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  1. Hi Are you in SLC or San Diego? I am 64, blue eyed and looking for a dd relationship
  2. Since spanking is such a “turn on”, does anybody have any evidence or maybe an experience that indicates that it increases potency in the male or fertility in a female?
  3. hi Josephine, did you ever find who you were looking for?
  4. Hi Ammon, i am way up here in NW Utah, so you are about 4 hours away. I am 61, male and a newbie. I need a good spanking and lecture for how I treated my former spouse duradome@gmail.com utahn
  5. Yes, I am still looking and interested duradome@gmail.com thanks for reaching out
  6. Dear Sassy, 

    I don’t know if the previous message made it to you

    please acknowledge receipt

    when you get this 

    thanks utahn

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