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  1. I think "scene" is more about negotiated bdsm activities, and less about those "spur of the moment" spanking relationships. When Hubbs spanks me, it is sometimes serious, sometimes silly, but often not planned out much in advance. It is a product of the situation (usually me egging him on somehow). I wouldn't call their scenes, just a natural expression of our D-s relationship with me being a needygreedy spankee. When we play with a friend though for a tandem spanking, that is much more of a "scene". It is usually set up a few weeks in advance, and it happens wether I deserve a spanking or not. It is more about exercising the impliments and warming up my bottom than "spanking" in the full sense of the word. I prefer the natural variation over the staged one, but the boys don't mind if I properly motivate them while they are playing, so it is fun either way.
  2. Haha that is such a fun video! Thankyou for sharing! But wait... Will you really never let her have Avocado toast again? Does she even like avocados? What if it is her favorite food? What if she asks really nicely? And I agree with @SpankeeGal... Totally packing bags and bags of avocados if I ever venture to the west coast. 🥳😬. P.s. I am not a brat, I am a motivational spankee. Ten minutes with me and anyone's spanking arm will be motivated! 🤠😜
  3. I think it would be great fun/ and embarrassing to be made or make someone wear one before their spanking. I considered having one person make one they would need to wear. We never got that far though. Any way, it isn't something I would wear of my own choosing, however, I would love to me made to wear one.
  4. Q is for "quack quack!". One time Sir told me "I don't want to hear that noise any more!" Midspanking. I asked which noise, he said "oww, ouch" so the next spank I yelped "quack quack!". 🤣🥳🦆
  5. Hello and welcome! I have found the people here to be quite friendly and fun to talk to. I hope you enjoy! I am not a role player, but I do love to read a good spanking story now and again ( by this I mean constantly, all the time). There is a whole board dedicated to writings of is sort of you have stories to share! Anyway, welcome and have fun!
  6. Lol you got a twofer?! Something tells me you still didn't write learn your lesson and your mouth will do it again. 😬. I am very much in this camp.
  7. I could be wrong, but I don't think he was saying that people who prefer one role or the other are necessarily small minded or limited. I think he was referring specifically to the people who are "anti-switch". The people treat switches with disdain and judgement as being confused, posers, manipulators, instead of potential play partners. Those people say you Have to pick a lane and stay in it. Nothing wrong with staying in your lane of you are happy there! It is awesome that you were willing to try for friends, and that you know exactly the type of play you like. I, on the other hand, am like an indecisive puppy in the treat store and want to be spanked by and spank every one, with every impliment, in every position, in all circumstances. I do have general leanings and cravings for particular things, but I still want everything else also.
  8. Aww 😊 yay thanks! 🤗 Lol is that a challenge for one of your more playful bottoms? 😬. Mr. Told me to "stop making that noise" once, I asked for clarification... He wanted me to stop saying ouch... So I started quacking like a duck. He absolutely couldn't keep a straight face that time. He has had to stop spanking to laugh several times 🤠
  9. Lol.our waitress at a breakfast place told hubbs he could spank me later when I was brattings up one day (playing around, being goofy). We thought form sure she might be a spanko, but if she is she almost definitely isn't "in the life style". We saw her at the small grocery store near.ournhosuenone day and she announced.loudkymto her friend (and the entire store) "hey, these are the spankers!". I think most people in the life know not to call others out quite that lol. It was fine by us, but still. Last time we had her I made a flogger out of a napkin and wrote "spanks for breakfast" on it 😂
  10. LOh I do, mostly cis I can't stop myself. Hubbs just spanks faster and sometimes harder once it starts, which causes me to get more frantic and louder lol. Eventually my need for oxygen wins out and the giggling stops 😂🤣
  11. Aww you are my kind of friend!🤗🥰
  12. Lmao. You guys were busy while I couldn't log in! @Topspankerand @CaliSpanker53I'm still down to give a double spanking to brat poking tops 😁🧐. @rubyreddI would be spanked next to you any day. I think this is like a video game... Ya know one of us draws fire while the other one brats more? I think we can wear out both their arms. 🥳. Now... I really liked getting figged last time... But I was thinking I would tap to get the cane, but then I have never had the quiet... What does a girl gotta do to get both? Also, I think I just added that 2ees on one lap picture to my bucket list!
