanking as a behavioral modification tool and I'm not talking DD... time to call Buffy!
  5. Let me know how it goes, I can't even say that word in front of family, and I'm a producer, lmao.
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