  13. On occassion I have gotten the giggles in the middle of a spanking. Usually while I am struggling/ resisting and carrying on loudly. It isn't my fault though. Something will happen in my brain or near me and I just get going and can't stop. Last time, I was face down on the bed with my head and arms.over the edge. The cat walked by, considered asking me to let her, and looked me straight in the eyes, clearly judging me. That was it. I was then trying to convince Mr. That I was NOT laughing at him, but at the cat and whole situation. Anyway, who else gets the giggles, and what causes them for you?
  14. Lol this is probably the face I make when guys on Fet PM me about wanting to spank me even though my profile says Hubbs isn't about to allow it. 😂. Also the face I make at Hubbs when I try to turn the tables on him, really trying to get it to bounce back to me even more. 🥳
  15. I was gonna say no one but then I started thinking and realized ... my brother knows Hubbs makes paddles and has probably heard a few, we confessed we are into "impact play" to my mother (I could not say spanking lol), we told hubbs sister we are into D-s and impact, and told his best friend and bf's wife. I told.a.long time friend of mine that we are.inti D-s and mentioned "submission games" and paddle making to a coworker. Then there is the people at the munches and the couple of friends in the scene we have made. I used to be SOOOO shy and shamed but now I am trying to live my life on my terms.and not let fear keep me secretive.
  16. Megthe


    Doesn't mean you can't put up a fuss.tjough to give them extra.motovation to spank you 😏😉
  17. Megthe


    No, Hubbs hasn't even thought of trying this... But I wouldn't mind playing it out!
  18. You really need to discuss this before you guys decide to be exclusive. It could be a deal breaker for him and he needs to know... Not telling him would be a lie. Reverse the roles and think about when you would want him to tell you. I'm not saying tell him right now, but think it over carefully because you don't want a relationship that starts with lying
  19. Until about 15 minutes after after care. .🤣🤗🥴
  20. Your bottom will be so sore that if you have a dime in your pocket you will feel ever minute detail, even the numbers of the year it was printed
  21. I have really been having an issue with it as of late. Facebook and FetLife load fine so I know it isn't just an internet problem. Every time though I worry I have some crazy virus or something though.
  22. If I was taking courses, I would love to arrange something regarding my school work/ grades. But the devil is in the details. Personally, I virtually never got a c that I didn't deserve. One time my chemistry teacher gave us the wrong final and the whole class failed, and another time I couldn't wrap my mind around what the essay prompt was asking us. I kept defining the character instead of whatever the teacher wanted. Other than that, any bad grades I got was due to procrastination. I would ask for the whole picture to be looked at. Did you put in the work? Did you do the reading and studying and research? Were you polite and respectful to the teacher? Did you ask for help or clarification?
  23. Lol until you start hanging out with a switch who has a twitchy palm!
  24. How long were you with that person for? It is possible that you could learn to differentiate the two with a bit of time? Was it sexual for both of you? During a punishment spanking did they scold you enough? Did you believe they were actually disappointed in your behavior? Do you orgasm during the spanking? You could try orgasm denial until after the punishment is over. Then have some non sexual aftercare and forgiveness (even just a few minutes), then have sex? With further punishment and denial if you get too worked up during the after care. When Hubbs and I started D-s I was in sub and sexual frenzy. He could just whisper to me and I would be done. Everything was sexual for me. It died down a bit with time, but it was rocky for sure. If he had also been in frenzy, I think we would have had to wait a bit longer to start a punishment dynamic.
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